There are some things you need to know about the current Bitcoin market. With this being in the news a lot lately, we though it would be a good idea to make this impromptu video talking about some of our experiences.Both of us had Bitcoin wallets that were taken from us by the companies that offer them and we have several other concerns as well. You can watch the video here.

Also Be sure to check out our discussion we did a while back with more detail on cryptocurrencies and the reference Zerohedge Article

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Link to Zerohedge article:


  1. Tobias Owens


  2. Tobias Owens

    Tough Times losing all that Bitcoin, Like you said, its basically a bubble and being manipulated. Stop thinking about it, stop supporting their huge pump and dumps, Get Into long term investments in Secure Private Block Chain Cryptos, Watch your money 1000x

  3. Tobias Owens

    #VERGE is About to go insane! Still 10c! Releasing WRAITH PROTOCOL soon which is the OPTION to hide the addresses so you can have a public and invisible ledger

  4. Tobias Owens

    Regulation is coming for Bitcoin, Criminals and government are hoarding most of it.

    Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology on the other hand is the way of our races future <3

  5. Zebulon Rogers

    It begs the question…what exactly are these cryptographic equations blockchain miners are weaving? What is the Particl coin trying to solve? Definitely hidden things in there, and I’m thinking God’s purpose in opening this up to me is uncovering that aspect of it.

  6. John Blaid

    Bitcoin started out as an alternative currency where the transaction fees was low but has become more like an investment instrument like gold because of the drastically increased fees. This is why you have bitcoin cash for instance that is a direct result of the new way that bitcoin has taken. When it comes to storing things on exchanges then people should be aware that you can buy physical wallets to store them which is as safe as it can get because nobody can hack it since it’s offline and even if your wallet gets stolen you can order a new one and restore the wallet.

    I would recommend the Ledger Nano S at

    What the future of bitcoin will be is anyone’s guess and the value of bitcoin has surely risen a lot lately and how high it will get remains to be seen. Important to keep in mind is that the smallest amount of bitcoin you can use for transaction is 0.00000001 which means that even if the price of bitcoin would risen to a million dollars or more, people would still be able to use bitcoin. The problem like I mentioned before is the transaction fees and on top of that the transaction time.

    Take this what I am about to say next as my current perspective on things and nothing else. Bitcoin at this stage is like a train with many carts where it’s leading the way for all the other 1300+ cryptocurrencies.

    Here is a list of them:

    But at any point another train can come along and switch places and it all depends on what people are ready to invest in and what they want to use it for. If we take the alternatives to bitcoin such as bitcoin cash, litecoin and ethereum we can cleary see that they offer something that is far better than bitcoin when it comes to the idea of being an alternative currency. They offer lower transaction fees, faster transactions, extend usage beyond the idea of currency such as contracts etc.

    I am not pro when it comes to bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, I am just a regular guy that been investing into bitcoin and bitcoin mining and that been reading up on the principal idea behind different cryptocurrencies. What is important to have in mind when discussing the topic of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is to have know what the different terms means. Terms such as blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, digital currency and virtual currency. Without the firm understanding of the difference between these terms it’s easy to blur things together where blockchain and bitcoin becomes the same thing when it’s not.

    Here is a good article made by James Corbett from that is for people that are new to these terms.

    Another good article to read to put things in the proper perspective is this one. It dives deeper into the question what it all really means when it comes to the question of the increased value of bitcoin.

  7. Naima Dawn Feagin

    Thanks for the reply Zeb! I’ll look into the link as soon as I have a chance and also respond to your PM.. been so busy lately!

  8. Nicki Love

    Coinbase has been under so much scrutiny and I no longer use it, but I have 4 other wallets, not located on the USA, and have never had my wallet compromised.

  9. stargate Jrod

    Beware…this is an “ET” creation through human puppets and they are NOT the good guys…’nuff said : [

  10. Lying For Money

    Get a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S. No one can steal your assets if properly stored. You guys have a lot to learn about crypto-currencies.
    Bitcoin is a bubble. But it won’t pop until the last coin is mined into existence. It’s estimated the last coin will be created around 2100.

  11. Jan Drolhagen

    I was always wondering where this technology came from in the first place. Think the narrative talks about one single Japanese person…..not even a person but a Nick name….dunno if plausible. If I where a powerful tjinktank and I would come up with the idea of crypto currency and what a thread it could be. I’d create it, get control over it, make as many join in as possible and crash it.
    After I’d start a propaganda campaign on all of these bloody new age currency terrorists. Scare anyone of anything that’s new and not fed controlled, maybe even establish some laws against alternative currencys to protect the simple man from those currency hackers….blaaaaaa. wait for it guys, once you understand how these people act you see the same principle every where.
    Have an eye on elon musk as well, this media made battery messiah puppet.
    Thank you for your work guys, got so much respect for what you do! You gonna find the last peace for the puzzle!
    I know it deep inside!
    Joy and hope 🙂

  12. Hopegirl Youtube

    “new age currency terrorists” and “battery messiah puppet” awesome terms! Thanks so much for you comment. Lots of love and respect back at ya!

  13. BrokerBarber

    Secondly Wall Street has gamed Bitcoin because they are placing bets on the CME & COMEX futures, betting on whether Bitcoin goes up or down. So sad.

  14. BrokerBarber

    It is theorized by a few that Bitcoin was initially created by Alan Greenspan and the boys with the 3 letter jackets in the back room of the Federal Reserve. It is designed to collapse so “They” can usher in their own crypto which in my opinion will be Ripple. They want to control everything and will offer their “safe”regulated crypto, hence they got us! No buying or selling without having their special wallet / mark which at first will be to keep your funds safe, eventually it will be used to control all transactions. The IRS has already won… They are coming.

  15. Jela Florin

    Great info ?

  16. stargate Jrod

    …. things you need to know

  17. MichaelSmathers

    Crypto was not made to comply with our current fascist govt regime. It was as a template for honest transactions. Crypto unlike Bitcoin solves a myriad of solutions…it can’t however cure your naivety. Please do your due diligence to learn about crypto. Nobody is supposed to protect your crypto decisions,.. You are your OWN bank, protect yourself. It will never change the fact that governance of, or regulation of, ones finances comes with a sole responsibility to unlearn ‘being governed’ well Tivon and Hope Girl, thank you for speaking your mind and sharing your considerations.:)

  18. GM Skywatcher

    Cryptocurrency is the ultimate scam eliminate paper money cashless society mark of the beast

  19. MichaelSmathers

    ….uhm.. Why would you leave any wallet online (especially on a traders exchange) instead, you might have printed out a generated crypto wallet OFFLINE and then used a new wallet every time you expose your public key or private key, so that it is not hack able …… AM I WRONG ABOUT THIS?!?

  20. Hopegirl Youtube

    Did you also have your Bitcoin wallet taken from you? Or some other experience you can add to the discussion? Please share here in the comments. Thanks!

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