Today I received a very interesting email from Mike Adams. Youtube just randomly reinstated his channel after two years.  Apparently the Department of Justice is in the process of issuing indictments against Google, Youtube and other Big Tech Giants for anti-trust, monopolistic practices involved in election rigging and violation of civil rights. It appears that Youtube is reinstating channels they had censored as a way to cover up the evidence before the indictments.

I covered this story in this Youtube video here:

While we will have to wait to see how this all plays out, I thought this particular move was a rather significant event. Two years ago Google systematically removed Mike Adams websites and Youtube channel from their platforms (and most of the internet). They “made an example” out of him and he was considered one of the most harshly censored people by Big Tech.

If you read the Executive Order put out by President Trump to combat censorship on social media, you will notice that they are setting up teams and platforms that allow people to report how they have been censored by Big Tech. Mike Adams is one of many that have been reporting the details and evidence of how they have been censored.  Its possible indictments will be coming out soon and we will see some changes in the Big Tech platforms.

Below is the letter from Mike Adams:

I founded after being banned and blacklisted by YouTube two years ago.

Suddenly over the last few days, YouTube reinstated my account from two years ago, restoring all the followers and most of the videos.

I reached out to my tech industry intel sources to find out why. They told me Google / YouTube is in a total panic over looming DOJ indictments that will be threatened against the tech giant for anti-trust, monopolistic practices involving election rigging and violations of civil rights.

So I posted a video on YouTube, telling all my YouTube followers to move over to, letting them know I would NOT be posting content on YouTube.

YouTube quickly banned that video, not surprisingly.

Like many people, I will never go back to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., because those platforms have violated our trust. I only promote alternative platforms like Brighteon, Parler, etc., and I encourage you to do the same.

We are committed to protecting free speech on our own platforms like Brighteon, and we will never trust YouTube or the criminal tech giants like Facebook and Twitter.

Speak your mind… and stop censoring yourself just to conform to the YouTube thought police. Say what you want to say at And spread the word. This is where free speech lives.

You can hear my full explanation of all this in a new podcast posted at

Keep posting quality content and we’ll keep fighting for your right to speak. 🙂

Thank you,

– Mike Adams, Founder,



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