Many have said the panel discussions are their favorite part of the conference because it gives an insight into the personal nature of the presenters.

2017 Energy Science & Technology Panel Discussion 1 Speakers:

Al Francoeur (Electricity, Gravity & Magnetism),

Yaro Stanchak (Bedini’s Zero Force Motor),

Aaron Murakami (Hacking The Aether; Depalma’s N-Machine),

James Robitaille Multiple Order Harmonics QEG Tuning),

Geoffrey Miller (The Newman Motor),

Jeff Moe (The Gold Magnet)


Panel Discussion 2 Speakers:

Susan Manewich (Alternative Energy Researcher/Writer/Speaker)

Jeane Manning (Alternative Energy Researcher/Writer/Speaker)

Walt Jenkins (H2 Global)

Dr. Paul LaViolette (Two Overunity Technologies)

Aaron Murakami (Hacking the Aether; The N-machine)

Prof. Robert Haralick (Mind Over Matter)

Paul Babcock (The Universal Medium)

This discussion concluded the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference and included topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Synchronicity, Remote Viewing, Creativity, the Subconscious Mind, the Collective Unconscious, and of course some discussion on Energy technologies. MUST SEE!



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