Some of you have asked us to show some video footage of how the orgonite we make clears chemtrails above our house, so we put together this little informal video just for you. This is us on our rooftop live from Morocco showing you how the orgonite assembly on our roof creates a clear patch of blue sky above our house when the rest of the sky is typically covered with clouds. -Hope and Tivon

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  1. Dan Easton

    woooho far out

  2. Will Orth

    Well you gave me an idea to try huge pyramid build i will try it out once it gets warmer out.

  3. Lori Molyneaux

    thanks guys ive started sending info on facebook lots of love to you guys from Ontario Canada

  4. Hydro-Bot

    There is no way around the chems. They are nano particles. Plus just the drift will bring them into you. God bless. Unfortunately there is no way around this.

  5. Hopegirl Youtube

    Thanks for the comment, we actually did a lot of research and put it into a book as there are many things one can do to detox from the chemtrails. You might like to check it out, we have a free download.

  6. Monica Saberg

    HiI found out about the Chinese masters, such as Qigong, Shaolin and all branches. They call the energy Chi, and say that it’s both Yin and Yang.
    We call it Bio Energy, of Light Materia and Dark Materia
    Dark is not evil in itself but sadly used by psychopaths to gain power, knowingly or unknowing.
    When our energies, who is actually Living, are in alignment with each other, that’s when we are Healthy. When they become unbalanced, more of the dark energies, that’s when we be sick in many ways, in worst case even unable to heal, or be helped by ordinary doctors .
    Only those energy Healers who heals with such Chi/Bio energy, taken from outside of the healer, can make one OK again when such problem occur.
    The Domancic Method, which is from Jugoslavia, is the same way of Healing.
    It’s important that the energy only be channelized through the Healer from outside, and not given frimärken the Healer himself.
    Ingen jugoslavia this method was used at a big hospital, and healed cancer, burn damages, gangrenous foots and much more.. The next method, which I am also sure works, is to visit The Bosnian Pyramids, with its healing energies and frequencies and also healing water in its tunnels.
    Then there is this a Royal Rife Frequency tools or such, which makes the energies kill all bacteria, viruse, parasites, cancercells, even driving rats and cockroaches on the run for their life, and it’s said to protect us from Archons/Reptilians in their energy body’s, invisible in fact, and kill off their parasites which they somehow make growing in some.
    I read about The Greys, obviously they leave implants /chip of two sorts, the one who is meant to eventually be found and maybe taken out.. And the one which is imaterial, unseen by anyone else than a energy healer. And she had to work real hard before she found it, as some sort of shadow eel around the man’s inestines.
    She killed it with sending Light and Love at it, whereafter she heared it started whimpering in her inner mind, then it was totally gone. At the same time the man suddenly feelt like he was 15 again with that energy and happiness over life, while before he was a man who passed 30, but had started to feel like 60 or such.
    Possibly alĺ have those implants, which helps emptying their energy..
    As a Enlil decided, no human shall be over 120 years old from this day.. Also the Bible has the same text but for the name.
    The last healing method I found, Is named The Tears of Phoenix, or The Phoenix Tears, and is in fact Hempseed oil by Rick Simpson.
    Cannabis hemp is said to have come from the stars to native tribes in Africa and South America. They have a tale about it being from Sirius system..
    As we all can see in some video’s, Sirius resembles a gigantic Saucer Craft with a cross over it and some more details
    This is all very interesting, especially since I dearly needs healing of my foots which had 5 skinless toes who haven’t healed at almost two years .
    I don’t know much about Phone Pyramids, but will certainly check it up.
    I think a big one which you can crawl into and have for bed, would somehow improve people’s health, but I am just theorizing 🙂
    Maybe you who make these Orgones know a better answer.
    About the Living Energies, check my comments in a
    M Ricci channels videos about shapeshifters and such.
    Alĺ bodies are made of Living Energies who somehow was destined to be in the form of a certain body.. Our souls is also a living energies.
    So also a planet or a star, with its forcefield of Living Energies , which they can shape however they wish.
    For example, all the comets in our skies now, and strange planets and extrasuns, which also mess with the forcefield of our earth, and that’s what the pyramids was truly made for, for healing us and reset our vibration and therefore balance our Energies.
    This is the less seen factor of those visiting bodies in the sky.
    The more obvious is the harm which fall over earth as certain nature disasters, the elites who is reptilians, hope for enough people to be unknowing about all these things, so they may be used as a great sacrifices, through tsunamis, earthquakes and such. ..
    I started researching UFOs and Healing and look where it led me 🙂
    I truly wish all love and peace to all who reads this <3

  7. Ea is my name

    here the tool with which you will get rid up to the horizon, go on prismed rays, the LIGHT it is that heals the atmosphere, try it and you will see

  8. Ken Rinck

    Did anyone see the face in those clouds

  9. c ankhovich

    HELP WITH THE LIBERATION OF HUMANITYwe are reclaiming our power as free, sovereign beings of clarity, compassion and Source-connection, for IN-depth info, please see: Aug Tellez (YT) , The Ruiner Author: , and ;  to help survive this wonderful mess: Cameron Day “Why I am no longer a lightworker” at  and Aurora at or ;   for a remembrance of ‘original’ collective-consciousness, paradisal existance (‘abundance’ rather than ‘supply-and-demand’):  Rise Together (YT),   and*     or the tireless work of judge anna von reitz:   or    this is happening NOW! ! !
    *new link: (some of these sites have been hacked and are under repair)

  10. c ankhovich

    with heart center/INTENT (free will) you can clear sky of chemtrails/clouds also:>

  11. Del 07

    I looked this up on Wikipaedia. No offence, I am a cynic. But I must say that the fact that Wilhelm Reich, who proposed the idea in the 1930’s, had his research facility shut down that he set up in 1942 by the US Food and Drug Administration. All evidence and material comprising of Orgone was completely destroyed which has made me feel quite confident that it probably has some very valuable properties. The governments of the world do not like it when the little man stumbles across something that might just screw up their plans. Just a thought.

  12. pentaxpro

    Del 07 I took delivery of a small orgonite pyramid one day for the intended purpose of dealing with EMFs in my home. I didn’t expect it to cause paranormal activities in my home to stop. It did stop. A few weeks later I was listening to the designer of mine on the radio. He said orgonite raises the vibration of a given area. Negative entities operate on a low vibration and they don’t like high vibrations and so they will leave 99% of the time. Now I make my own versions.

  13. DowntownFarmerBrown1

    I made one of these. And I get a similar effect over my house. I live in ohio. Bring on the freedom. Keep up the good work your on the right path.

  14. Joe Joe

    That is amazeaballs spectacular keep up the research. How much for 4? How could you do a city or a small island like… the u.k?!

  15. Hopegirl Youtube

    Yes, I have to say personally that the UK especially could use as much orgonite as it can get, the grid is really heavy there. Last time I was there I saw the worst chemtrails than i’ve ever seen in my life. We are running specials on pyramids and have shipped lots to the UK. Thanks for commenting!Here is our special offer for our handmade pyramids:

  16. mc caveman

    where can I get these.

  17. Cosmic Pulse

    People have been building and selling Orgonite crystals for at least 10 years that I am aware of. I still use my Orgonite pendant on a daily basis to protect myself. And also to program it for things I need done.

  18. Debbie Elser

    I have been monitoring chemtrails for above Palm springs California where it use to be pretty much a guaranteed clear blue skies..tell you what if you want this venture to take off (assuming it works) I have several friends in a 20 mile radius and Dither further, send a few of us the organites and we can test and document the results for any period of time..The high desert daily is blanketed with the chemtrails. This would be an amazing find and if really worked your sales not just in California but every USA state would rocket. There are many who are in awe as to what to do to keep us from beeathing daily the crap hoovering over us.

  19. Maya James

    wow thank you. these chemicals are making me n my son n cats so very sick n had no idea there was anything we as the people could do independently so this is amazing. Bless you both.. mwaaa

  20. Dude Ster

    Being that the chemtrails are fine aluminum particles — likely with a net positive or negative charge, it might be possible to form an energized shield above your house … like a Faraday cage that draws them in before falling further. But, it is highly unlikely that it would completely open up a patch of sky above your house unless the grid were far far larger and far far more energized.

  21. Case Dismissed Guaranteed

    You 2 are too cute. Thanks for posting this 411 God bless you both.

  22. Kitchie Kuhns

    I really like your oregon array!! Your pyramids are very nice. Where did you get the idea for a charging plate?
    I built an oregon generator in a five gallon bucket with 2 1/4″ copper pipe 6′ tall! I also gifted all cell phone, microwave, and electric towers. Also putting them in and around water amplifies their effectiveness!

  23. Jesus

    Kitchie Kuhns Explain

  24. Pray Suguitan

    Torsion field induced by pyramid works wonder

  25. April Divine

    Thanks from Iowa. be well and safe….

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