Josh Sigurdson reports on the insane revelation that the United Nations hired 110,000 trolls to psychologically manipulate narratives as the establishment tried to spread propaganda to force people into covid compliance from 2020 onward.

Alongside the WEF, in establishing a false narrative around covid, bringing billions to their knees, the United Nations hired 110,000 people to troll people on social media. If you can get twice that amount of people to listen to the trolls, then you can create a wave of narrative that stretches across all corners of the Earth, eventually making the false narrative a reality to billions of mindless, brainwashed cultists.

We already know that the UK government faked information to the public in order to psychologically program them to comply with covid narratives.

We know that the Canadian government is paying medias that they approve up to promote false information in the attempt to get people jabbed.

We know the US government gave at minimum 1 billion dollars to medias to promote the jab on top of billions of dollars from pharma corporations.

This is just the latest example that Operation Mockingbird is alive and well. These psychopaths will stop at nothing to psychologically program the populace into stupor and eventually death.

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