How They Connect Human Bodies to the internet through COVID Injection Nanotech and 6G,7G Terahertz Frequencies and Satellites.

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This video is one of several videos we are calling the COVID Truth Educational Series. It has been put together in a step by step educational format. The purpose of these videos is to help clear up the confusion of the lies that have been told to the public through the COVID agenda. We believe that educating people about the truth of what was done to the human population through COVID is the best defense humanity has against this ever happening again, and those who planned COVID are definitely planning to do something again in the near future.

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Notes from the Presentation

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The network that hooks up human bodies to the internet has just been established.  This is what the most recent conferences and papers coming out of the UN and the WEF are focusing on right now. We have recently discovered a body of work that has been made public that discloses what the technology is, how it works, and what the plans are for rolling it out. While this technology is not really something new (its been worked on since at least the 1990’s) it was kept hidden and implemented covertly for years and then recently launched in full force right before Covid.  Perhaps it is the reason why Covid happened. The network consists of a global grid that runs on 6G and 7G frequencies that connects all surfaces of the planet through satellites in space to the nano machine technology that has been injected into 5.55 billion people through the Covid-19 Injections.

Here we will explain this network and its technology in a simplified manner so that the average public can understand how it works, how long they’ve been developing this, how serious this is, what to look for and what they can do to try to protect themselves and their families.


Disclosure Guidelines

Given our research and our background in technology and the military, as well as being on the receiving end of covert directed energy weapons used in the targeted individuals program, we want to put forth these guidelines to the general public as we present this information:

Government Agencies Lie – “Not Yet”

They will tell you that all the technology they are discussing is not yet being used or tha it is “far off in the future”.  This is a lie. This technology has been in operation and development and used on citizens without their knowledge for decades.

Government Agencies Hide –“tip of the iceberg”

We live in an age of Non-disclosure agreements, patent wars, national security measures and competitive corporate business practices.  Therefore, when you see a presentation given by someone of a very high caliber you can bet that only a fraction of what they are working on is presented. They are only showing you what they have been given clearance to talk about. It is the tip of the iceberg of what is really been worked on.

Disclosure comes in a boring small voice filled with lots of confusing 14 letter academic words. Don’t fall asleep and miss it.

To many people expect some trumpet brigade to announce to them the big nasty secrets that the evil people in the governments of the world are doing.  These people are never going to get behind a podium and say “Hi! I’m your government leader. I hate you all and we are trying to kill everyone and this is how we are planning to do it!”

Disclosure comes when highly trained and skilled people give boring seminars using lots of fancy confusing words that get very few views on Youtube. They are counting on most of the population being dumbed down and fast asleep with a very low attention span so that most people will miss what they are saying, and this is working.

The truth is, these people are not hiding anything. They come right out and say it. And if you are clever enough to decode their secret language (which isn’t that hard to do really) you will know exactly what they are doing.

This presentation right here IS YOUR DISCLOSURE. If you want us to blow a trumpet or something to make it feel more official…..

Professor Ian Alkyildiz (last name pronounced I-kill-these) from the Georgia Institute of Technology has been developing terahertz communication systems for the internet of everything for at least the last 15 years. He’s worked with the US Army and DARPA and is currently running webinars for the United Nations. He’s set up technology research centers in Spain, South Africa, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Russi, India and Cyprus. This is just the beginning of his insanely impressive resume. His current areas of expertise and research includes:

6G, 7G wireless communication systems

Hologram communication

Terahertz communication

Internet of Bio-Nano Things

Intelligent surfaces

Molecular Communications


In one of his recent presentations he talks about how the Covid Vaccines are small scale bio-nano machines to monitor all health.  We’ll show you this later, we think he slipped up when he said this on a public presentation. When someone like him says something like this about the Covid Vaccines, we should pay attention.

Josep Miquel Jornet is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the director of the Ultrabroadband Nanonetworking (UN) Laboratory, and a member of the Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things and the SMART Center at Northeastern University (NU).
He is a leading expert in terahertz communications, in addition to wireless nano-bio-communication networks and the Internet of Nano-Things. In these areas, he has co-authored more than 220 peer-reviewed scientific publications, including 1 book and 5 US patents. His work has received more than 14,800 citations (h-index of 56 as of May 2023). He is serving as the lead PI (Principle Investigator) on multiple grants from U.S. federal agencies including the National Science Foundation, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Air Force Research Laboratory as well as industry.

Josep Jornet was a student of Ian Alkyildiz and they worked together for many years writing IEEE papers and creating patents for terahertz communications wireless nano-bio-communication networks and the Internet of Nano-Things. Recently they gave a joint presentation for the UN in a webinar that explained the technology that is being used today to connect peoples bodies to the internet of things.

Recently three new policy briefs were issued by the United Nations planning to have your digital ID linked to bank accounts. Essentially, the objective is to have people, devices, and entities, all tied up in a connected network that could apparently be centrally administered, seemingly by unelected bureaucrats.


United Nations Planning Digital ID Linked To Bank Accounts

Essentially, the objective is to have people, devices, and entities, all tied up in a connected network that could apparently be centrally administered, seemingly by unelected bureaucrats.

A Global Digital Impact Brief:

Reforms to the International Financial Architecture

The Future of Outer Space Governance

Recently there were two presentations that we will be referencing.
One was a presentation by Ian Akyildiz put on by the ARRC which is a UAE-based research center that aims to lead global advances in artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, quantum computing, cryptography and quantum communications, directed energy, secure communication, smart devices, advanced materials, and propulsion and space technologies.
The presentation is called TeraHertz Band Communication: An Old Problem Revisited & Research Directions for the Next Decade ARRC Seminar Series – Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz it can be viewed on Youtube at this link:

The other presentation was a webinar put on by a branch of the United Nations called ITU.  This presentation was called Ultrabroadband communication and networking solutions to unleash the terahertz band. It was presented by Ian Akyildiz and his colleague and former student Josep Jornet. It can be viewed here on Youtube:


Explaining the Technology

First we need to explain the frequency spectrum. Here are two charts that resemble the same basic concept of the different frequencies and what kind of equipment runs on each frequency.
Lower frequencies at the left go to higher frequencies at the right. The lower frequencies between 700Mh and 2.6 GH is what they are calling 2G, 3G, and 4G.  The equipment that operates on these frequencies are things like radio, cell phones, wifi, GPS satellites (3G).

The range above this is 5GHz to just under 100 GHz is what they are calling 5G. They are lying when they say that this will give you faster internet speeds and more coverage, it really does not. In fact, there is no equipment that only runs on 5G all the equipment mentioned before does not need 5G frequencies to operate for basic communications. However 5G is purely a weapon system using dangerous ranges of frequencies to bathe the public in microwave radiation.

The range above this which is a HUGE range in frequencies is 95GHz-3THz.This is the range they are calling 6G (lower parts of it) and 7G for the higher parts. This specific range of frequencies is what they call the TeraHertz Band. Up until just prior to Covid, research for devices that operated in this range of frequencies was blocked by government agencies. It was considered “no mans land”, meaning anyone with the skills that proposed working with these frequencies was shot down by government officials.

Then, just about a year or two prior to Covid, the flood gates were opened to researchers. Patents working in Terahertz that had been on hold by the CIA were suddenly issued, and literally 100,000+ IEEE papers were written discussing the research of using TeraHertz Band frequencies.

Here are the types of equipment that operate on TeraHerz Band frequencies:

Internet of space things (Low Earth Orbit Satellites like Starlink etc discussed in the 2023 UN briefing The Future of Outer Space Governance
Reconfigurable Intelligent surfaces (more on this later)
Pervasive Artificial Intelligence
Network Automation
Cell Free Massive MIMO
All forms of Terahertz Communication for the internet of things

In the higher frequencies (what they call 7G) the equipment that operates on these frequencies is:

Quantum communication, quantum computers (been around since 1990’s)
Internet of Bio-Nano Things (injectables in the body, Covid 19 Injections)
Internet of Nano-Things (technology like smart dust and the things they are spraying in the chemtrails)

Then above this Terahertz band is a very high range of frequencies that include visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays (nuclear). These frequencies have been utilized for a long time to operate all kinds of common equipment.

The area we are going to focus on is the Terahertz band. This is where all the covert technology to run the internet of things and the internet of bodies resides, its in what they call 6G and 7G.  5G is truly nothing more than just a weapon to harm human health. What they are doing in 6G and 7G is what has been hidden from the public.

THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REGULATIONS FOR TERAHERTZ BAND FREQUENCIES. It is a free for all, and the general public doesn’t even know that they are operating in the Terahertz band frequencies… until NOW.


What do they use terahertz frequencies for?

Traditional wireless communication.
Inter-satellite and space network communication
“Sensing” which can mean many different things including radar, localization
“When we go to higher frequencies, we can see smaller things and we can have more precise and higher resolution radar”
TERAHERTZ RADIATION CAN ALSO INTERACT WITH THE ATOMS, OR MOLECULES OF THE MATERIALS. (very important disclosure, used to target people)  We can use this not just to know where things are, but to actually know what those things are composed of.
“Non-damaging imaging” better than x-ray vision, to be able to see the contents of a box without opening the box and without damaging the contents of the box as opposed to x-rays.
There are already satellites orbiting the earth with Terahertz radios in them, these are the satellites that are sensing the atmosphere and what the globalists are using to study climate change.
Spectroscopy study of the absorption and emission of light and other radiation by matter, and the study of the interactions between particles such as electrons, protons, and ions. Used in quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics.

note “Bridging the digital divide” and “climate change studies” Great Reset Nomenclature used


Then Josep Jornet goes on to say that communications and sensing are only half of the story. All of these we just mentioned are all macroscale uses.  When they were developing this technology they were looking for a nanoscale solution to create communication link between devices that were as small as the cells in your bodies.  At the nanoscale, terahertz frequencies are used for
-wireless networks on nano chips
-the internet of nano things (defined later)
-the internet of bio nano things (defined later)
-all of this can be done not just for communication at the nano scale, but also for sensing (as in sensing what is happening inside your body)

Note: the Internet of Nano Bio things  Nomenclature used here “transforming healthcare”


Nano Tech Communications (How they started working on this)
In the early 2000, all of the major universities were looking for people who had skills in nano technology, this is when the field was really starting to develop the technology and nano chips and nano machines were starting to come on the market.   These nano devices need ways to communicate between each other, this is done through nano antennae’s or receivers and nano transmitters. These nano antennaes and transmitters need two things to work: graphene and terahertz frequencies.

Also called nanoplasmonics refers to the generation, detection, and manipulation of signals at optical frequencies along metal-dielectric interfaces in the nanometer scale. It is what they use for “sensing”. The plasmas they are creating in this technology relay information about the target (person) in real time. This plasma can also be used to manipulate signals in the body can can trigger lethal actions in the body.

the acquiring of information from a distance. For example satellites are remote sensors acquiring information about the atmosphere, and plasmonic nano antennae’s and transceivers are also sensors of information on a small scale, such as acquiring information from a room or inside of your body.

Graphene Based Plasmonic Nano-Antennas
A nano sized antennae made out of graphene. They stimulate the graphene with Eletromagnetic waves which create plasma waves across the surface that allow for the communication needed.

THIS PATENT WAS BLOCKED BY THE CIA FOR SEVERAL YEARS. They applied for it in 2010 and the CIA held it and would not issue the patent till 2017

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

They arrange these graphene plasmonic nano antennas and transceivers in an array (line up a bunch of them side by side) and use them to create surfaces of all kinds that can be used to track things like high speed vehicles in real time and more.


Internet of Nano Things

The interconnection of nanoscale devices with existing communication networks and ultimately the Internet. Examples of these nano scale devices are smart dust and chemtrail components that blanket the air and the land, our water supply, nanotechnology based products like food, drugs, cosmetics (approved by the FDA by the way).


Internet of BioNano Things
Used for health applications and injected into the body. Synthetic biology and nanotechnology that allows the engineering of biological embedded computing devices. This network allows for sensing data in the human body and creating within the body and interface internet.

From their IEEE paper


Covid mRNA Vaccines are small scale bio nano machines that are programmed and Injected

Ian Akyildiz slipped up and made the following statement at 13:40 in this presentation:

I did a lot of research on the Internet of Bio-Nano Things in the last 15 years, this is bio nano machines that are injected into the body for monitoring of health problems. This is going really well. These Covid vaccines, these mRNAs are nothing more than small scale nano machines that are programmed and injected.

Well he would know wouldn’t he?


Synchronizing the timing in the network so that it works

In order for any internet or data transmission network to work, you need perfect timing and synchronization between the transmitters and receivers in the network. It is very easy for equipment to get out of sync, and the moment this happens data stops being transmitted.

In order to sync up equipment a clock is put on each piece of equipment and all the clocks are synced up together. The way they sync up all the clocks is by using special materials in the clock that have very precise timing properties.

How clocks work:
Clocks work by counting a periodic event with a known frequency.
Grandfather clocks count the pendulum swings
Quartz clocks count the frequency vibration of the quartz
Atomic clocks count the changes in the energy levels of atoms when they are exposed to very specific frequencies.
Atomic clocks use Cesium because the changes in the energy levels of cesium atoms can be synchronized within nanoseconds of each other. Older networks (since 1967) use cesium to synchronize equipment, this includes GPS satellites.

This is how All time across the world is synced up to allow us to run all of our networks.
UTC Coordinated Universal Time   This is the standard of how time is kept across the world.  It is kept by using highly precise atomic clocks combined with the earths rotation.

However, technology has changed. The more sophisticated the technology in a communication network is, the more precise timing is needed. While cesium atomic clocks can get the synchronization to within nanoseconds between devices, there are other materials that can get this synchronization even closer. Here is a chart showing measurements of fractions of a second from largest to smallest.


New atomic clocks that are faster and more accurate have been used for the last 20 years or so to run the newer more sophisticated equipment, this includes GPS as well. Examples of these newer faster atomic clocks are: aluminum atomic clock, hydrogen atomic clock, mercury atomic clock, Rhubidium atomic clocks.

Nanotechnology communication networks need extremely precise atomic clocks and atomic GPS to sync up and transmit data. More precise than the nanoseconds of cesium, nanotech needs femtosecond precision to work. In this slide Akyildiz is explaining how they created a new synchronization timing technique for the nanotech using FEMTOSECONDS.  This is Insane! Femtosecond accuracy like this is basically quantum communication.   This also explains why quantum communications operate in the “7G” terahertz frequency band.  They have been working on quantum communications and quantum computers since 1990. This is nothing new.


Internet of Space Things CubeSats/UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles-Drones)
Internet of Space things: Taking the internet of things for networks on the ground and connecting it to satellite-based data networks in space.

From IEEE Paper


Why are governments and companies investing in LEO satellite technology?

The European Union recently announced plans for an LEO satellite system worth €6 billion.
The EU is entering a space internet race where technology giants are spending billions of dollars on LEO satellite technology to close the global connectivity gaps. Space X’s Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet venture, has deployed nearly 2,000 satellites in orbit and has applied for licences to fly more than 40,000 satellites.

Bill Gates backs a $1 billion plan to cover Earth in ‘Big Brother’ satellites capable of streaming ‘live and unfiltered’ HD footage of the planet

500 Low earth orbit satellites that have cameras pointed onto the earth that will create real time imagery that people an view on their cell phones.




Its getting very congested up there in Low Earth Orbit. Check out this chart from the UN Paper on how many LEO satellites were launched into space. Look at the timing…during the pandemic is when they launched the most.  Almost makes you think that the LEO satellites and the nanochips in the vaccines were connected somehow? Perhaps they had to get 5.55 billion people injected with nanotech sensors to complete their LEO control grid? Perhaps that’s the reason they did Covid, to convince a large part of the worlds population to inject themselves with nanotech sensors?

LEO Satellites are closer to the earths surface, they hover about 2000km above the ground.
Also in this same space between the LEO satellites and the ground are a wide range of smaller satellites that have been developed by governments and are in use.

Geoengineering lays the foundation for the reset and helps clear the air for satellite to ground communications.

From Akyildiz presentation 1:00:43

Equipment that operates at higher frequencies (5G,6G,7G) has issues with water particles in the atmosphere disrupting the signals. That is why these satellites that operate in higher frequencies are way above the atmosphere (but still in low earth orbit) so they can operate where there is no water particles in the air to disrupt the signal.   In order for signals to reach down to the surface from the satellites in space they need to be converted into lower frequencies which are not disrupted by water particles in the air.  The following chart shows that communication from space to ground you get a clearer signal when you are communicating on a lower frequency.

Nikki Florio and former Mayor Reinette Senum Maria Zeee Landmark Geoengineering case


Nanomaterials from chemtrails can have the ability to break up existing clouds (moisture in the air).

Geoengineering lays the foundation for the reset. You can set forests of fire with it, you can induce droughts, you can even target livestock and individuals. It can also clear the air, very literally for satellite to ground communications. The higher frequency bands (terahertz) that operators wish to use can be disrupted by the moisture in the atmosphere. Geoengineering allows for better surveillance and better control over the internet of things.


How all of this works together in the Great Reset Grid of Total Surveillance and Control

In this slide Josep Jornet shows an example of how all of these technologies can work together on the ground level. Using terahertz frequencies a bunch of people in a room could be connected to the internet through their laptops and through intelligence surfaces on the wall, ultrabroadband links could allow people to hook up to the holographic metaverse in real time and sensors in the air could measure the air quality in real time as more people enter or leave the room.

He states that communications and sensing overlap and happen simultaneously. For example the person using the virtual reality headset to have a conversation in the metaverse, through sensing they can prevent that person from bumping into something. (think of it like a house arrest bracelet, and they can sense when you’ve crossed the perimeter)

In the next slide Josep Jornet shows how this network operates in space and explains that miniature satellites in low earth orbit are already operating on terahertz frequencies and they are all up there just watching everything or “sensing”, they are just collecting data from the atmosphere.

So in conclusion we have shown from the engineers themselves and their patents and papers how the Great Reset Nanotechnology can connect a human body to the internet.  This is the nanotech they  injected into most of the worlds population through the COVID mRNA injections. We have done a separate presentation that shows all the evidence behind the injections called “No one was told they were injected with electromagnetic devices”.

This is What this technology can do:
track and trace you
control your body
read your reactions to stimuli
mind control
crowd control
target parts of your body
death and illness population control

There are many patents and papers to back this up and many studies are not being done to show the effects of what injecting human being with this kind of technology can have.  Likewise there are many people looking for ways to help treat those who are injured and to also help protect humanity from this technological slaughter.