Self-actualisation is a quality that marks us as humans and differentiates us from animals. Self-actualised people have, for example, a better perception of reality, acceptance of self and others, empathy and discernment.

Humans are reflective, we have the free will to decide what to do. More than this, ascertaining truth relies not just on logic and evidence but our capacity to correctly interpret and evaluate experience.  This consciousness and intelligence rely on support from our physiology – at the most fundamental level both the integrity of DNA and its expression and upon inter-cellular electrical systems.

As such, there are two significant threats to our higher consciousness and self-actualisation: gene editing and EMF radiation. Both appear to be capable of reducing the intimacy between consciousness and intellect.

By Dr. Guy Hatchard

In October 2022, an article appeared in Independent Science News entitled ‘Did West Africa’s Ebola Outbreak of 2014 Have a Lab Origin?’. In essence, it appears that concerns about the origin of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Guinea were suppressed by the same scientists who rushed to suppress information about Covid’s origins. A nearby research lab was in the process of experimenting on the Ebola virus. As was the case with Covid, factually inaccurate and misleading information was used to argue for a zoonotic origin, while the lab leak theory was buried.

This and much else raises questions about transparency, judgement, integrity and truth. Are they still alive and well? In fact, you may have noticed there is a surfeit of confused anxiety, poor judgement, misplaced conviction, and aggressive behaviour evident of late in society and in personal relationships. To a superficial observer, much of this appears to have been switched on following the advent of Covid vaccination programs. In reality, there must be multiple causes for pandemic-era dysfunction, but suspicion remains that mRNA vaccines may have psychological effects.

These suspicions are strengthened by the work of psychologist Abraham Maslow who established a hierarchy of human potential. Maslow studied the characteristics of highly successful, happy, and self-actualised individuals. Among many other characteristics, he identified:

(All quotation marks in this section denote extracts from Maslow’s book Motivation and Personality, 1970, I have drawn from an excellent summary linked HERE).

More Efficient Perception of Reality

“Self-actualising people have an unusual ability to detect the spurious, the fake, and the dishonest in personality, and in general to judge people correctly and efficiently”

Acceptance of Self, Others and Nature

“They can accept their own human nature, with all its shortcomings, with all its discrepancies from the ideal image without feeling real concern.”


“Self-actualised people are not dependent for their main satisfactions on the real world, or other people or culture or means to ends or, in general, on extrinsic satisfactions.”


“Self-actualising people have for human beings, in general, a deep feeling of identification, sympathy, and affection in spite of the occasional anger, impatience, or disgust… because of this, they have a genuine desire to help the human race as if they were all members of a single family.”

Discrimination Between Good and Evil

“These individuals are strongly ethical; they have definite moral standards.… Needless to say, their notions of right and wrong and good and evil are often not the conventional ones.”

Peak Experiences

“Feelings of limitless horizons opening up to the vision, the feeling of being simultaneously more powerful and also more helpless than one ever was before, the feeling of great ecstasy and wonder and awe, the loss of placing in time and space…”

Reading these, you may think the pandemic brought out the worst in people. In many countries, including New Zealand, preliminary reports indicate violent crime has increased, while political and social divides have deepened. Commentators have also noticed the rapid growth of polarised rather than inclusive behaviours and attitudes. As we know only too well, other people’s behaviour is usually beyond our control. As they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. But would it be wrong to think that there are no remedies to correct errant behaviour and attitudes, especially if they are widespread?

Faced with the strange findings of quantum mechanics, physicists like Erwin Schrödinger and others sought inspiration from the ancient Indian philosophy of Vedanta. Vedanta which literally means the “end outcome of all knowledge” is not a religion or a belief system, it involves the study of consciousness from the subjective path of introspection and meditation. Can that throw light on our modern existential dilemmas?

As with all things, charity begins at home. How is that? According to Vedanta, our true home is our unbounded Self or consciousness. If you have been following and GLOBE.GLOBAL, you will be well aware by now that we have been concerned to investigate the relationship between DNA and consciousness.

Essentially DNA exists in every one of our trillions of cells. This massive collection of cells succeeds in supporting a single identity – our Self. The Self is the Wholeness of consciousness supported by the parts of the physiology taken together. The Whole is more than the sum of the parts.

Do not be put off by the abstract notion of Wholeness, we are all familiar with connectedness among friends, family, loved ones, and countrymen. This bestows comfort and a feeling of belonging. Just imagine that this supportive network is extended and expanded to its ultimate degree including our relationship with the laws of nature, eventually transcending limitations, and we can glimpse a settled sense of cosmic belonging and bliss that is the essence of Wholeness. An unbounded state of consciousness in which everything is truly well and wisely put, corresponding to Maslow’s concept of peak experience.

When we talk about the Self, we are not talking about our small self – written with a small “s” – dominated by egotism, but the Self in its most broad and expanded sense as denoted by a capital “S.” This has many names in many cultures: consciousness, soul, atma, etc.

We make many decisions every day on the ground, so to speak, of our inner identity, our Self. It is the functioning intellect which decides, but it can only function at its full potential as long as it is connected to the Wholeness of our Self. We experience through the five senses, but the authenticity of how we express experience depends upon the interface between intellect and Wholeness. This is the truth interface.  Wisdom, intelligent decisions, and optimised actions are only possible if we remain true to our higher Self. This is a concept shared by cultures around the world. For example, listen to a master Japanese noodle maker Suichi Kotani, explaining how his consciousness interfaces with his work (watch HERE from 4.56 minutes).

Referring to modern physics, we find the unified level of nature’s intelligence has certain characteristics which help us to understand the interface between intellect and consciousness. Firstly, the wholly unified level of nature’s functioning, which underpins all natural law, is least excited, it is a field of deep silence, it is unchanging, unmanifest, and beyond space and time. Yet it is the source of change, it is capable of expressing itself. It does so by referring to itself, referring to its own Wholeness.

This identifies the unified level of natural law, as awake. It has that characteristic of intellect and consciousness together, it can be both specific and universal. It creates with reference to its own silent, non-active Wholeness, whilst leaving that Wholeness intact and unchanged.

No doubt this all sounds highly philosophical, but it may be an essential step to understanding how genetic editing could damage our intelligence. Crucially physiology and consciousness are inseparable, two sides of a single coin. Anything that damages the Wholeness of the physiology, will inevitably damage the capacity of the physiology to reflect the holistic intelligence of natural law.

Holistic intelligence which Maslow believed was exhibited by self-actualised individuals is quite different from the essentially limited and often linear intelligence of artificial intelligence (“AI”) systems. Chatbot programmes for example can stitch together diverse sources of information but they often fail to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong – a deficiency that seems to have been exacerbated during the pandemic.

The capacity for self-actualisation is a quality that marks us as humans and differentiates us from animals. Animals are instinctual and thereby limited. Humans are reflective, we have the free will to decide what to do. More than this, ascertaining truth relies not just on logic and evidence but our capacity to correctly interpret and evaluate experience. In its highest sense, this in turn relies on the capacity of our physiology, our DNA, to support a seamless Wholeness of consciousness which we sense as our deep identity, our Self. Knowledge is structured in consciousness.

On the other hand, imagine interfering with the physiological mechanisms which support Wholeness. At the most fundamental level, we have suggested in previous articles that, these depend on both the integrity of DNA and its expression and upon inter-cellular electrical systems in the physiology. Therefore two significant threats to Wholeness and thereby intelligence are posed by gene editing and electromagnetic field (“EMF”) radiation. Both appear to be capable of reducing the intimacy between Wholeness and intellect.

That is a rather frightening thought, and rightly so, but how much gene experimentation and EMFs might have damaged our holistic physiological functioning so far still remains to be investigated and understood. We are talking here specifically of the holistic functions of physiology which support higher consciousness and self-actualisation.

You can read more about some of these concepts in our article ‘Evolution, Genetics, Physics and Consciousness’. Our appreciation and use of our inner connectedness may be reinforced or possibly reforged through a combination of meditation (a meta-analysis of studies published pre-pandemic has found that meditation increases self-actualisation), diet (watch AUT health expert calling on Kiwis to change what we eat), and a stress-free lifestyle.

In my book ‘Your DNA Diet’, I discuss published research which shows how collective dysfunction in society, including crime and other behaviours that bring unhappiness to our world family, can be dissipated through group meditation. This cleansing of the collective consciousness is accompanied by an upsurge in positive behaviours, economic activity, and good health. Thus, widespread and collective meditation could assume a vital role in regenerating society.

At the very least, biotechnology experimentation, such as gain of function research, should be stopped immediately. GLOBE is promoting a worldwide campaign for Global Legislation Outlawing Biotechnology Experimentation. Equally so, the deployment of ever more invasive and powerful EMFs using frequencies also used by our neural network should be halted. We understand too little about their effects and should take more note of research pointing to EMF injury.

We can take some inspiration from Alfred Tennyson who wrote:

To find out more about consciousness, physics, food and health – press on the links embedded in the article above. You can purchase my book ‘Discovering and Defending Your DNA Diet’ as an Amazon Kindle or order a hard copy HERE.

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