This is an update to our family, friends and customers to let everyone know how we have been faring during the recent COVID-19 events.  We are all OK, safe and healthy. Our business operations are still up and running smoothly although we have had to make several adjustments. Most notably, we have changed our shipping courier to Fedex and we are no longer shipping through our normal Morocco Amana post. This is because countries around the world, including the United States have stopped excepting non-express international imports due to the pandemic. Other adjustments don’t necessarily effect our work, but do however make things a little more difficult for us in our daily living activities.

As we live in Morocco, which is very closely effected by Europe we wanted to take this opportunity to inform everyone who lives in other parts of the world of the what events have been taking place here.

Morocco took very swift actions against the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, Morocco’s actions and regulations were more expeditious than other countries. After confirming only 8 cases of the virus in the country, Morocco closed all its land borders to Spain. Within just a couple of days all flights to and from other countries were cancelled, leaving thousands of tourists stranded in airports. Moroccans opened their homes and gave free hotels and meals to the stranded tourists while countries like France, Germany and the US arranged for re-patriation flights to bring people back home.

On March 19 Morocco Declared a State of Emergency that will last for one month and end on April 20th (which also happens to be 3 days before Ramadan begins, when the country has limited business functions for another full month) During the state of Emergency no one is allowed to leave their home without a special travel permit for necessary living functions like buying food and supplies or going to work. This is being enforced by the Moroccan military and there are many checkpoints on the roads.  Many businesses have closed their doors and only necessary businesses are open. We have obtained our legal traveling papers so that we can still conduct our basic business functions and we have restricted our movement to only include necessary trips to the store for supplies.

A special note to our customers: While these changes and restrictions have made life a little more difficult for us around here, we have still been able to maintain our normal business activities and we are able to fill your orders and deliver them to you on time.

We haven’t been able to make any new videos lately, mostly because we have been very busy re-arranging our logistics due to the shutdowns and sending out a large amount of orders.  But we will be making more videos very soon! Moving forward we are focusing more on marketing our business and providing well documented and researched educational content around a variety of topics in our niche market. We prefer to rely on the stability of our own platforms such as our websites, mailing lists, members calls and various video sharing accounts to share our information. Given the unpredictable nature of third-party platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter we have chosen to somewhat restrict our activities on those social media platforms.

This pandemic has caused many temporary changes in daily lives all around the world. Our experience here in Morocco during the state of emergency has been very positive despite the troubling circumstances that has caused this.  And with that we here are Fix the World wish that all of you stay safe and healthy during these troubling times. Feel free to contact us at