Whistleblowers who are speaking out against the NWO Covid genocide agenda are being targeted, hunted and sometimes murdered. Recently Karen Kingston and Brian Ardis put out information speaking about how they have been targeted and their lives have been threatened. This casual conversation recorded by Hope and Tivon is a response to this recent disclosure. Based on our own experience with being targeted, we wanted to provide insight and advice to all Whistleblowers out there that might help to keep them safe and may even save their lives.

Listen to the conversation here on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/xWNbvE2aLisp/

We discuss that the symptoms experienced are most likely from microwave radiation targeting even though many are saying its “aerosolized chemicals”.  We also discuss define and locate the grid that is needed to use these energy weapons on targets. Our opinion is that a targeted individual is safer off of this grid. We also discuss a list of precautions that we feel all whistleblowers must take  to ensure their safety.   Below are links we reference in this discussion. Please share this video with any whistleblowers that you feel might need to hear it.




Karen Kingston Targeting Video

Brian Ardis Targeting Video (about 40 minutes in and then again later on)

Mike Adams covers Karen Kingstons Targeting

Dr. Buttar
Dr. Buttar talks about his targeting here: https://unite.live/greenmedinfo/greenmedinfo?recording_id=1999&fbclid=IwAR0hJZMy-DB8gMDWYNI6m6Ff5NXLBXamfFeGlpXlsQTBbXemKCaoT4jrMUk

Tivon’s Testimony

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Targeted Individual Information: