Countries criticize China for sending – and resending – faulty COVID-19 test kits, supplies. It’s been months — and China still can’t deliver.


The COVID-19 global outbreak that ignited a mad dash to buy up millions of masks, rapid test kits and other personal protective equipment around the world hit a major snag when countries counted on China for help.

The growing pains of trying to slide into the role of international hero as well as rushing — and failing — to fulfill billions of orders might lead to China’s undoing.

When news of the novel coronavirus hit, China, the epicenter of the crisis, became the target of anger and accusations.

Still, as the virus grew in strength and spread around the world infecting more than 2.5 million people, China took the opportunity to rebrand itself as a global humanitarian.

The problem is that they aren’t one.

While suggesting to the world they were donating equipment and test kits, Beijing actually bumped up prices and sold lifesaving supplies at a tremendous profit.