The Book of Enoch tells us about what is going on in our post Covid world today with gene editing transhumanism and the 4th industrial revolution.

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The book of enoch is a part of the bible that used to be in it but has since been removed.

the book of enoch discusses the origins of demons, fallen angels, the watchers, the Nephilim the end times, and the the genesis flood. Essentially it tells us what was going on in the days of Noah and describes why God flooded the earth. Remember Jesus said that it will be like it was in the days of Noah during the end times when Jesus returns for his people.

The Book of Enoch tells us that God dispatched 200 angels to come down to earth to watch over mankind, hence the name the watchers. Azazal and Samyaza were the two leading Angels, Azazal was the ring leader.

These angels eventually became infatuated with the beauty of mortal women and the the watchers soon did the unthinkable by making these mortal women their wives and procreating with them creating a hybrid species of angels and humans that were giants known as the nephilim.

The nephilim was a blood thirsty species that stood 450 feet tall they began to consume all of man’s resources

making it virtually impossible for mankind to sustain themselves. Then the blood thirsty giants then began eating man and when they grew tired of that the nephilim began killing and eating each other and drinking the blood.

God cast down, bound and chained these fallen angels into a place of great darkness a darkness so dark no man has ever known. For the sins of betrayals against god these angels had done he chained four of these fallen angels beneath the great Euphrates river. Where they are to remain for 70 generations until the days of judgment come.

But laying with mortals and creating giants is only one of the sins that they had done the watchers also betrayed god by teaching mortals things that they should not have.

Azazal taught man how to make weaponry, swords knives, breastplate, shields, things that you would need for war.

He also taught them how to make jewelry and how to make makeup.

The watchers also taught man magic medicines, How to track stars, and moon phases in astrology. Incantations. They taught humans how to kill another with just one strike and how to do abortions. The watchers even divulge secrets of heaven and life itself. Information that god never wanted nor intended man to ever know at all.

The great genesis flood that is spoken about in nearly every culture of the world was never intended as Gods punishment, but rather it was to save Gods creation from the destruction and ultimate demise of mankind that the nephilim was causing. And this is happening again today with genetic modification and Artificial Intelligence.

“God chose Noah not because he was free of sin, there’s never been a man on earth completely free of sin.But because Noah’s bloodline was pure, free of any ancestry linked to the Nephilim. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.”

Noah was perfect in his genes. So God chose Noah to repopulate the earth and God flooded the earth as it was the only way God could reset the earth and save mankind from these bloodthirsty man eating giants.

The four fallen angels were bound and chained and imprisoned under the great euphrates river. In revelations,  it says just before judgment day, that river will dry up and when it does, those four fallen angels will be released from their prison and once they’re released, they will slaughter one third of mankind.

This is the current state of the river.

It also warns that days will become shorter when judgment day is coming. And I know we’ve all noticed times going faster. We are told in the book of revelation that if these days are not shortened there would be no flesh left alive. They have just altered the DNA of most of the people on the planet.  It is now as it was in the days of Noah.