Can human thought be controlled remotely by EMF?

The truth is that this technology has already existed for decades… But it’s just now being applied to you and me…

How can you avoid it?

Watch part one of this two part presentation on Bitchute Here:

>> PROOF EMF can control people

This is a two-part series where we really connect the dots and shine light on the MAIN issue today, which is nanotechnology that is being injected into billions of people across the world through the jabs.


The Effect of Jabs on Those Who Haven’t Succumbed to Them

The Raw Data: Excess Deaths versus Jabs

Censorship of Embalmers (and What They’re Finding inside of Bodies)

The Connection between Jabs… and the Stock Market

Shockingly Fast Deployment of 5G and What It Means for Freedom

Are Bluetooth Codes Being Emanated from Bodies of Vaccinated People?

AND… Solutions in the Form of Detoxing, EMF protection, Graphene Oxide Detox and Homeopathy.

This episode is SO important because other researchers are finding components from the jabs inside of people who haven’t even taken them!

Which means you may suffer the same afflictions as the jabbed for a choice you didn’t even make…

>>> How to Detox from the Jab… Even if you didn’t get it!

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