Month: August 2022

Deaths have Just Begun, hundreds of thousands more will die. Biostructures Found in Blood Vessels of the Covid Vaccinated.

In the final segment of the Infowars Show on 23 August 2022, Mike Adams shared laboratory results regarding the composition of post-vaccine clots as well as the composition of one of the Covid “vaccines” which includes trace amounts of industrial metals and elements.

Adams’ laboratory is accredited by the International Organisation for Standardisation (“ISO”). “So, anything that we produce in terms of lab results can be entered as evidence in a court of law anywhere in the world,” Adams said.

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Your torso’s Bluetooth address (SHOCKING)

There’s some CRAZY new research out of Mexico just recently. Researchers found Bluetooth signals at the graves of the jabbed… But it gets crazier…When they started measuring on still living people, they were also able to find faint Bluetooth signals at the jab sites… A minute after they did a simple deactivation procedure, the signal was no more.

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