This video is the first of a new series of videos I will be putting out over the coming months. This is a teaching that talks about the COVID agenda and what the Bible and God has to say about it. I’m making these videos because I am frustrated with watching Christian preachers go along with the Satanic COVID agenda.  It is a slap in the face of God when so-called Christians push vaccines, force face masks and social distancing in their churches.

God has a lot to say in his word about what is going on right now on this earth with COVID. Its time someone talks about the hard truth for anyone who still has ears to hear. Even if your not a Christian, these videos will at least help you to know what it is the bible actually has to say about events in our world right now, and it is probably very different than anything you might have heard coming from a lukewarm pulpit.

I use Candid conversations with my husband talking about real life events that I feel people can relate to. I hope this can help bring some clarity. May you be blessed with knowledge and wisdom and may it bring you comfort in these difficult times.


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Video Transcript:


Stay home while the wrath of God passes over the land


“Go My people, enter your rooms and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourselves a little while until the wrath has passed”

Isaiah 26:20.

So we’re going to start this one off with this particular verse from the book of Isaiah. To better understand this, what was going on in the book of Isaiah for God to say this verse to us. So Isaiah is a book that is set in the midst of an ongoing political crisis due to dominating Mesopotamian powers. Israel was under an incorrect impression that as long as they just went through the motions that God would spare their city and temple from harm. They learned a hard lesson when Assyria destroyed the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 722 B.C. followed by Babylon’s destruction and exile of the Southern Kingdom of Judah and 586 B.C.. Isaiah responds to questions and doubts from Israel about who God is and if he is for them.


Isaiah’s message is to point the people of God to the only refuge that they can trust in, their God. He is faithful, and no matter what happens, and no matter where they go, He remains their God. He is to be trusted over human power, and the people are called not to make alliances with these foreign powers, although it’s tempting in order to save their current way of life.


So does any of this sound familiar? Given the current times that we’re in with the COVID lockdowns and the vaccines and the vaccine passports, this particular verse. “Go my people and enter your rooms and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourselves a little while until the wrath has passed.” It’s talking about how there is judgment from God that is coming over the land and that is the wrath of God. And God basically is telling His people to go hide themselves in their rooms so that they can be protected from the wrath of God. But furthermore, this particular verse that talks about shutting the doors behind you is a reference to Genesis 7:16, when God shut Noah into the Ark so that he would be safe during God’s judgment. So Chapter 26 of Isaiah is speaking of God’s judgments past, present and future, and how he keeps his people safe, hidden in himself as their refuge.


God will protect us in life and death if only we trust in Him. What we’re seeing now is an awful lot of people who are not trusting in God, and rather they are trusting in the system of this world. They’re trusting in the governments who are putting forth ungodly laws, saying that they must inject themselves with poisons and abominations in order to fly on a plane or keep a job or go to school.


There will be Seven Years of Insanity


I’d like to share with you a private word that I feel I received from the Lord as well as my husband about six or seven months before the COVID scam officially began. I received word from God that we needed to be like Joseph, that we needed to prepare for seven years of insanity. My husband received a similar word, and he kept bringing this verse out to me, saying that there’s going to be a lot of calamity. It’s going to be a very difficult time. And it’s not going to last just for a little while, It’s going to last for seven years. So we are now two years into that seven years. And on a daily basis, we see the insanity going on in our world with what people are trying to do in order to travel, in order to live their lives as normal with what these governments have done to people.


We go back to the concept of this verse, that we need to shut ourselves in under the protection of God to let the calamity pass over us. Because truly it feels like we are in a form of a spiritual passover and the angels of death and plague and slavery are passing over the land right now, devouring anyone in their path.


However, I hope that with these teachings I can help people who are in the same position as we are. You’re staying within. You are shutting the doors of the world so that you can stay close to God and try to make sense of what’s going on in what we truly feel is the end of the end times. We’re in it, folks, and we’re in it together!


Losing your life when you seek to save it with a COVID injection

This particular teaching will also talk about the difference between being forced to take a vaccination and being coerced to take a vaccination, and hopefully to show everyone that we still are given the choice and people are choosing to take these injections and that no one is literally forcing you to take the injection. So when somebody makes that choice, it really comes down to this, the words that Jesus said

“for what is a man profited. If He shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul, or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” Matthew 16:26.


So many people have rushed out to get these injections because they believed that they would save lives. If they got these injections. They believed that it would save their own life or it would save their way of living. And as long as I got this injection, I could do everything in my life that I want to do. I can travel, I can go to school, I could keep my job. They were thinking about their own lives and so many people just ran out and injected themselves with something that they didn’t even know what it was that they were injecting themselves with! (that will sooooooooooooo be covered in another video!)


So let’s just remember, for those of us who are watching billions of people go out and take these injections is the words that Jesus told us, “for whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life, for my sake will find it”. And no, unlike in those abominable words of the current day false teachers and prophets that have gone on the TV saying “Jesus would take the vaccine”… No, Jesus would never take that vaccine!

I still believe that there is hope for those people who have taken the vaccine, who have remorse and who want to repent and detox. Yes, you can detox from this vaccine. If your spirit and heart is right with God, he can fix your DNA and make you new. So with that said, let’s get into the discussion.


Hope and Tivon Discussion:


Hope: “
I woke up this morning and I had this series of thoughts and feelings that were really, really heavy on my heart and on my mind. And I’m telling this story because I’m sure there are plenty of areas and communities of the world in different countries that have a similar situation. So I’m kind of venting this a little bit, but I’m going to bring it to a point.

The local Doctor who gives out the death shots to all the women in our community


In the community where we live, there is this one doctor who is all over the Facebook groups and all of the people in our community go to this one doctor especially the women. I’m in a women’s group in our community and she is the Doctor that treats all the women in my community.


In the beginning of this scamdemic this Doctor was like “I can’t wait until I can get all those vaccines because I’m going to give out those vaccines to everybody in the community to make sure that we’re all covered and we’re all safe and covered with the vaccines.”

So I know for a fact that this woman is one of the main centers of vaccinating all the people, all the women in our community. So I’m literally watching through these Facebook conversations. I’m watching this woman vaccinate every woman in our in our community or rather, I’m watching her kill all the women in my community is how I feel about it.


The way I first found about this Doctor was through an interaction on Facebook I had with her. It was way back in the beginning of the vaccine rollout, when all the soccer players started dropping dead or having heart attacks or collapsing in the fields.

Right now there’s over 800 athletes worldwide that have died or collapsed in the fields due to the vaccine. But in the very beginning, before there was 800 of them, when there was just like maybe maybe 20 of them the very beginning, there was a post on that Facebook group of one of the soccer players that collapsed in the field with heart trouble. And I wrote in the comment, is this caused by the vaccine?


Now, this particular soccer player from this particular team, the coach of this team, had made an announcement like one or two weeks prior on a radio show in Italy saying that everybody on the team had been vaccinated. So based on that, I knew that this soccer player had taken the vaccine. And then we all witness the event where he collapses on the field. So I ask the logical question, is the vaccine the reason why this very healthy young man, (he was like 20 years old), collapses on the field?

This doctor that’s in my community jumps on to that Facebook comment and started attacking me with this long ranting comment. She wrote, “It’s people like you that give all the medical doctors a bad name…” and on and on and on and, you know, she was just attacking me because I dared to suggest that maybe it was the vaccine that made this soccer player collapse.


And then then all these women all started lying in the comments saying “he didn’t take the vaccine. He didn’t get the vaccine”. I’m like, yes, he did. It was announced that he did. But they’re all lying saying, no, he didn’t get the vaccine.


So that was the beginning of my observation of this doctor in our community. And then I watched all of these women, real women that I know in real life, not just Facebook profiles, but these are real women in my community and my church and they are all saying “she’s my Doctor!” Then later, shortly after the vaccine campaign had started rolling out,  one of our friends who uses this Doctor comes out with an announcement that she has cancer.


You’ll know they got the jab when they talk about their travel plans

So basically we can follow the timeline: A doctor I know in my community is giving out vaccines, we know what these vaccines do. And we know one of the things the vaccines do is they cause people to get rapid growing cancer. There’s all kinds of studies about that. So lo and behold. This doctor gives out vaccines to all the women in our community. And one of my friends, who is her patient, suddenly gets cancer and does this big announcement. And she gets all the condolences like, “oh, I’m so sorry you’re going through this”. But the first thing I thought when I saw this was that she got the cancer because she probably took that vaccine. I’m just putting two and two together. But she’s not telling everybody she took the vaccine. You just have to conclude this now.


Yes. Because that’s the mental exercise. The people who have taken the shot don’t tell you until something tragically goes wrong. And then most people still won’t tell you, but some will.


Right, exactly. They won’t tell you. So I’m just observing. I’m very, very observant at what I see around me. And I start putting together pieces of information and clues and eyewitness events. And I have to conclude things. So I’m assuming that my friend took the vaccine even though she won’t tell anybody she did. And that’s the reason why she suddenly got this cancer. And I’m assuming that she got the vaccine from this doctor that I know is giving out vaccines, the same doctor that had attacked me for suggesting something bad about the vaccines.


So I woke up this morning, like I said, with this very heavy on my mind, I started having like just memories and flashbacks of these conversations that I witnessed about seven months ago. And then, lo and behold, I’m looking on the Facebook group again because I always kind of lurk there just to see what’s going on in the community, and that friend that I had mentioned that I wasn’t sure if she got cancer from the vaccine (because I went through this mental exercise like, well, you can’t just assume that she took the vaccine. Maybe she didn’t take the vaccine. Maybe she just literally got cancer from something else because this friend is a Christian and she’s a leader in in in the Christian church.)

I see that she posted today something saying that she needed a driver to take her to the airport because she’s flying out. So now, again, you have to bring in that detective thinking. Right now in this country that we live in, you cannot fly in or out of this country without being at least double vaccinated. You need proof of double vaccination and a negative PCR test and that is not going to be changing any time soon. They’re saying it might, but we’ll see. It’s been we’re two years into this. So if anybody makes any announcement on any Facebook group that they’re flying in or out or they just flew in, then you have to conclude, because you know what the laws say, that all these people are vaccinated.


So there goes your secret “I’m not going to tell anybody my vaccination status” concept. All you have to say is I just flew in last week or last month or any time in the last 3 to 6 months. And that’s how you know. Because you are not allowed to come in and out of this country without a vaccine. We came into this country eight years ago and we have not left. So we’re not vaccinated. We’re not ever going to get vaccinated because we choose our soul over the things of this world.


We’ve decided to stay in our homes just a little while longer.


Just a little while longer. So all of that is what was on my mind this morning. And then it led to the next event that I saw.


Vaxxed Pilot almost kills 200 people onboard when his heart stops beating


There was this pilot who was flying a plane and he landed the plane with 200 souls on board. And 6 minutes after he landed the plane, his heart stopped. And he basically died and they had to resuscitate him. And he was really angry because he was he says he was forced to get the shot. They told him, if you don’t get this shot, you’re going to be fired and lose your job.


Do you remember what he said when  he woke up when they once they were able to resuscitate him, he claimed that he couldn’t remember landing the plane.


Right. He, like, blacked out the whole experience.


Yes. So it’s a miracle that the plane even landed, because remember, these computers, the auto feature is off when they’re approaching the tarmac.


That’s when most plane crashes would happen is when they’re taking off or when they’re landing, because that’s when you need a human being behind the controls. So that was that was a miracle that plane landed. Maybe the angels landed that Plane.


The pilot was revived and he survived. And he’s in the hospital, hooked up to all the machines with all the tubes coming out of him everywhere. And he made a video in the ICU where he stood up and he’s like “this!” (as he’s showing all his tubes) He’s like, “this is what those vaccines do to you!”. And by the way, this pilot had something like 30 years on the job, so he was probably going to retire in a few more years or something. Yes, but he was really, really pissed off. He was really angry because he’s like, “they made me take the shot. They forced me to take it. They were like, If you don’t take this, these vaccines, then you’re going to lose your job.”

Right. So he’s speaking out and that’s great. Really glad he’s speaking out. However, somebody left a comment on that Bitchute video that really made me think. And that comment was,” they didn’t force you to take the shot. You chose your stupid job over your soul.”


You still have a choice


And that is what I really want to get into now because. I had this epiphany that unless you’re that one guy that we saw that video where he’s like being pinned down to the roof of his house when they were forced injecting him. Or that one that one Indian lady in the field being held down by people, while they are force injecting her.

That would be considered murder

Yes. Unless you’re like somebody like that, nobody has forced injected you! This is a truth that we need to bring out right now. Because literally what is happening is, we as people are being presented with choices. And maybe it’s a very difficult choice, but it’s still a choice.



Choosing the make God Your Source for Everything

Throughout God’s word, God informs us that he literally is giving us a choice. We do have choices in our lives. That’s why God gave us free will. And truly, God wants us to choose to follow Him and to put our trust in Him.


Probably the best verse that shows this is in Deuteronomy 30:19.

“ I call Heaven and Earth to record this day against you that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing, therefore choose life that both thou and thy seed may live.”

I pray that this verse is set before your eyes and on your heart in that moment, before you choose to go and take an injection to save your job. God is literally telling you you’re going to choose death. God wants us to choose a life in Him.


Conversation with Hope and Tivon


They’re saying, you’re going to get the injection or you’re going to lose your job, you’re going to get the injection, or you’re not going to be able to travel anymore. Yes, you’re going to get the injection or you won’t be able to go to a concert or you won’t be able to go to a certain kind of of shopping center.




It makes you feel like if you don’t get this injection, you won’t be able to buy food.

But there’s plenty of shopping centers where you could buy food that don’t require vaccines. So basically, our environment has become very, very difficult to live in without getting these injections. We don’t have the freedom that we used to have, but we still have a choice. Yes. And it literally is: choose the things of the world, or your soul.



And take note to everyone that is participating in this coercion program. You’re looking at a global coercion program. It’s like as if everyone is back in high school and they’re dealing with peer pressure all over again. Except this time, it’s with the promise that you won’t be able to live without participating in the coercion program. And I think it’s consistent with the end times. It’s consistent with the Book of Revelation as far as what the devil wants. He wants everyone to take the mark. But you know, when you look at that interpretation that the passage is dealing with it literally reads like coercion.


If you look at it very carefully, it doesn’t it doesn’t say that’s what’s going to happen to everyone. Otherwise, you have a direct conflict with Christians surviving after that. So that’s clearly not the case. That’s the wish and that’s the heart of what the beast wants. The Beast system wants everyone on the planet, especially God’s children to believe that so that you’re no longer God’s children. But the Bible tells you that what happens if you do take the mark, so clearly you don’t take the mark if your Christian, yet Christians still survive on the other side of that. How is that possible if everyone had to take the mark? That would be a conflict that that would be a contradiction.


The Mark of the Beast, what it really is


So now I wanted to take this moment here to address what Tivon was just talking about as far as the mark of the beast and that you’re not being forced to take it. So let’s back that up a little bit by going into the actual verse itself and explaining a few things.


Now, the mark of the beast, just so you know, I truly feel is a very deep, multidimensional verse. It has a lot of complex meanings. And so this is not the presentation where I’m going to go in depth with all of the different meanings of it. However, I do plan on doing a video like that in the future because I think it’s been taken out of context a lot, and a lot of people don’t quite understand what it truly means. I feel I’ve been given some insight into it that I’d like to share in a much deeper study.


For now, let’s just briefly touch on a couple of really important points that I think really adhere to this conversation that we’re listening to. So the actual verse reads in Revelation 13:16,

“and he caused us all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads, and that no man might buy or sell, save that he had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name”


So the original language that this was written in was ancient Greek, so we have to look into those particular words and what those meanings are. I believe that one of the biggest misconceptions for people is that they read this, or they hear a pastor preach this and they say, okay, what this probably means is that everybody’s going to be forced to take this mark. You’re going to be held down and forced to take the mark, and you’re going to have to just resist. And if you if you resist and you don’t take the mark, then you’ll immediately get your head chopped off and you’re just going to die. And then everything will be fine after that because Jesus is coming back and there is no in between, right? It’s like you’re forced to take it or you die. There’s no resisting the mark, not taking the mark and the afterwards you can actually live a little bit of a life in God under his protection. And then as the events play out, you take a role in those events.


But that’s how people perceive this, they think you’re being forced to take this. Right now, it’s like you’re being force injected. People don’t take into consideration that there’s there’s truly a choice. So people think that the word “causeth”  means to force somebody to take it. And then also people are saying that no man may buy or sell, save, that he have the mark.


And so people think that that means if you don’t get this mark, you’re going to starve to death because you’re not going to be able to buy anything or sell anything anywhere.


What I want to show you by going into the Greek words and the meanings behind some of these words, is that this is not as cut and dry as that. And it’s not saying that you’re going to get forced to take a mark. You’ll have no freewill choice, and if you choose to not take it, then you’ll be killed because you’ll starve to death because you’ll never be able to exist or buy or sell anything ever. That is not what this is saying.


The word “causeth”, as in he “causeth all” is the Greek word poieo, which means to make and deliver. And the words buy and sell is the Greek words agoradzo and poieo, which means to participate in public and commercial life. So here is the word poieo that you can look up on It shows you the ancient Greek. And it shows you all of the actual meanings of that word for “causeth” which is to make, to produce, to construct, to form fashion. Like producing vaccines as an example.

And then the other word, speaking about buying and selling is agoradzo which means to be in the marketplace, to attend it, to do business there, to buy or sell of Idol people, to haunt the marketplace or lounge there.


So now let’s read that verse again with a deeper understanding of what it might actually be saying.

And he makes, produces and delivers and makes available to all, both great and small, rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark. (Now, that mark could be translated into the modern day definition of vaccine, and I will get into that in a different video later on. But it also has several different meanings) in their right hand or in their foreheads, and that no man might participate in the public marketplace. Save that he had the mark or the name or the beast or the number of his name.


So you can see how there is definitely a choice here. You’re not being forced to take the mark. What’s happening is, the beast or the government beast system is making something available to everyone. They’re producing something that’s going to be available to every single person on the planet, such as they’re producing these vaccines and making them available to every single person on the planet. They’re not forcing you to take them, but they are making it difficult for you to live your life without taking these things.


And so what have we seen so far? We’ve seen that you can’t get into concerts without these vaccines. You can’t get into certain stores without the vaccines. You can’t get on certain airplanes. You can’t travel in a certain way without these vaccines. However, they have not covered every single square inch of the planet and daily life. There are plenty of things that you can still do without having a vaccination, without taking the mark. So there definitely is an in-between place. You can’t go to the main market place that is set up by the beast system. Have you noticed the types of places you cannot go without a vaccine? So it’s not that you can’t buy or sell anything, it’s that you can’t participate in the Beast Marketplace system. This is more how this reads when you look deeper into it. And now let’s get back to the discussion.

Who is Your Source?

Well, I want to bring us back to some basic principles. If you’re listening to this, Tivon and I both went through events in our life almost a decade ago. And we did this individually right before we met. We had moments that we call a  “Choice Point moment”, and we had to choose to give everything up, abandoned the life that we thought we had and all the material things that we had and start all over. In other words  had to learn these principles and it’s about choosing to make God our source.


For us, we left our country. We left the jobs that we had. We just said we’re going to go into the unknown and we’re going to choose God and choose a new life. And we’re going to leave behind all the things of this world. And the result has been absolutely mind-blowing spectacular. The life that God has given us is a million times more amazing than any kind of life that we could have created for ourselves with our own limited understanding. So we’re really glad that we chose God.


But I want to bring this point out is that we all we all have choice points. There’s many different verses in the Bible where it talks about verses or it gives us stories where God is telling you that he wants to be your source. Now, I want to lay out a very important principle here as far as what the Bible has to say. This concept we’re seeing right now, a lot of people are saying, “I don’t want to lose my job, I have to get the shots because I’m going to lose my job”. And we are hearing people saying people are being coerced into taking these shots. And that’s partially true. People are being coerced into taking these shots because they’re being threatened of losing their job or losing their livelihood. So and in many cases, if they don’t take the shots, they are actually fired. So they have followed through with the threats and they’ve turned them into actions.


So, let’s just take a quick look at the definition of coercion. It’s the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats. So when it comes to “I don’t want to lose my job, so how am I supposed to not take the mark if I if I want to keep my job?” And the way that you answer this question, the way the Bible answers this question is you need to first answer THIS QUESTION, which is who is your source?


Now, there are many verses in the Bible that we’re going to go through quickly that talk about how God wants to be your source for everything that you need in your life, for your food, for your clothing, for your shelter, and providing for your children every single thing that you need in this world.


God wants to be the source that gives that to you. However, most people are choosing the world system as their source. They say, Who’s my source? My job, my boss at my job is my source. The person that has the power to give me money so that I can pay my bills. They are my source and therefore I will do whatever they want me to do because I trust that employer, that government, that company more than I trust in God being my source. And this is hard to hear, but this is exactly what people are doing when they take the shot in order to keep their job. They’re choosing that the job is their source, the world is their source.


And it kind of is like a slap in the face of God because God wants to be your source. Now it’s really, really difficult to do because basically you need to read God’s word, listen to God’s voice and say, Wow, it’s really scary to just abandon what I think is security and totally trust that God is going to provide my daily needs every single day.


And this is what God wants. He wants that that faith. He wants you to believe and He wants you to rest and lean on him. And here are some of the Scriptures where God is telling us that He wants to be our source and that we should not worry about getting the things that we need from the systems of this world. But instead we should look to him for everything that we need.


Money Answers All Things


So here’s a verse that actually exists in the Bible that I didn’t know for a long time, because a lot of people don’t like to preach about this one because it has to do with money. Yes, we need money. We need money to survive in this world, in this time. So this comes from Ecclesiastes. It says

“a feast is made for laughter and wine making merry. But money answer with all things”

So what are these things that money answer is? Well, a good place to look for that is in this scripture in Matthew where it says all these things shall be added on to you. So what are the things the verse reads

“Wherefore if God so clothed the grass of the field, which today is and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you. Oh, ye of little faith. Therefore, take no thought saying what shall we eat or what shall we drink? Or wherewithal shall we be clothed for all of these things do the Gentiles seek. For your Heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things, but seek e first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you”

This verse, all by itself, should be all we would need to believe that God wants to be our source for everything that we need in this world. You can do a full study on your own. Just type in something like “verses that talk about God being your source” and you will find an amazing amount of verses that talk about it.


But there’s one I do want to bring up, and that’s this one. This is in the book of Jeremiah, and it’s kind of eerie how it really pertains to what’s going on right now with people taking shots in the arm. So this is the kind of verse that I think needs to go across the eys  and across the hearts of people while they’re standing in that vaccine line. And this is what it reads,

“thus sayeth the Lord, cursed be the man that trusteth in man and maketh flesh his arm and whose heart departed from the Lord…”

What’s going on when you’re standing in that vaccine line, getting ready to take your shot so you can keep your job? Are you trusting God or is that the action that shows that you’ve turned away from trusting God and now you’re going to trust man, you will be cursed. A curse will fall upon you if you trust in man. God tells us so.

keep reading

“for he shall be like the heath in the desert and shall not see when good cometh, but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, in a salt land and not inhabited”

But then on the flip side of things, it then says,

“Blessed is the man that trusted in the Lord and whose hope the Lord is for He shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spread out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green and shall not be careful. In the year of drought, neither shall seize from yielding fruit”

So again, choose blessings or choose curses. Choose to make God your source. The one where it says, Don’t worry about what you’re going to eat, what you’re going to drink, the shelter you’re going to have, you know, look. Look at the birds and the flowers and the fields. God gives them everything they need. And aren’t you much more valuable than these things are right? So God wants to be your source for everything. And we have a choice. And He even says to you, I set before you two pathways, blessings and curses, life and death. And then he says, Choose life.


So what we’re seeing now in these end times are literally billions of souls across the planet who are being shown that same path. You can choose the things of this world. You can say, I want to keep my job because I think that that’s a secure thing and I’m never going to get fired from my job and I’m never going to lose my job. So I’m going to keep my job.

I can’t visit my family because I chose my soul over an injection to get on a plane.

Yes, I want to travel. I want to go places and see people. But Tivon and I can’t ever see our family members.


No not in these conditions.


Not in these conditions. We haven’t seen them in years. We gave that up. Because we chose our soul. Because we’re not going to damn our souls by getting this injection just so we can get on a plane to go visit somebody. I’m not going to do it! As much as we love our relatives.


Now, maybe there’s some new technology in the future where private flight might be an option, but barring that, no.


And thank God for things like Zoom or whatever kind of technology you use to talk to people in different continents in real time with video. That’s wonderful. Thank God for that. You know, but we also have relatives that don’t want to get onto technology. Yes, they don’t they don’t want to use Zoom. They don’t. Well, even before COVID, I mean, some of the people that we wanted to visit or wish we could visit didn’t want to come fly or do zoom calls before COVID. And it wasn’t even a question of money because I know it’s expensive to fly, but it was like we would help pay for their ticket kind of thing. They just did not want to leave. They didn’t want to go out of their comfort zone.


God wants to be your source of income


We have these choices, and God wants to be our source for our jobs. You know, we left our jobs. And went out into the unknown and God literally created a new source of income for us every single day. Our source comes right from God. Yes, we have a business and we do all these different things, but we get an inspiration of some body of work we could do, and then we pray over it and then God blesses it, and then we suddenly have income to buy things. Money does answer all things. That is a verse in the Bible. It’s scripture. So we do have the money that we need, but every single day it’s all coming from God. There are all these people that are choosing to ignore God. They don’t want to go step out into the unknown. That moment of saying “okay, I’m going to I’m going to take a stand”, which is what God says to do in that evil day. Do all you can to stand.



How many how many of these people actually ask God first? They don’t. I think just they just make the decision.



They said, my boss is going to fire me if I don’t take it. So I got to take it. Then we even know somebody, right, who’s a Christian who did not want to take it. But his source of income came from a company that said, if you don’t take this shot, you’re not going to get any money, you’re going to lose your job. And his decision was to pray about it. So he prayed about it. But he took the shots. And it’s like, I understand that you prayed about it, but You still chose the wrong thing!


I really just wanted to bring this out that people are saying that they’re coerced. Yes, there is coercion, but nobody is literally forcing you. You are now in a situation where you’re going to have to say, I am going to just completely trust God. I’m going to give up everything in this world. I’m going to sacrifice it all. I’m going to lose my life so that I can gain my life in Christ.


That is exactly what we’re seeing here with these injections and these Choice Point moments. And unfortunately, it feels to me, like many, or most, are choosing the wrong thing. And I hate to say it like this, because these are my friends and my relatives that I’m talking about here. But all I see is dead men walking. Because it’s only a matter of time before those shots turn into cancer or myocarditis or all the other problems that they are. And a lot of them are starting to come out now in people that took the shot over a year ago. They were fine this whole time, and now all of a sudden a year later they have all these crazy symptoms. Yes, their health is deteriorating, their immune system is gone.



So any any kind of disease can come knock them over. Everybody that I know that’s taking these shots is sick right now. All the time.The constant flu like symptoms the whole time.


Nobody’s being forced yet. You still have a choice. And if you did take the shot and you’re coming to this realization now. Oh, man, I took a really bad decision. Repent.

You still have time to repent. And don’t take another one. And then after repenting, you’re going to have to do some serious work to clean this stuff out of your body.


Your temple.


And I know that a lot of people are saying you can’t detox from the shots. Yes, you can! You can detox from a lot of the shots. Some people are a little too far gone. You know, it depends on what level of damage these shots are doing to your body. If it’s changing your DNA, well, that’s something only God can repair. By prayer. Because God can renew our DNA. But if you got the graphene oxide in you and you got all these heavy metals and toxins in you, you can detox this out, but it’s not going to happen in a week. It’s going to take you a long time.


That’s a lifetime regime you have to adopt.


You know you do. And you have to. And the only way you can get through that kind of diligence is with a relationship with God. Yes, God will walk you through and give you the wisdom. If you choose him over these things of the world, he will never fail you. He will never forsake you. He’s got you in his palm. You start by asking him. And don’t take the shots.


Standing In the Evil Day.  There is Hope for those with Vaccine Remorse.


I’d like to close this teaching with this. I know that it’s hard to go up against peer pressure. I know that it’s hard to resist when it seems like you’re the only one who’s not doing something that everybody else is doing. But in these end times, these end times are known as “the evil day”. We were told about this, that the evil day would come upon us. And I believe that we’re in it right now. And in these times we are commanded to stand, to do everything we can, to stand firm and to not give in, to not take the mark.


God’s word tells us, “therefore, put on the full armor of God so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground. And after you have done everything to stand”

We can do this. We’re not alone. God is with us. We can stand. You don’t have to cave in. You don’t have to fall. And if you did, and you took the shots and now you have remorse, you can detox, you can repent, and God can make you a new creation. So in your quiet moments, have a conversation with God and say,”I’m sorry for what I did.

I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I want another chance”

I think we’re still in a window of time where you can repent and you can be made new, you can be redeemed. But you have to talk to God about it and you have to be willing. When it comes to standing in the evil day, remember the words of Jesus. He said,

“Ye shall be hated of all men, for my name sake. But He that endureth to the end shall be saved.”  He wants us to stand.
“And when they persecute you in this city, flee ye and to another. For verily I say, and to you Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel till the son of man be come”.

What this means is if you just stand your ground in the evil day and resist, and if they persecute you, flee to someplace else under God’s protection. It says, you won’t be able to go to enough places. You won’t be able to run to all the places in the world before Jesus comes back. So wait upon the Lord and He will renew your strength. And Stand.

Beckah Shae Stand Lyrics


Stand firm

Stay awake at all times

And keep praying that you might

Have strength to escape

All the things that are going to take place


You can stand in the presence of the Son of Man

So you can stand in the presence of the Son of Man

You can stand in the presence of the Son of Man

So you can stand (Stand)



Therefore, put on the full armor of God

So when that evil day comes, you can withstand

Have done all that you can (Stand)



Stay awake at all times

and keep praying that you might

Have strength to escape

All the things that are going to take place


You can stand in the presence of the Son of Man

So you can stand in the presence of the Son of Man

You can stand in the presence of the Son of Man

So you can stand (Stand)



Therefore, put on the full armor of God

So when that evil day comes, you can withstand

Have done all that you can (Stand)




Therefore, put on the full armor of God

So when that evil day comes, you can withstand

Have done all that you can (Stand)