Month: May 2022

MASS DIE OFF! – Military SUES Over Vaccine Mandate! – Government ADMITS To Mass Casualties From Jab!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the mass die off of people who were jabbed with the mandated, government poison as the English government tallies shocking statistics of nearly 200,000 people dying in a short period of time from the jab. Stats they had access to while mandating the jab. Meanwhile, over 500 military personnel are suing the government for mandating a jab that wasn’t even passed by the FDA (though that wouldn’t magically make it better).

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DEFYING DAVOS — SGT Special Report

This is a special report about the factions at war inspired by a question LT from And We Know asked about Senator Joe Manchin in his video today. I will link And We Know’s video below. Also, here’s my interview with Tom Luongo.

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