This is an incredible must listen interview!  My mom Valerie Robitaille interviews Dr. Ariyana Love and they talk about some of the tough topics that very few people wish to talk about.  This discussion is filled with so much insight and hope for detoxing from the vaccines.


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Monoclonal antibodies are designed to get the people who wouldn’t take the vaccine because when you get sick, when you have COVID,  and you get really, really sick, you’ve been poisoned.  And they know this! They’re expecting it because they designed these weapons.

So when people get sick, they go to the hospital and then the hospital coerces them into getting monoclonal antibodies. I have heard stories from my clients who say that the doctors will threaten them and say “you’re going to die if you don’t get this.”  So they were scared into it. I’m just sitting here going, what!? You should serve them with a notice of liability. They tried to kill you. They’re trying to kill you….


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