Josh Sigurdson reports on the call for the return of mask mandates as the covid propagandists in both the United States and Canada plead for the return of the greatest tyranny we’ve witnessed in modern history.

On top of the request for a return to mask mandates, several countries and states are calling for th return of testing and vaccine requirements. In fact, in some places vaccine requirements still exist, including in DC!
Dr. Ashish Jha, the so-called new covid “czar” of Biden even said in a press conference that “God gave us two arms in order to get multiple vaccines.

This is insanity. Especially considering even the CDC acknowledges masks don’t work. And what would they work for? PCR tests cannot test for covid specifically. And covid itself has never been isolated from a human!

The narrative has collapsed, but they’re still trying.

Fauci was also attacked at a press conference at the White House today, only answering 3 questions as reporters held his feet to the fire.

While the narrative has collapsed, in many ways it still appears like the nightmare is just beginning.

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