Josh Sigurdson reports on the release of a global digital health ID that tracks every private health decision a person makes, attached to a unified global ledger which includes a CBDC.
The state of Nebraska is now officially collecting health data on a digital database for an upcoming digital health ID.

This follows in the footsteps of the European Union, India, Interac and demands by the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum. In fact, The World Economic Forum has been promoting this initiative for years.

All that needs to happen now is the “right crisis” and the world will easily fall into technocratic enslavement. The modus operandi of the establishment is to create war, economic collapse, food and energy shortages, destruction of private property, demoralization of civilization all in order to shift power and come in with a so-called “solution.” That solution being 15 Minute Cities worldwide, a global digital database attached to a unified ledger connecting everything everyone does at any moment and of course carbon credits and social credits to ensure the vast enslavement of mankind and eventual sacrifice.
We must resist at any cost.





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