Today at FTW, we are releasing our “Cointelpro Gangstalking and GCHQ Internet Warfare ” Forbidden Technology Video Module 8 for public viewing!  This information has been highly censored so please help us spread the world by sharing this video!

Watch Video Here

Covered in this video:

Internet Warfare JTRIG GCHQ
Leaked GCHQ Documents
Online Strategies

Tivon and Naima have put their life’s work in the field of new energy technology development into their book and Video course “Forbidden Tech”. Among the many topics covered in this book, you’ll learn about free energy, patents, political scandals, murders and cover-ups, engineering basics, cars that run on water, surveillance, gang stalking, energy weapons, and viable solutions to protecting yourself against them. We’ve cut out all of the fluff, and brought you right to the heart of the matter.


Also coming to you from FTW. The latest on the QEG project and more alternative energy projects. All at our Clean Energy Academy.

Are you protected from the harmful effects of 5G and EMF’s? 5G is rolling out in many areas and many people have been asking what they can do to protect themselves and their family.