Recently we appeared on several interviews describing technology experiments that use high frequency Tesla inspired devices to treat people who are emitting Bluetooth codes from the assembled technology that was injected into them through the Covid vaccines.  We have received a lot of emails since airing this information and wanted to address all questions here in this follow up blogpost.

What we presented was research covering an experiment done by members of Laquinta columna showing a prototype device they created. We provided schematics that were written out by us (Tivon Rivers former Navy Tech Engineer).

Watch the video on Bitchute here:


These schematics are presented here in this graphic below:


This schematic and our brief explanation should suffice as all the information needed.  Anyone with the right skill set should be able to look at this and understand what to do. There should be no need for parts lists or extended coaching etc.


As a public service, we have put out this information at for people who are qualified and have the necessary skills and knowledge on how to assemble a basic circuit like this. Anyone with this training should be able to read these schematics and understand how to replicate them.   If you do not understand how to build basic circuits please seek out someone who does as it can be very dangerous to experiment with this stuff if you do not know what you are doing.


This circuit is very basic and has many different variations on how it can be built that has been replicated by many engineers and hobbyists over the last few decades. This can be found in online searches. We are not the inventors or the “go to” source for this circuit by any means. We are merely trying to point out that this may be a possible solution for a NEW problem which is nanotech in the population through vaccines.

In the past, we have built similar circuits to the one described here for health treatments we have conducted on ourselves. These are circuits intended to eliminate various forms of nanotechnology that may have entered the human body via chemtrails, pollution, food, water, etc.

We run our own Engineering Academy. We have covered various forms of technology experiments to our private members only platform since 2015. Anyone wishing to join the academy to look at our extensive archive library can do so for only $25 a month, cancel at any time. Check out our Academy here:

WE DO NOT SELL THESE DEVICES. And we cannot be commissioned to build one for you.  We have been asked this many times. Our business has been set up to manufacture sell and ship EMF protection products and teach engineering skills online. We are not set up to mass manufacture, build sell and ship experimental technology devices.





 The possible solutions offered for further research are for the de-activation and/or destruction (and healing from) unlawful signal-emitting and processing electronic implants. Especially devices that give the human host a wireless electronic ‘fingerprint’ (via bluetooth MAC address, IP address, or other identifiers) without their knowledge or consent for the covert purpose of ;  24 hour data mining via remote unlawful surveillance, harassment, remote targeting, torture and persecution, blackmail, exploitation and subsequent biometric harvesting.

This avenue of research is encouraged for both researchers and technicians skilled the art to design, build and test these circuits, and create an ever growing knowledge base that would help enforce the freedom of ownership over one’s own body and thoughts to be preserved in an otherwise evermore captured world.

In the video shared by La Quinta Columna a person who has taken the injection is in a field and is emitting a Bluetooth code that can be seen on the mobile phone. The two operators then use the pulse emp circuit over the injection site in both arms of the person emitting the signal. After a minute of use, the operators were not able to get a Bluetooth signal from the injected person. The chip was disabled. This  was a painless procedure. They just simply waved the coil over the vaccination site and it deactivated the chip.





The main idea of this compact circuit is to emit high voltage discharge pulses of sufficiently high impulse current and brief duration (nanoseconds) ‘fry’ the circuitry that is in the bodies of the injected. This is done by placing the circuit in a portable, hand-held chassis and waving the EMP inductor coil over the area of the body of interest while activating the circuit by push-button (i.e. the injection sites on the arm or where a signal is being received by a trifield meter). After several passes of waving the coil over the effected area and a second reading is taken from the trifield meter and mobile phone, to check if the nanotech chip is still broadcasting the bluetooth MAC address. if it’s disabled, then a signal would no longer be seen on the screens of the meter or the smart phones



Now you know the basic concept. A wide variety of this circuit can be made to fit specific purposes, in fact this kind of circuit has been explored by hobbyists and researchers on the internet for years in the application of mini tesla coils, rf jamming kits, electric flyswatters, etc.

Here is another example of a technician (Michael Chapala) in Mexico explaining how his EMP pulse coil treatment works. He is showing his version of an EMP high voltage solution using two coil probes.

Behind him, he has a full-body coil, where he can treat most of the body simultaneously. He claims his coils are wound using bifilar wire for better performance via Nikola Tesla’s patent. The electric circuit schematic is essentially the same, but the bed sized coil is considerably much bigger. MED BEDS ANYONE?


“Ever Since I got the Vaxx I’m tired all the time”
The normal process in the body is for the mitochondria to convert oxygen into energy for the body. The nanotech we believe is hijacking this process and is using the energy the body creates to power its circuitry.  That’s probably why your tired all the time.

Laser radiation induced therapies are also being used with great success and is popular for its non-evasive ability to treat the problems. The procedure has been used in a wide range of areas in both physio health and surgery in areas such as; nerve pain reduction during use, tumor reduction, reversal of lyme disease symptoms, and cellular regeneration in the skin and deep tissue, etc.

This treatment using 1064nm laser stimulates cells to send more oxygen to the mitochondria to increase ATP, which allows for faster synthesis of RNA and DNA hence faster recovery and healing. especially using 1064nm laser wavelength. High energy 1064nm laser also reduces Graphene Oxide


Commonly used wavelengths for laser treatment:

1064nm – deep IR (Ideal deep tissue penetration, Pain relief, destroys tumor cells through ablation)
659nm   – positive results on Tinnitus
635nm   – common frequency used to heal body tissue including nervous system in animals
808nm   – common frequency used to relieve pain and heal body tissue

Reference PDF’s

Graphene Oxide is Recognized by Cells in the Immune System:

Study of the Characteristics of Graphene Oxide Films: