Month: November 2022

Aman Jabbi – The Final Lockdown – Street Lights That KILL in Smart Cities, CBDC, Digital ID

Aman Jabbi has over 25 years’ experience working in Silicon Valley as an engineer primarily on camera technologies. He joins us to expose extremely alarming technologies being set up in Smart Cities, including street lights that can KILL, “The Internet of Eyes”, and how people will be forced into the Metaverse under the new Digital ID slavery system in what he calls “The Final Lockdown”, and the only solution we have to avoid this.

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Outsmart their Triple-PLAN-Demic!

On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, a serious warning about the next PLAN-demic coming, a triple wave of three flus in the latest scam to keep fears up and mRNA bioweapons going into the human race. Dr. Jane reviews the realities, truths and the best ways to protect yourself from this propaganda including rumors of Ebola outbreaks.

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