Recently I had the privilege to be on an interview with Tom Dunn of Through the Black. Tom is a film maker through his company Angry Son Media. They have made some incredible films such as “Detestable”, “This Is War” and the latest release “Fire and Brimstone” all of which I have purchased and watched on repeat.  They deal with controversial subject such as Satanic Ritual Abuse, the Occult, and recently some of the darker aspects of the transgender movement. All of their films are portrayed from a balance, realistic and Christian perspective in the name of Spiritual Warfare against evil. Their movies have profoundly affected both me and my family and I highly recommend them to those who want to dive deeper into some very intense topics that many churches won’t even talk about.

You can watch the Interview I did with Tom Dunn Here:

In our interview, which we hope to be the first of more to come in the future, Tom asked me to share some more about my background in the occult. As some of my readers know I was involved in witchcraft for many years of my life which then merged into my being swept up in the new age movement. Three years ago I gave my life to Christ and gave a public testimony renouncing any further involvement in these things.

What some of you may or may not know, is that immediately after I gave this testimony, I was attacked by Satanists online in a brutal way. These attacks went on for three years and continue to this day. At first, I was rather traumatized, being what some call a “Baby Christian” in my new walk with Christ, I was not grounded enough in the word and I did not know quite what to do. Over time, God has been building me up and I am developing my spiritual armor.

At first, something inside me told me to start taking screen shots of all the abuse, so I did. What has resulted is an evidence library of three years of online stalking, trolling and harassment against me and my family and our project. I have also been able to identify who is responsible for this harassment, and have made many videos documenting my research. The party responsible is a group called Hoaxtead which is led by a woman named Karen Irving. Their Hoaxtead Research Blog was created 5 years ago to create a massive defamation campaign against anyone who is trying to expose child sex trafficking, specifically the Satanic Ritual Abuse and Pedophile rings in Hampstead England.

Recently I decided to create a separate blog and Youtube channel and have published all of my “off the cuff” evidence capturing videos and research into the background behind this particular group.   This is how Tom Dunn and I were able to make a connection as he has started a campaign to get Justice for the Hampstead Children. It is a coverup of diabolical proportions, we all pray that God will bring Justice to the children.

Through the Black
London Has a Secret

Who is Karen Irving Hoaxtead Evidence Blog

Targeted Individuals Evidence Channel Youtube: 

Here is a video that I made explaining the new blog and channel and the evidence I’ve been collecting over the years as well as my involvement with Hampstead.