How many times have you had to throw out perfectly good fruits and veggies because they rotted before you had a chance to eat them?  I used to have this problem and it made me feel so frustrated to throw away perfectly good food and the hard earned money I spent on it.   But then I learned about orgone energy and tried this really great trick and found that the food in my fridge was lasting up to 3 times longer!

Orgone energy is the lifeforce energy around every living cell which gives off a blue glow under a microscope. Orgonite, is a composite made with certain organic and metallic materials that emits negative ions which helps to preserve the orgone energy in all life forms.

We discovered something interesting when we began to use our orgone charge plates. We put two of our plates in the fridge and freezer and it had turned the entire refrigerator into an orgone accumulator box! The end result is that you get preserved fruits, vegetables, dairy, etc. The foods in our  fridge last much longer than normal. No longer are we having problems keeping fresh lettuce longer than a week. We simply peel off one or two dying leaves on the outside and still have edible lettuce underneath.

Here are a couple of pics of our orgonite plates in our fridge and freezer.

Having the orgone charge plates in our refrigerator has made a difference. We now can enjoy all of our fruits and veg while saving money in the long run. The passive, life-preserving scalar field emitted from orgone products is truly the gift that keeps on giving. We were so excited about this discovery that we’ve made a video to share our experience. The clip also goes more in detail as to what orgone accumulators do to living organisms inside of them.  You can watch this video here.

For More information on ordering our handmade orgonite charge plates for your fridge please click the link below.