In this episode I’m going to talk about the immune system, specifically the lymphatic system and the microbiome. I’m also going to talk a little bit about detoxing the body from the spike protein and what we might be able to do for any DNA damage that has occurred from the mRNA vaccines.

Episode 18 – Lymphatics and the mRNA Vaccine

So to begin with, the lymphatic system is poorly misunderstood and largely ignored still by the medical community. But it’s just as important as the blood, if not more important as an indicator for illness. The lymphatic system is a network that’s comprised of organs, vessels, nodes and fluid. The primary organs are the bone marrow and the thymus. The secondary organs are the nodes, the tonsils, spleen and Peyer’s Patches, which is also called GALT, or gut assisted lymphatic tissue, which will be discussed later in the second part of this podcast when we talk about the microbiome.

The reason we want to understand what the lymphatic system does is because it’s one of the vital parts of the immune system. The immune system is your most effectual weapon against almost anything that can enter the body and create problems. I hope to be able to explain what makes the lymphatic system thrive and what puts more of a burden on it so that you can make any lifestyle course corrections to ensure more toxins are going out than coming in.

The lymphatic system runs alongside the cardiovascular system. It’s in all the capillary beds and interstitial spaces and in every organ. It connects in with the blood and helps cleanse and clear the blood. We have three times more lymph fluid than blood. Lymph nodes and vessels go from head to toe. Lymphatic vessels transport fats and cells of the immune system; the lymphatic and immune systems work closely together.

Lymphatic system Episode 18 - Lymphatics and the mRNA Vaccine with Val Robitaille


The lymphatic system is made up of water, electrolytes and white blood cells. And it’s the drainage or sewer system of the body, but it also carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells. It’s in charge of dumping toxic waste, such as chemicals, improper foods, heavy metals and also emotions. The lymphatic system is responsible for letting go of toxins and emotions. Maybe on another podcast I’ll describe the memory of muscles but for now I’ll just say that after many massages over the past years, I can attest going to good massage therapists that knew how to work the emotional scars out of the muscles.

One of the ways the immune system works is as a primary barrier. This is what skin does and mucosal membranes. The second way is a “nonspecific immune system,” and this is seen with pet allergies cuts, inflammatory response of white blood cells. And the third way is the “specific immune system.” And this is where the T cells and B cells come in. T because they are made from in the thymus, and B because these are made in the bone marrow – and these circulate in the system to hunt for foreign invaders.

Immune cells that have been produced by the bone marrow work to eat up any foreign invaders, and then these get taken up by the lymphatic system to be eliminated through the kidneys as urine, the skin as sweat, the intestines as poop, and the lungs as our breath. When the lymphatic system is clogged, not flowing due to an overabundance of pathogens, this disrupts the normal cell to cell signaling or the way cells communicate.

Lymph doesn’t have its own pump like the circulatory system, whose pump is the heart. The lymph is activated through the movement of our muscles. This is why exercise has the ability to assist in detox, because it gets the lymph moving.

The lymph only moves in one direction and that’s toward the heart. And it has these little valves that open when it’s being pumped toward the heart. And remember, the only way that it’s being pumped is through movement of the muscles. Our skeletal muscles impinge on the lymph and the lymph moves. It will move its fluid and any white blood cells, any inflammatory products in there that it has to dispose of, up into the clavicle area and then it dumps into the cardiovascular system.

lymph and circ Episode 18 - Lymphatics and the mRNA Vaccine with Val Robitaille

Then it goes into the lungs and can be breathed out. This is where we get to breathe out toxic substances and the rest of it goes to our eliminative organs, mainly the kidneys. So toxins need to come out of the body faster than they’re going in. That’s not to say that you can’t handle a little build up. But the point is, once the toxins start to overflow in the lymph because they can’t get drained fast enough, this is when symptoms appear.

Now, I’d just like to add here having already said that we have three times more lymph than blood and that it’s ignored by the medical community, largely. To them, the blood is everything but the lymph they barely talk about. Well, if you have clogging in your lymph, whether it’s in the lymph fluid, because the fluid can get thick. There are certain things that make the fluid thick. One of these is electromagnetic frequency or EMFs that tends to thicken the lymph. We always want to have our lymph flowing. As one of my teachers says, FLOW stands for Fascia and Lymph are moving, so I have Overall Wellness. So now we need to bring in the fascia.

Untitled design 12 Episode 18 - Lymphatics and the mRNA Vaccine with Val Robitaille

Fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue that attaches and encloses and separates muscles and other internal organs. If you eat chicken and you peel back the skin of the chicken when it’s raw, you’ll see a very thin, transparent, whitish layer over the muscles. That is fascia, and the lymph together with the fascia house the bones and the blood.

So if you can imagine the fascia covering all of these organs and systems to separate them in the body, imagine that this very, very thin layer of connective tissue also needs to be opened and moved, and that it exerts pressure on the lymphatic system. Remember, the lymphatic system is in just about every square inch of your body, wherever your circulatory system is, wherever your capillary beds are. And as a matter of fact, that’s where the lymph and the blood actually transfer nutrients, oxygen and wastes; at the capillaries. That’s where the lymph meets the blood.

And we have to talk a little bit about the microbiome also, which is part of your immune system. Actually, it’s the largest component of your lymph system, which is in your intestines or your gut. This is called the GALT or gut associated lymph tissue, and makes up about 70% or more of the immune tissue in your body, which gets channeled through the lymphatic system. Much of what happens in your immune system starts in the gut.

The microbiome and immune system are basically one and the same. The immune system counts on the microbiome for functionality. The way this happens is the immune system looks for signals from the microbiome in order to function. Now, just to bring up COVID for a minute, there’s a clear correlation between the diversity of the microbes in our microbiome and the severity of COVID symptoms. People that have long haul COVID symptomology are people that tend to have a very poor recovery of their microbiome after infection. So if we take care of our gut, we will be more resilient and have a less severe reaction to COVID and recover better. There are studies that have shown this is the case.

Microbiome Episode 18 - Lymphatics and the mRNA Vaccine with Val Robitaille

Diversity of diet is important to keep your microbiome healthy. Being out in nature is important because this causes you to pick up more microbes and increase your diversity. Intermittent fasting is important, and there’s a probiotic that I can absolutely recommend called MegaSuperBiotic (see last page). These are very specific microbes that have been shown to increase the diversity of the microbiome.

We have 22,000 genes and three and a half million microbial genes in our system, meaning the vast majority of genetic material come from the microbes in the microbiome. The vast majority of metabolic processes are controlled by microbes in the microbiome. Every organ system, every square inch of the body is impacted by the microbiome. There isn’t a component in your body that isn’t affected in some profound way.

And just a little brush up on the spike protein. We know the following things about the spike protein from the COVID vaccine, which is the same pathogen as SARS-CoV-2 that causes the COVID disease. The spike protein is a pathogen. It’s a toxin, meaning it’s very poisonous to cells. It does not stay in the site of the injection but travels all over the body through the cellular fluids, and eventually finds its way to organ tissues when it reaches an organ with many ACE2 receptors. This is where it enters these cells, such as the liver, the lungs, blood vessels, the heart, kidneys, uterus, brain, the gut. It’s present in epithelial cells which are in the nose, the mouth, the lung and blood vessels.mRNA

ACE2 receptors line certain tissues and create protective barriers. But when the virus binds to ACE2 receptors, it prevents these receptors from their normal signaling. This allows tissue injury contributing to damage to the lungs and heart in COVID patients. The lungs are the primary site of injury due to a decrease in ACE2 activity because the virus is binding to it. The result is inflammation or a cytokine storm. When it crosses the nuclear membrane of the cell is where the RNA does its job and tells the DNA to produce more spike protein.

Now remember, the spike protein present in the SARS-CoV-2 so-called virus is also present in the vaccine. It’s attached to an mRNA viral piece, and the spike protein is coded with a lipid nanoparticle so that it can get into the cell membrane and into the nucleus of the cell where it drops off its RNA code to tell the DNA of that cell to start replicating what’s on the code of the mRNA virus, which is spike protein: “MAKE MORE SPIKE PROTEIN” The body’s immune system kicks in and creates this cytokine storm, which is a frenzy of inflammatory products to attack and try to remove the foreign invaders.

In one of my posts last week, I posted some statistics regarding how long the spike protein stays in the body, and we learned that it stays in the body from anywhere between two months and four months. But I feel that that information was flawed because the studies that I was referring to only tested lymph nodes and cellular membranes and receptor sites but they only tested between two and four months. So we know that they stay in those areas as long as that, but we don’t know how much longer than that. Maybe we’ll get that information one day soon.

One of the consequences of either the spike protein or somehow the mRNA process that’s going on in the body has created a bit of an alarm among doctors that have seen a tremendous rise in cancers, especially aggressive cancer. Now, this is probably because, well, in most cases because the P 53 gene (P stands for protein), this particular gene is the so-called tumor suppression gene which regulates the cell cycle and regulates transcription – the coding that’s going on between the RNA and the DNA in the nucleus of the cell. So when the P 53 gene is inactive tumors form, and when it’s overactive something called apoptosis happens. This is a type of programmed cell death. Apoptosis is often the cell’s last resort for making sure that the DNA mutations don’t get replicated. P 53 instructs the cells to die when mutations are present if it can’t be repaired.

So whether this tumor suppressor protein slows down, cell division repairs, DNA mistakes or instructs the cell to die, P 53 Acts as the breaks in the cell cycle, any form of DNA damage triggers the P 53 gene, which makes it increase, and it will prevent the cell from entering a specific phase, which allows time for the DNA repair to take place. Once the DNA is repaired, the P 53 degrades.

P53 Episode 18 - Lymphatics and the mRNA Vaccine with Val Robitaille

Now, if there’s a mutation in the P 53 itself and it can’t do its job to get rid of cells with mutations, and the damaged DNA keeps dividing and producing copies of the mutated DNA in the newborn cells, the cycle goes on to produce cancer. And it appears that this is the problem with the sudden rise in aggressive cancers. This suppression mechanism is somehow mutated and not working and functioning like it should.

Now we’ve spoken before about detoxing graphene oxide that we know is in the shots, the PCR tests, the masks, chemtrails, is in a lot of things, even Pellegrino water! And we’ve also spoken about the possibility/probability that there are some parasitic issues with the vaccine as well. And the reason I say that is because ivermectin is so very helpful in helping people to feel better relatively quickly. And ivermectin is an antiparasitic or an antihelminthic. It’s also been shown to break down graphene oxide in some pictures that I saw for a fleeting moment from Slovenia.

I hope I can find that again. But anyway, people that I’ve known that have been suffering from COVID, long haul COVID or vaccine injury have taken ivermectin and have said that it’s really the thing that got them over the hump of this awful disease, or vaccine injury.

So a question that I get a lot is what can we do about the mRNA factor? Because we know that this is altering human DNA. And this is a very difficult question to answer unless I take it from the lens of bioenergy. The tissues of the body have magnetic resonances and also electrical, acoustical and mechanical resonances. And on a very basic level, when vibrations harmonize, the body is able to regenerate and heal. But when frequencies attempt to join together and become chaotic, the body sees the source of that incoming frequency as an invader. Cellular waste and debris in the body from the multiple causes that we discussed – chemical exposure, physical or emotional stress – these can all be seen as invaders and therefore initiate an immune response.

Many experiments have been done that show that there’s a quantum and electromagnetic nature of the genome which has instantaneous metabolic control throughout an organism. The human body is known to have a bioenergy field. And these experiments show that human DNA has electromagnetic energy properties, and IS an energy body.

Now the mind and emotions can change the body’s energy field, and to completely undo the DNA damage caused by the spike proteins, I think a bioenergetic approach is needed. Chi Kung is a practice that makes one aware of the bioenergetics of the body. And experiments have shown improvements in the body’s biofield after the mind is made positive and calm. So things like meditation, prayer, sitting by a river, watching the ocean, playing with a baby….It’s really worth looking into some of the bioenergetic modalities that can resist the damage caused by spike proteins and the ability for DNA self repair.

So even if there are side effects after vaccination, it may be possible to improve them at a deep level through a good state of mind.

human emanations Episode 18 - Lymphatics and the mRNA Vaccine with Val Robitaille

I think that I covered to a degree what puts a burden on our lymphatic system and all the different connections that can be made. So what makes the lymphatic system thrive and keep it flowing? Well, the most important thing is movement. Movement of the skeletal muscles. If we don’t move, our lymph doesn’t move. If we sit all day, the lymph nodes in our groin area tend to get overloaded with toxins because that isn’t moving out, it’s stagnating. So we don’t want our lymph to stagnate.

But the other side of this coin is that we also need to relax, maybe do some stretching. We can go for acupuncture to help open the meridians and get the flow going. We talked about being out in nature, a walk in the woods. There’s so many ways that we can help the lymph to thrive and it’s definitely worth looking into.

You have to take action, especially if you’ve taken the COVID jab because if you don’t detox your body from the spike protein and the graphene oxide as best as you can, and because your body is going to keep making the spike protein, eventually it will catch up and you’ll have these cytokine storms in different areas of your body.

Your diet, of course, is very important. I wholeheartedly recommend going organic because there are so many toxins in so many products that we buy. At least try to make most of your food organic and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and foods that are life-giving and high in vibrational frequency. This, of course, means raw foods. In fact, I recommend an 85% raw diet.

And be mindful of your electromagnetic frequency exposure, EMFs, which are coming from the computer, your cell phones, cell towers outside, routers and all of your appliances. A new discovery is that strong EMFs are coming out of remote controls to these appliances like your TV, very strong frequencies coming from the remotes. This is why we have an orgonite business. We make orgonite that we ship all over the world because this is a product that neutralizes any harmful radiation, and turns it into good energy (see below for link to more information about this).

And finally, I’ve made available a few protocols to help you get your immune system up to par, because this is going to be the most important thing. We’re already hearing about it. Of course, nutritionists have known for a long time that we have to keep our immune system polished and strong. So we have the Graphene Oxide Detox or GOD protocol. We have Stop Spike Protein protocol, and there are others. I’ll leave links  below.

You can listen to past podcasts on some of these subjects to help you better understand that this COVID thing is a bioweapon, whether it’s the COVID disease or the COVID vaccine, and that our best weapon against this is a strong immune system.

I hope that you’ll do what has to be done, take action if you’ve taken the jab because you don’t want to keep making spike protein, you don’t want to wait until it’s too late and you end up with myocarditis or hepatitis or any of the other things that we’re seeing, God forbid…dead. This is a very serious matter, and I hope you take it seriously. This is the reason why I’m doing these podcasts is to do my little tiny part to get some of this information out and help the people that thought they were doing the right thing when they took the jab.

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