In this 2 Part series, I interview Fix the World Project leaders, Hope & Tivan to discuss all things ‘Plandemic’ related such as: Detox’ing/Healing from the Experimental Kill Shot (known as the Covid Vaccine), how history repeats itself and an examination of ‘Historical Outbreaks’ Coinciding with the launch of Military Weapons that were hidden from the public, that they are also hiding now + blind spots we make known that cause significant harm to humans and our ability to reproduce and as always, offer Solutions throughout.

Watch the video at this link:

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Here are just a few talking points we’ll cover in both segments:

1. The biggest ‘Invisible Toxin’ humanity is currently facing that you must know about…How to Reduce your exposure, Protect yourself from it and Deflect it’s harm on your body, your family, pets AND plants
2. How this ‘Forever toxin’ causes ‘Covid’ like symptoms, impairs sleep, causes ringing in the ears, brain fog, anxiety and more
3. The next ‘Plandemic’ Prediction (based on historical trends) and how to prepare
4. The Cover up ‘Diagnosis’ of Pneumonia and other ‘unknown etiology’ you won’t hear from your MD or Vet…antibiotics won’t fix this…Learn what WILL
5. Everyone with a ‘Medical License’ is legally bound and programmed to LIE to you about why you, your pets and family are SICK. The Solution we discuss in this episode has been ‘Banned & Buried’ by the “Powers that Ought not be’ for a reason…it WORKS

We really connect the dots in this 2 part Series shining light on the MAIN issue today, which is: The nanotechnology that is being injected into billions of people across the world through COVID injections, is activated and controlled by EMF in the environment around us.

It is absolutely imperative that anyone concerned about their health and their future do all they can to detox ALL OF THE FOREVER TOXINS surrounding us, out of the body and clean the environment around us.

While there are MANY things out of our/your control, THIS is the work you CAN do, that is within the scope of what you can be accountable for, as a steward of your own God Given vessel. I’m asked ALL the time “What Can I do about all this?” and this is the answer…

Which starts with the awareness that…

“Nanotechnology in the form of graphene oxide and other components is being secretly added into the food supply through crops, sprayed through geoengineering in our air, and into the water supply in certain areas.
So even those who have not gotten the covid injections, are combating this poisoning. This is the knowledge you need to know in order to best protect yourselves and others.”

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IT’S NOT ‘COVID’. IT’S 5G. — HOPE & TIVON (part 1)


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