Bill Gates is pumping vast sums of cash into a new “needle-free” mRNA vaccine technology in preparation for the next big pandemic.

All you’ll have to do is stick his little “wafer” inside your cheek or under your tongue and you’ll be “protected” from the virus that’s no doubt already ready and waiting to be released from some distant biolab.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is teaming up on the project with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, or CEPI, reports Slay News.

CEPI was founded with $460 million in seed money from Gates.

In fact, Gates mentioned CEPI in that now-famous interview he did three years ago when he snickered and predicted with ominous confidence that if Covid doesn’t scare you the next pandemic “will get attention next time.”

The Covid pandemic had barely started, you see, and Gates was already planning to make money on the next pandemic.

Gates and the CEPI are investing $1.2 million in a startup to create wafers laced with mRNA that go under the tongue to dispense his new vaccine.

The wafer can be stored at any temperature and can be administered without the use of needles.

Critics question the reliability of the technology and the safety of the mRNA platform.

With funding from Gates’ organization, CEPI is partnering with Jurata Thin Film Inc. to develop a wafer-like mRNA film.

The huge cash injections from Gates will give a massive boost to help Jurata develop its proprietary vaccine platform.

According to the announcement, the $1.2 million grant from Gates is just to get the project off the ground with more funding coming at later stages.

The company says its new platform stabilizes mRNA-containing lipid nanoparticle vaccine technologies in a thin film.

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The new wafer vax can also remain stable for three years, eliminating the need for energy-intensive cold storage required by current mRNA vaccines.

Jurata and CEPI believe the technology is key to getting more vaccines into the bodies of poor people worldwide.

Leave it to Bill Gates, ever the technocrat, to think of a better, more profitable and efficient way to deliver life-ending toxic vaccines.

Some Christian denominations receive a “wafer” on the tongue for Holy Communion. Is this an attempt by Satan to mock that solemn Christian expression of God’s love and presence among us? Here we have a satanic wafer offered by the secular humanists and technocratic tyrants trying to beat us into submission to their false ideologies while enticing us with a false global religion. God is the lover of souls. Lucifer is the god of this world who hates humanity and wants to destroy it.

Just as many Western nations are being destroyed from within in the name of “democracy,” so many human bodies are being destroyed internally through Gates’s toxic death potions disguised as “life-saving vaccines.”

The “Gates of Hell” appear to be opening in the earth today.





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