Month: June 2022

How the WHO was able to take over the world with Covid -Todd Calendar

The 2005 International Health Regulations (Agreement) signed by all of the world’s countries, provided that in the event of a declared global pandemic, all human, constitutional, and charter rights guaranteed by each country were to be suspended with the World Health Organization in control of the solution. This legal framework was set into motion in March 2020 when the WHO declared a global pandemic.

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6G Smart Camp

shtf ww3 UN smart camps built by China will be how the world is ran once a global event happens plus 6g hive mind intuitive technology to employed with magnetic manipulation techniques

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AI, Surveillance and Smart Cities

Below is a quick look at selected articles published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (“MIT’s”) Technology last week. But first, we draw attention to an MIT Technology Review article published in February 2020 which highlights “emotion AI” and that the lack of government regulation isn’t just bad for consumers but it’s bad for the field as well.

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