Live Call 8 Guest Speaker discusses the Vossahedron, a new, sustainable architecture

Fernando Vossa is an independent Bio-Architect, Quantum Scientist, Inventor, Healer and Fine Artist.  In 2013 he focused on developing a sustainable dome home called the Vossahedron.  The Vossahedron project is an integration of approaches & technologies to establish an architecture that regenerates our body at the cellular level, expands our mental capabilities and connects us to higher spiritual awareness…

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Sunday December 3rd Live Call Free Energy Academy with Aaron Murakami Hacking the Aether

A Natural Philosophical View of the Aether, Mass, Space and Time Natural Philosophy: The...

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QEG Tuning and Orgonite Free Energy Academy Live Call (Preview)

In this live call on the Free Energy Academy held on Sunday November 19th, James Robitaille...

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