Month: July 2020

Are Indictments Coming for Youtube and Big Tech?

Today I received a very interesting email from Mike Adams. Youtube just randomly reinstated his channel after two years.  Apparently the Department of Justice is in the process of issuing indictments against Google, Youtube and other Big Tech Giants for anti-trust, monopolistic practices involved in election rigging and violation of civil rights. It appears that Youtube is reinstating channels they had censored as a way to cover up the evidence before the indictments.

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Black Lives Matter Terrorizing Churches

SHOCK VIDEOS: BLM HARASSES CHRISTIANS ATTENDING CHURCH. Mother and children accosted while attempting to enter church. Footage from over the weekend shows Black Lives Matter protesters harassing churchgoers. In one video, protesters are seen exiting a church exclaiming profanities and chanting, “Black Lives Matter,” before a fight nearly breaks out.

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