Month: August 2022

Covid Injection Aftermath: Study finds 94% of “Vaccine” Recipients have Pre-Blood Clot Formations and Foreign Particles

An Italian study published two weeks ago in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research (“IJVTPR”) revealed almost everyone who had been injected had abnormalities after “Covid vaccination.” In 94% of vaccinees’ blood, there was an aggregation of red blood cells and the presence of particles of various shapes and sizes.

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Must Watch Steve Kirsch Analysis: the Covid Hoax Is Collapsing

In one of two blockbuster interviews conducted by Alex Jones this week, Steve Kirsch joined InfoWars to discuss how the COVID hoax is falling apart amid Fauci’s announcement of his resignation from NIAID. Last week, Steve made broadcasting history when he told Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade that, “What I found was that hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed by this vaxxine and millions have been injured and clearly, you are more likely to be injured or dead from the vaxxine than if you were unvaxxinated.”

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The Trump Vaccine

Now that the truth about the deadly COVID vaxxines is finally starting to break free, the mainstream media is shifting their narrative and blaming it all on President Trump and they already laid the groundwork back in 2016, when the herd was told to believe that Trump is literally Hitler.

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