Recently there has been a new professionally produced bit of propaganda intending to cover up  the Satanic Ritual Abuse that occured in Hampstead England.  In a big, well funded press release All the UK main stream news has articles talking about it. (lying of course)  Here is one example:

The new podcast called “Hoaxed” even uses a picture of my face in the promo video.  (and no they never asked me permission) Tom Dunn has launched a new series of videos and interviews that cover the Hampstead case, where there was never any justice done for the children who underwent such abuse. For the second episode he asked me to come back on to his show to interview me about my experience being Harassed by the Hampstead cult. (the same ones being glorified in this new lie-cast) I discussed all of the abuse I experienced at the hands of this cult along with background information about the online cult leader Karen Irving, who lives in Hampstead and has family members that are part of the school where the abuse of the children took place.   You can watch the show on youtube here:

A backup will be posted to Through the Blacks Rumble Channel Here:


Background info:

In 2017 A group of self-proclaimed satanists who are covering up the satanic ritual sexual abuse of children in Hampstead England started targeting me through a horrendous online harassment campaign. This harassment lasted for 4 years and only ended when Covid reallocated the funding of such operations to push the Covid narrative. After which, all online trolling operation coming from this group disappeared.

I documented everything that was done to my by this group and posted all of it online in a blog along with many videos on a youtube channel.

That blog is called:

The Youtube Channel with all the videos on it (also linked to the blog)
Targeted Individuals Evidence Channel

Worth mentioning: Background research we’ve done and written about in our book that has to do with these types of covert operations including GCHQ, JTRIG, COINTELPRO,  Tavistock etc.

Thank you for listening to my testimony, all glory honor and power goes to my King, Jesus Christ.

-Hope Girl

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