Month: June 2022

The Federal Governments Massacre of the Innocents

The FDA and CDC have launched a reckless nationwide medical experiment on children, Dr. Toby Rogers wrote, this is a massacre of the innocents. “The federal government’s massacre of the innocents began Monday 19 June 2022.”

He was referring to the meetings held by the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) and the Centres for Disease Control (“CDC”) last week. The outcome of which was the authorisation of the Moderna EUA application to inject mRNA into kids 6 to 17 years old. The reality is that the decision was already made before their meetings started.

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Transhumanist Nightmare NanoWires and Scaffolding Tissue in Vaccines Dr. Ariyana Love

The samples pulled out of the veins and arteries of COVID vaxxed corpses shocked the world and exposed that something more than just “vaccination” is taking place. In my latest interview with Stew Peters entitled, Human Umbilical Cord Being Injected In Kids: Tissue Scaffolding Technology In Covid Jab, I revealed in detail what the strange “blood clot” samples found by embalmer Richard Herschman, actually are. The story was first aired by Dr. Jane Ruby on Stew Peters Show in January and was recently examined LIVE on air by scientist Mike Adams in the InfoWars studio, in a worldwide medical bombshell.

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More Travel Chaos As American Airlines Cancels Hundreds of Flights.

Airlines can’t get enough staff and pilots to fly their planes because so many of them have gotten sick from the jabs or quit because they won’t take the jabs. It takes a long time to train a pilot, and now they are looking at lowing the training time in order to get illness prone pilots with lower skill levels to fly planes. Seriously, who would want to fly in these conditions?

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