Join Tivon Rivers, HopeGirl and Angela Power Disney as we talk about Tivons experience of being a Targeted Individual.  This conversation also goes into some other incredible areas of discussion including forbidden technology, fallen angels, orgonite, Wilhelm Reich and Life in the blood, the orgonite chamber blood test. This is centered around our book “Forbidden Tech”. Angela, being one of the first to read and review the book gives her perspective coming from her background as an MKUltra survivor.

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You can visit Angela’s website to learn more about her and listen to other interviews that she has done with other targeted individuals and MK Ultra survivors.


(Apologies for the poor sound quality on Angela’s microphone. We did do some editing to try to clean it up a bit. This was the best we could do, however the conversation was so good that we wanted to make sure it got out there anyway! Seriously, this was one of the best conversation I’ve had in a long time!)