Recently Youtube just deleted a lot of channels leaving millions of subs at a loss for where and how they can continue to follow their favorite content creators. Some of these deleted channels have been preparing for this de-platforming for a while and created alternatives places to view their content such as their own .tv websites, blogs or Bitchute channels.

The problem is, you have to go to several different websites in order to see the latest videos and a lot of people don’t want to do this. With just a little bit of configuring you can create your own personalized feed using Feedly that shows you all the latest videos and articles from your favorite banned Youtube content creators all in one place.   In this blog post / video I’ll show you how to set it up and provide you with URL links to make it easier for you to get your feed up and running right away.

I made a video doing a walkthrough that you can view here:

List of Deleted Youtube Channels and where they can be found:

Redpill78 Bitchute
Praying Medic
Joe M
X22 Report
Edge of Wonder
SGT Report
Amazing Polly
Truth & Art TV
Dustin Nemos
Stroppy Me
Justinformed Talk
Sarah Westall



I love Feedly. I have it on my desktop and my phone. Organize and read all your trusted publications and blogs in one place. They offer a free plan on the web and mobile that allows you to follow up to 100 sources and organize them into 3 feeds. You can also upgrade to paid plans that start at $6 a month for more features.


How to find RSS Feed for Print Websites:

To add sites to your feed reader you’ll need to know how to find the rss feed for any website. If the website is built using wordpress you can find the feed by adding the word /feed to the end of the web address. Example:

When you click this in an address bar you’ll see the code come up looking something like this:

Now that you found the RSS feel URL, paste it into Feedly by clicking on the plus sign to “follow new sources” and enter it into the Box:

Converting a BitChute channel into an RSS feed

This comes from the Bitchute site itself:

Converting a BitChute channel into an RSS feed is very straightforward, all you have to do is type the following URL and change CHANNELNAME for the name of the channel you want as an RSS feed:

Here is a list of RSS Feeds for Youtube (some Banned) Channels  (thanks to for this!)
Click on each for the RSS feed address.

Corbett Report

Corbett Report Extras

Project Veritas Visuals



Lionel Nation

Tim Pool

Tim Cast IRL


Tracy Beanz

Amazing Polly

Truthstream Media

Really Graceful

Mark Dice

Dustin Nemos

Ron Paul Liberty Report

Dave Janda: Operation Freedom Health

Dana Ashlie

Quite Frankly


Just The News (John Solomon)


Reuters News

Dan Bongino

Mercola (honest health information)

Millenial Millie Mirrors

Infowars — Alex Jones

The David Knight Show

Paul Joseph Watson

War Room Show — Alex Jones

Infowars Interviews

Unrig: Robert David Steele

Stefan Molyneux

Ryan Dawson

London Real

Dollar Vigilante

High Impact Flix

Sarah Westall

HWAV Headlines with a Voice

Hagman Report

Citizens Investigative Report

Stroppy Me

Destroying the Illusion



And We Know

Justinformed Talk



How to get an RSS Feed for a Youtube Channel:

If Youtube is not sending you the new videos of the channels you are subbed to (as they have been known to do) you can turn your youtube channel subscriptions into RSS feeds and view all the latest videos in your Feedly reader instead.

To do this, navigate to the channel on the YouTube website, copy the channel URL and paste it into your RSS Reader.



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