According to Pfizer’s very limited human trials, 87% of pregnant mothers lost their babies after receiving the shot and for those who survived the deadly shot and are able to reproduce, their offspring’s DNA is now forever mutated.

There is now irrefutable proof that the mRNA vaccines are a deadly toxin.

Aside from the relentless debilitating spike protein that’s keeping everyone who’s been jabbed sick, the vaxxines contain metals. Metals that have been observed to self-assemble outside of the body and most disturbingly, metals that assemble inside of the body.

Studies show that these metals are found in the blood of 94% of those who have received a COVID vaxxine.

And these mysterious conglomerates of metal make their final appearance in the dead.

All over the world, coroners are now finding that the arteries of the vaxxinated have been clogged with mysterious growths. Non-organic masses made up of conductive metals, such as aluminum, sodium and tin.

This is what’s most likely causing all the organ failure and heart attacks – hear attacks in our children.

According to the whistleblowers, the doctors are lying about the vaccine deaths to make a few thousand bucks.

Is that why Trump has been pushing the deadly shots?

Killing our own children for a measly million dollars?

Now that the truth about the deadly COVID vaxxines is finally starting to break free, the mainstream media is shifting their narrative and blaming it all on President Trump and they already laid the groundwork back in 2016, when the herd was told to believe that Trump is literally Hitler.

You might argue that Trump is innocent – but he doesn’t.

He brags of all the lives he has saved – and the herd will believe what they are told to believe…

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