Hoaxtead Research is a free wordpress blog that is run by anonymous authors with dozens of anonymous sock puppet account commenters.  They claim that the site has been set up to protect innocent people who live in Hampstead England who have been “wrongfully accused” of hosting a pedophile ring that engages in the satanic ritual abuse and murder of children.  In 2015 a bunch of videos of two children giving graphic testimonies about what was done to them in Hampstead spread like wildfire all over the internet.  This “Hoaxtead Research” Blog was allegedly created as a response to those videos to defend the accused.

However when you look at the actual content of this blog it becomes clear that its prime objective is to character assassinate anyone who tries to speak out against child abuse. Furthermore, when you dig just a little deeper into the background of the blogs authors, you find that it is written by self professing Satanists.  But even more alarming, when you analyze the Hoaxtead blog you can clearly see that it is set up and run by a government operation led by GCHQ. This article and the ones that will follow on my blog will fully explain all of this.

So how did I get involved with Hoaxtead?  Well first of all, let me state for the record that I have absolutely nothing at all to do with the Hampstead case. I didn’t even know about the case until recently because I wasn’t interested at all in looking into this sort of thing. Its just way to dark for me.  However in October of 2015 I was approached by a person named Mel Ve who had a Youtube channel called “Consumer Conscious Network”.  Mel Ve wanted to get involved with my family’s project: the QEG.  I was going to do a few shows on my own on blogtalk radio about our work, but Mel Ve absolutely insisted that we do the shows about our project on her YouTube channel and I agreed. (something I will forever regret)

It was then that I noticed all of these weird trolling youtube videos being made about me because of my involvement with Mel Ve.  A series of Youtube channels called “Mckenzies Devils” or “MKD” or many variations of that name, started pounding out three or more videos a day about me.  Awful, vile videos that said horrible things. They used my photo, my video content, my business logo and photos of my family. They made all sorts of lurid accusations trying to associate me with all manner of despicable things.  I also noticed that every other person that worked with Mel Ve was getting a lot of trolling videos made about them too.  All of these videos had links in the description to the Hoaxtead blog. Make no mistake, the Hoaxtead blog has an arsenal of hundreds of youtube channels that are part of its operation. They try to confuse folks by saying they are somehow separate, but they are not, they are the same entity with the same GCHQ boss.

Fast forward just a couple of months in our story, Mel Ve started handing over private skype conversations from several people that worked with her to the Hoaxtead blog. (these were her customers actually as they paid her to produce their shows) All of which were published in pure violation of her customers private information.  I wrote about it in my blog post here and promptly ended my relationship with Mel Ve as a result of this revelation.

I think Mel Ve was a spy for Hoaxtead research and she was sent to target me, my family and our project so that she could feed information to the Hoaxtead blog.  Which she did for several months by writing in letters to Hoaxtead telling them what she thought she knew about my family, our project and our finances.  Mind you, she had to make up a lot of it because I did not disclose this information to her. She also sent me scathing letters insulting me for my faith because I am a born again Christian. (she really REALLY hates Christians and has posted some vile quotes about Jesus all over her social media) She on the other hand seems to be practicing some of the darker arts herself, and now runs a website about serpent worship.

Unfortunately for her, something changed in her position with Hoaxtead and she and her husband were evicted from their home in the Netherlands and forced to flee to Portugal. Their claim was that it was because of things that the Hoaxtead blog wrote about them. According to Mel, all their neighbors saw the blog and its videos, and then the landlord cut their internet connection so that they couldn’t broadcast on YouTube anymore, and then dragged them into court to evict them. They fled to Portugal where it appears they are staying with a friend and laying low. However they are trying to recoup their losses by threatening to sue the Hoaxtead blog for GDPR violations.

So there is the background of how this whole thing started. For the last two years since then I have been a target of the Hoaxtead operation.  They have made hundreds of videos about me. They stalk my Facebook daily and post screen shots of everything I say on their blog. They are like a trashy tabloid on steroids.  They have written many insanely slanderous articles about me and our project.  They dig into my past and pull up painful memories of when I was abused by a sexual predator and taunt me with it. They have even made a profile with my abusers face and name and send me sexually explicit messages telling me what they want to do to me … and also what they want to do to my mother.

I have received numerous death threats from them.  They troll my marriage and they go after my family and my husband. Every time I post anything on the internet I am flooded with vile comments from dozens of their sock puppet accounts.  If I try to put out any kind of fundraiser or launch a new product on my business so that I can earn a living and provide for my family, this group will start mass reporting me to any third party platform they can think of to try to shut down my campaign. Their goal is to make me lose all that I worked so hard for, and quite frankly, their goal is to get me to commit suicide. I am a woman of a strong faith in God and this is the only way I am able to endure this persecution. Hoaxtead have managed to get several people arrested and thrown in jail, which they brag about.  And there have been several mysterious deaths of some of their targets.

They hold a public google drive folder on their blog that they call their “evidence folder” It is essentially my stalking file where they post all screen shots of them stalking me on social media.  In this file they also post my private IP address and unlisted email address so that I can be an open target for cyber spam attacks. When I report them to wordpress.com I am told that I need to get a court order in order for WordPress to remove my publicly posted private information.   So I am now in the process of doing this with an attorney, but it will cost money that I do not have, so it might take a while.  I found this fantastic attorney here that specialized in this sort of thing. The best part is, after they get your court order for you, they will then be able to legally demand the name of the people responsible for the blog so that you can then sue them personally for damages.

This is the reality that I live every day as a result of this government torture program.

At first I was rather traumatized by all of this. But recently I decided to start fighting back the best that I could. I am a rather busy person normally and this has been rather time consuming. I’m not quite done yet with collecting and presenting my data and this will be done in a couple of days. I would however like to post my progress so far.

A total of 50 of their trolling channels with over 2,000 videos have been taken down from Youtube. I have several accounts that I have used to report these channels over and over again. Finally, Youtube started to listen. I have documented this in the videos posted below.

I also started saving screen shots of the death threats I have been receiving, which I documented in a video below.

And  in a bizarre twist of events, the main Hoaxtead Youtube troll, a man by the name of Tim Mckenzie, a man who tormented me daily for two years, suddenly dropped dead within hours of trolling me.  I caught the whole thing on screen shots and made a video about this below.

I am creating a broader report that will fully explain GCHQ and how the governments target a number of important topics such as geoengineering, vaccines, GMO food, Smart Meters, 5G, alternative energy, cancer cures, and human trafficking. The goal of this program is to silence the public outcry against such atrocities.  To give clear examples I will be using my own information and a collection of screen shots and evidence that I have gathered over the last 5 years.    I will also be showing in detail how these government programs are hiring Satanists to carry out this dirty work.  This report should be out in the next few days and will be available on this blog. Please feel free to share this blog post with anyone who may benefit from knowing this information.

Below are 4 videos relevant to this article and the report to come in the next couple of days. Please note, these videos are hosted on a paid Vimeo Account and are only viewable here on this blog post. This has been done to ensure they are not removed from the internet by malicious mass reporting on third party platforms. Please share this blog post in order to share these videos. You can reblog this blog post too if you want, but you will need to link back to this post in order for the videos to be viewable.

Collection of Death Threats from Hoaxtead to Me

Hoaxtead MKD Trolling Channels Removed from Youtube for the Record (there have been many more taken down since making this video)

Tim Mckenzie Hoaxtead Troll Death Screen Shots for the Record

UK Column interview discussing Hoaxtead, showing their stalking files and the satanic connectionsColl


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