Month: March 2024

Humans are not Capable of this Much Evil w/ Naomi Wolf

Dr. Naomi Wolf returns to the program to discuss her latest efforts to clean up the voting system and the shenanigans which followed. Incredible efforts to ensure the failed rigged system continues at the expense of all the citizens. She also discusses how other countries have begun to ban the COVID jab for kids.

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AGE OF DECEIT 4 Sneak Peak! – Canary Cry Flyby

On this episode, Gonz plays a couple rough draft clips from the forthcoming film AGE OF DECEIT 4: Eschaton Cipher and the Counterfeit Ledger of Life! This is a sneak peak, so the video quality is lower, and Gonz stops periodically to comment, directors cut style. The film is coming at the right time, when the institutional world establishment earnestly enters the realm of digital assets.

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Sudden Deaths Accelerating? Tipping Point on Horizon w/ Dr. Makis

Dr. William Makis, expert in Nuclear Medicine Radiology and Oncology, joins the program to share his incredible experience creating much more effective cancer treatments only to see his work be taken over and shut down by Canada. Fortunately, top cancer institutions in the United States do allow his life saving treatments, but only at stage 4, not initially which would ease suffering, cost less and be more effective. Makis also is on the front lines exposing the sudden deaths occurring all over the world. You can learn more about Dr. William Makis at

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