Longtime whistleblower, Dr Rima Laibow joins Alex Jones to talk about the genocidal COVID Hoax, which has been decades in the making, according to the elites she used to treat, who used to tell her about it.

She asks:

“How is this possible? How can every single nation in the world, 196 nation-states; how could every single one of them sign on to destroying their people? To giving up their sovereignty? To eliminating any kind of personal informed consent? How can any country do that – and how is it that EVERY one is doing that?

“The actual the source of the evil, the organization, the destruction comes from John D Rockefeller Sr and his son, John D Rockefeller Jr. Before the turn of the 20th century, the world’s first billionaire, John D Rockefeller Sr and his son, Junior thought about the society they wanted to see.

“Now, these men were genocidalists, they were eugenicists, they were ruthless, they were psychopaths. They had the realization that they could use predatory philanthropy to shape every aspect of the world. And they laid out the world that they wanted to see – which is the world the Globalists are now moving towards.

“The social movement at that time was called Fabian Socialism, it was not called Globalism but it was the same thing: Utter, total domination, from the DNA level, out.

“They paid for the science and they directed the science and they used philanthropy and government influence, which they bought and which they created over decades and decades, worldwide.

“They penetrated every government on the planet and they created the science that would allow them to take control of our DNA, to turn us into parts of the Internet of Things; their servants, their underclass, their Untermenschen and leave them at the top, the neoaristocrats.

“This plan has been in operation, waiting only the science of genetic manipulation, pulsed microwave transmission, nanotechnolgy, etc.

“And now, they have the science and they’re ready to go.”

Dr Rima says the immediate answer is to #ExitTheWHO, by visiting her website, PreventGenocide2030.org., which is pre-loaded with forms that you can quickly fill out that will automatically generate letters to your representatives with just a few clicks – and this is not only in the US but also in Canada, the UK and all over the world.   

Source Link: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/top-whistleblower-dr-rima-laibow-warns-globalists-preparing-new-bio-attack/

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