SHOCK VIDEOS: BLM HARASSES CHRISTIANS ATTENDING CHURCH. Mother and children accosted while attempting to enter church. Footage from over the weekend shows Black Lives Matter protesters harassing churchgoers. In one video, protesters are seen exiting a church exclaiming profanities and chanting, “Black Lives Matter,” before a fight nearly breaks out.


I reviewed this story in this Youtube Video Here:

Eventually two police officers inside the church are able to de-escalate the situation and the protesters exit peacefully.

In another video, a mother and her three children are yelled at by dozens of BLM protesters while attempting to enter a church.

“Why are you bringing a baby to a church?” yells a BLM protester over a bullhorn, before a chant starts to “Save those kids!”

After the family walks up the steps of the church, several church members converge on the walkway to block BLM protesters from following behind.

The harassment of Christian churchgoers no doubt represents an escalation of tactics for the BLM movement, but it’s par for the course for radical leftists who align themselves with Marx and the godless Chi-Coms.


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