I am a lover of the truth. When I am confronted with wild accusations about someone or something I don’t take anyones word for it. I need to see hard evidence and proof before I condemn someone. And I certainly am not going to act on bad information or join a lynch mob and attack innocent people.

Watch the video on Rumble Here: https://rumble.com/v4kifar-the-love-of-the-truth-and-not-joining-the-lynch-mob.html

What we have all just experienced is a Government Operation led by Amazing Polly. She and her husband work for a government contractor company that:

“develops and delivers large-scale, multi-agency exercises for miliary, public safety and utilities operators. We have delivered disinformation components for military exercises, for domestic major event security and for nuclear power generation exercises ranging from coordinated campaigns across all media channels to limited disinformation activities on key issues. Exercising the information domain provides a highly realistic simulation of the contemporary information space for exercise participants.”

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