In our latest presentation we cover in depth some of the solutions to help people who are suffering from the onslaught of the COVID Bioweapon Vaccine and 5G agenda.  Watch the video at this link here on Bitchute:

EMF Radiation Sickness has the same symptoms they are calling “COVID”
EMF ACTIVATES the nanotechnology in the “vaccines”

Our products are handmade using a blend of shungite and metal powders encased in an epoxy resin. They create a passive field of energy that can be scientifically measured. This energy, which is called orgone energy helps to mitigate and transform the harmful effects of EMF into healthy life preserving energy.

Benefits of our Products:

-Better sleep
-Stress relief
-Pain relief
-Healthy home environment
-Better seed germination and plant growth
-Preserves fresh food and extends shelf life
-Maintain Healthy Blood


As seen in “The Expose”

How to remove Graphene Oxide, the dangerous & undisclosed ingredient in COVID Vaccines, from the body

We have put toget
In this presentation, Hope and Tivon from give an overview on the latest developments from the Covid Vaccine Genocide, the never before seen biostructures embalmers are finding in vaccinated corpses and explanations of what these structures are (its nanotech), the connection between Blackrock’s Aladdin AI and the COVID vaccine pharmacovigilance surveillance system, Energy weapons and the Covid Vaccines Effects on peoples mental state and behavior, 5G updates from the Beast System, and solutions such as circuit experiments to deactivate the nanotech in the vaccinated, EMF protection, Graphene Oxide and the Lymph and successful treatments for the vaccine injured using Homeopathy.


1.Tracking the Genocide
2. Transhumanist Nightmare Biostructures in Vaxxed Corpses
3. BlackRock Aladdin AI and the Covid Vaccine Connection: Pharmacovigilance
4.Energy Weapons and Mental Manipulation: The Vaccinated Brain and Behavior
5. 5G Updates from the Beast System
6. Solutions: EMF Protection, Graphene Oxide Detox,
Treating Vaccine Injury with Homeopathy

More information and back up research links read this blog post:

Why we do what we do

We are Christians, Engineers and Scientists. Helping to inform the public on the latest 5G, Covid Vaccine, and related technology issues.  A little about our Family Business Websites:

EMF Protection Products handmade by us here in Morocco.

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PhD Nutritionist/Herbalist
Helping people detox from the Covid Vaccines

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