Here’s how they are forcing us to stay prisoners in our homes

In his 2023 book ‘They want your money and your life’,  Dr. Vernon Coleman offers an in-depth analysis of the economic and social chaos which now faces every nation and every citizen. He explains why energy and food prices are rising and describes how inflation will affect our lives. He also discusses how health care is being deliberately changed.

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Catherine Austin Fitts – Trump Put $10 Billion Dollars Into a Programme to Depopulate The US.

In an interview with Greg Hunter from USAWatchdog, Catherine Austin Fitts has said that “No matter who is president, they will allow bioweapons to kill Americans without hesitation.” She also argues that the former president Donald Trump is either a knowing participant in the Covid bioweapon operation, or he is grossly incompetent not to understand what’s happening, which Fitts claims is highly unlikely.

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Beyond Orwell’s 1984, 5G and the launching of 6G: “It’s Easy to Take Down a Society that is Digital”

“Hell is Empty and the Devils are All Here”. William Shakespeare, “The Tempest”, 1623 

“By now, it should be clear to all of us what is being gradually and, in many ways, imperceptibly prepared for us, We, the People, is “Pure Evil,” says geopolitical analyst Peter Koenig, who argues that it is “We, who are in the Matrix.”

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