Month: April 2023

The War Being Waged Against Financial Freedom

“[With] cash we don’t know, for example, who’s using a $100 bill today,” he says. “We don’t know who is using a 1,000-peso bill today. A key difference with the CBDC is that Central Bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of Central Bank liability and also we will have the technology to enforce that.”1

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Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine dreams may not materialise, Wall Street analyst says

In response to a Freedom of Information request, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (“TGA”) provided pre-approval documents relating to the TGA’s evaluation of Pfizer’s Comirnaty covid injection.  Within the documents was a report on non-clinical evaluation which contained information showing the lack of safety and efficacy of the covid injections.

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Our beloved Republic is rapidly approaching the point of no return, a state of total collapse. With blacks turning against whites, and against each other, with trans insanity and wide open borders amidst a currency on the verge of hyper inflating, you dear patriot have a front row seat to the collapse of America. Attorney Todd Callender & Dr. Lee Vliet return to SGT Report to discuss the latest.

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