Fix the World / QEG / Clean Energy Academy / Hopegirl Blog is GDPR Compliant

This notice is to inform everyone that follows or interacts with any of our websites that we have always been GDPR compliant and will continue to be GDPR compliant in the future.   This applies to all of our websites and associated mailing lists and video platforms, all of which are housed under our parent company “Fix the World S.A.R.L.”  (FTW)

If you are interested in learning what GDPR is, please refer to the GDPR website found here.

We here at FTW do not use any type of third party marketing service. Anytime you purchase with us or sign up for a mailing list any information that you share with us in order to do these things is, always has been, and always will be held completely privately by us on secure platforms such as Paypal and Aweber, which are also GDPR compliant. We have good accounts in long standing with these companies  that we pay in order to host any customer data privately. We never sell anyone’s data to a third party and we don’t use any kind of software that scans you to see what kind of other things we can recommend to you.

Here is how we use your data:

When you sign up to our mailing list, we only collect your email address which is collected using Aweber, a professional, secure mailing list software company that we pay for. Aweber is already self certified with the EU U.S. Privacy Shield and is GDPR compliant.

When you purchase something from us or have any kind of a monthly subscription plan all of this is done through Paypal and it is Paypal that has your data, not us. This is done through Paypals secure payment processing system and is another service we pay for.  Paypal is also GDPR compliant you can see there GDPR Privacy Policy here.

The only other information of yours we ever see is when we  ask for a shipping address for items you purchase that we need to ship to you.  This is also done through Paypals secure transaction system.
All the platforms that we use for our websites and payment gateways are all secure services that we have longstanding accounts with and pay for on a monthly basis. We only mention this because it is an added layer of protection and security that our customers and readers should know about.   We have found that almost all of the privacy breach problems we have been hearing about have come from the myriad of “free” softwares and platforms that are available out there. (such as Google and Facebook or FREE sites)

There are real human beings, namely members of our family that sit behind these computer screens that answer and send emails and manage our websites. Mostly, all of the computer work we do is manual and if you ever need any kind of assistance we are always here happy to help. The best email to contact us at is  If you are on our mailing list and wish to no longer receive emails from us you can easily unsubscribe with one click and this link is at the bottom of every email we send.

Thank you to all who are interested in the work we do and the products we offer. We really appreciate your support and completely respect your privacy.



Naima, Tivon, James and Val of FTW S.A.R.L / QEG