In this powerful testimony, ex-military Engineer Tivon Rivers gives a detailed account of how he became a targeted individual for covert electronic weapons harassment, V2K and community gangstalking programs.

Tivon comes from a US military background and spent 6 years in the US Navy. He moved to the UK where he lived for 9 years. While in the UK he was stationed at Royal Air Force Menwith Hill Military base, which he later discovered had been the central point for employing microwave weapons on local citizens.

Tivon describes in detail his experiences with being targeted by V2K or “voice to skull” technology along with other forms of electronic harassment. He also goes into detail about the community Gangstalking program that he became a target of while in the UK.

Tivon “left the grid” of the UK and moved to Morocco in order to escape his targeting. This testimony / interview is conducted by his partner Naima who adds to the conversation by recalling the events that occurred during the time that Tivon was escaping the grip of these programs and working on his way to healing.

Several solutions that Tivon has been experimenting with to minimize his symptoms are also discussed, including technology like orgonite that helps to block the harmful signals, heavy metal detoxing, and fighting this battle on a spiritual level.

Tivon and Naima have written a book called Forbidden Tech that describe these programs and the technology used in them, you can get the book here:

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  1. Skycladlilith SaintMartha

    Are you aware that almost none of the links on this page ( are working? It might be that they simply aren’t working for me and my computer. However, considering your history of being harassed, I thought I’d better mention it.

    Specifically, I get a message saying, “Error establishing a database connection” when I click on the links to the different ways to Purchase Forbidden Tech.

  2. Skycladlilith SaintMartha

    In the video, it says that you will be posting links to some of the stuff you talked about. I don’t see any links other than to the Forbidden Tech website. Did you change your mind about posting them? Or has YouTube done something screwy again?

  3. Naima Dawn Feagin

    I think your talking about the link for menwith hill correct? Tivon has been lookin for it and meaning to get it up there. I’m sure he’ll get it soon, been super busy.

  4. Tivon Rivers

    Yes Sky, its something we need to keep on top of considering the subject matter. Thanks 😉

  5. Tivon Rivers

    Actually, the original documentation I think has been pull from the web. There are only references that exist now on other TI forums.

  6. Skycladlilith SaintMartha

    There were at least a couple of references. I’ll have to watch the video again. Will let you know which ones I mean. Might take a couple of days though.

  7. brent Wade

    I’ve been living with this over 20 years I’m 49 happened to me in WA state I’ve see. A lot of crazy stuff use to go CA to FL in 18 Wheeler and one time across Az and N M I was only vehicle on both sides of interstate for 7 hours except 2 fed ex trucks going west that’s world power

  8. Truth Beautiful, a must watch, “Silent Holocaust”, please try to contact him, and connect to each other. And if possible, contact me. Thanks in advance.☺?????

  9. Truth Beautiful

    I admire your courage and kindness to try to bring the awareness to the great mass and hopefully end of these inhumane programs. Recommend you watch this RT vedio, another terrified “Silent Holocaust”.

  10. Janice Peppler

    I meant to say caring on below statement.

  11. Janice Peppler

    Thanks to people like you who are knowledgeable and carding maybe all of this will end. I need some organize too. Your video is the best I have heard. I am so sorry for what you have gone through.

  12. Quiet

    Duh you suppose to attack the establishment like the Navy Yard shooter until they stop experimenting on people. The government violates your constitutional rights. You have the right to militia. You have the right defend you constitutional rights against the government like Navy Yard shooter. The whole purpose V2K or Electronic harassment is for government to turn you into a psychopath. It governments way to have planned destruction and attacks. The government started gangstalking me for being black and jogging to capital building. U.S. is racist so you can’t be black and jog threw capital hill or near capital building. They find you as a threat like terrorist or criminal. So they just gang stalk you to force you to attack them. Like guy said its usually peaceful people. That why people rise up and just take the attack government like Navy Yard shooter. It’s not your neighbor stalking or harassing it’s the government. I just live peacefully ignoring it. But if you want to know who is doing it is the government. It is how they they have controlled attacks. It’s all a part of the government intelligent design. America has life of secret duality between death and life.

  13. theback buddy

    Fantastic!! Best description of what we endure from two lovely credible people. Wishing you both the best.

  14. David Lewin

    Thanks Naima and Tivon!!!

  15. David Lewin

    Just because you move house or even country they can still track you and carry on!!

  16. David Lewin

    I’ve been targeted in Greece,made very sick one night through a pulsed attack to my stomach,I was sick all night! Then the shower type of attacks happened like a gentle rain I felt this on Aluminium sheeting covering me.This was any time day or night. Gangstalking also happened being watched .followed etc
    I am a UK citizen made a prosecution with the Greek police (btw the British embassy would not help,would not complain to the Greek government!) The EETT came to check out the house but half an hour stay was obviously useless!
    This all happened after we exposed corruption of local politicians near Athens,info was given to government including the Anti Corruption ministry,so someone picked up my emails or the Greek Eyp secret service took on this with CIA help.VTK I believe is from the CIA as they set up the Greek system and Greece alone would not have this. They said “How do you feel” after the stomach attack.
    contact davelewin124@gmail .com

  17. Julian Bolt

    I have waited a long time for this information – God bless you both.

  18. Faisal Khan

    Help me, I’ve been a victim for 15 months and no matter where I go this thing follows me. I want to know if there are any counter electronic mechanisms to turn this thing off? Can one escape it by going overseas? My number is 404-644-9713. Please reach out if you have any tips for me.

  19. Vyas Chady

    Everyone who is involved in this trafficking, anyone who have ever been involved, even if indirectly involved will go down.

  20. J.J. Perez

    This stuff is real

  21. Mines M7

    I believe there is a spiritual component to this torture. I began to seek the God of the Bible lately and fasted and prayed. I learned to pray in the name of Jesus and plead the blood of Jesus. It has helped me with the sleep. Another website suggested detoxing using Magnesium, Postassium Iodide to remove the toxic substance that tracks you. Epsom salt baths were also recommended to peel off the skin of your body. More details here.

  22. Nkosi Patterson

    If the information is keep covert, how does one learn it to use it?

  23. Nkosi Patterson

    I have been harassed for ten years to date….I’m advocating the death penalty for Oprah Winfrey and other….if she gets the death penalty then we can put an end to electric harassment. This should be a last resort strategy. I no longer want to live in America either…and once I can afford…I plan on living elsewhere…but the truth is they can find you anywhere….no one on Earth is safe.

  24. brian samtrooper

    is there a link for barry’s testimony. this is the best testimonial I have listened to on youtube

  25. brian samtrooper

    I am a targeted individual  in Attleboro Massachusetts. the perps aka my neighbors, fbi, cia (criminals in action)local police, fusion centers and organized crime recently poisoned tortured and murdered my two beloved pet beagles. they are pure evil, the lowest of the low, they have no soul they are cowards. they are killing humanity, earth and animals

  26. Nakeya Brooks

    @35:38 That is EXACTLY how it happens. A person becomes tagged at a vulnerable moment by the people or entities living within a cell. They are all connected to each other through cell phone networking. People will ask for your number, and are able to trac

  27. jfa jfa

    Perps do reply to posts. Don’t be mislead by these condemned souls. They often offer some vein comfort.

  28. Balls of Steel

    The entire system works with convincing our psyche that it is true, whether it is tech or people or whatever…but if you have faith ABOVE this inner thoughts and lies, nothing can get in CHRIST works cause the WORD is tested tried and true

  29. Remote Control

    I have chosen a select number of individuals whom I believe have integrity, strength of character and are knowledgeable about the advancement of science and technology and the implications of this on human rights.All of the above are necessary character attributes to fully engage with my account of horrific ongoing human rights violations waged against me on a daily basis.
    I would hope that you endeavour to promote/publicise and/or discuss this book via word of mouth and/or social media to expose these global atrocities.
    In any event, I thank you for your time.
    I hope that this book and increasing knowledge of this non-consensual human experimentation program will serve as a tool to help save my life.

    I am a victim of non-consensual human experimentation (also known as Targeted Individuals) single mother who is living in Wood Green North London. I have been subjected to this evil program for almost half my life now at the tender age of 38, so nearly 20 years. After a long arduous process i have managed to write a book detailing the abuse. The book ‘Remote Control by Natalie Moore’ is now available for sale on at £13.50.

    As far as I am aware I am the first victim based in the UK to produce a book that is a record of these atrocities. I hope you will all assist me in helping the book get traction and therefore the movement of exposing this.
    Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Book description:
    An eye-opening, factual account of horrific human rights violations happening now. A covert, evil, social engineering program that is now a global pandemic.
    Tracked, traced, and monitored, this was only the beginning of a struggle for survival in an ordeal that continues to this day. A victim of a multi-faceted program that assaults the senses in ways never known, organised stalking, remote neural monitoring, psychological warfare, telephone bugging, implantation, break-ins, criminal damage and verbal abuse along with physical abuses including heart manipulation, brainwave interference, electric shocks, vibrations and manipulation of the central nervous system all via remote control.
    A silent holocaust that see’s innocent citizens become targeted and tormented by electromagnetic neurotechnology torture, engaged in a battle for liberty in the most disgusting, insidious program ever known. Unwittingly involved in the most heinous threat to freedom, worldwide for generations, after human rights violations of unimaginable proportions.
    Conveyed using a variety of media including original documents, diary entries, images, reports and poetry, this book provides a first-hand record of the impact of state-sponsored terrorism on human life and the need to raise public awareness.
    Mankind’s age-old desire to control and the nefarious lengths he will go to achieve this.

  30. jfa jfa

    20 year + target. My name is Margaret Collins. I live in the town of Thornwood, in Westchester county, New York, just above NYC and near to Chappaqua and Wall Street and the UN, big corporate money. I am still alive though they had planned that I might kill myself years ago. Everything said in this testimony is true. Jesus Christ is the light of the world, the only illumination and He is our just judge and the only God. The described program is satanic, occult through and through.

  31. Monique Miller

    what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger Jehovah s wittiness are some of the most nicest kind good hearted and truly try to live the way Jesus did and wanted us to do the same in our life that he gave us targeted individuals are some of the most strongest people in the world even though ti’s may look crazy they are far from crazy for they are the sanest people on this earth just remember Jesus and God see all things and know us better than we know ourselves be good to one another help one another and first and for most forgive these people for they know not what they do!!!!!

  32. M.mariea Israelite

    Wow! This is devastating, I’m floored with a painful grasp of all this electronic harassment that was endorsed upon this guy

  33. John McGowan

    It occurs to me that it  is not beyond possibility that the gang stalkers are victims of the same technology.

  34. Rate My Apartment

    TI’s you must clean your colons! Chemtrails among another things are spraying us with nano particles. Nano lives in the gut & acts as a parasite allowing them to better utilize their direct weapons. For a colon cleanse you can buy bottles of magnesium citrate from the pharmacy ($3.50 ea) in the laxative section. Take a bottle once per week for a few weeks (at least 6wks) until you go to the bathroom at least 2 times daily ideally 3 times. Once youre going to the bathroom regularly you can start a parasite/candida cleanse. And you must clean up your eating. No sense doing a cleanse to clog up your colon again. Look up vids on how to end targeting. Start wearing a strong rare earth magnet with the North pole touching your skin. The one to get is in this vid You’ll notice once you start removing the nano & wearing the magnet your targeting symptoms will reduce. They will try to get you to stop wearing the magnet and will step up their attempts at intimidation with more drones since the other no longer works. You’ll also notice them chemtrailing around you ALL THE TIME so they can get more nano back in you. Keep your colons clean! Look up Morgellons research for more info. Stay strong TI’s! Do not fear! This is a spiritual battle. These demons are cowards.Spend a lot of time in nature and away from EMF. Light will prevail over darkness! Also start surveilling them – they dont like it when you turn the cameras back on them because you have proof. Record or take photos of everything. You’ll see how quick they run!

  35. Hanora Brennan

    How do they target the individual? It’s just I had a horrific upbringing and it’s made me so tough. I’d hate to think I’d succumb to this shit. I’m not saying you are weak but do you have to be very vulnerable? I’m intrigued by all this. Started out on Henry Makow about Freemasonry. What an awful world!

  36. Dogs Sing

    The subhumans at the FBI, NSA, CIA, and other demonic organizations down to local level police officers will one day be made to answer for their disgusting crimes against humanity. There will be justice in this world or the next.

  37. James t888

    But how to get it off

  38. Frank Macias

    V2K effects with a chip being in your arm.
    – Use a stud finder, or RFID Scanner, or metal detector to locate
    where the chip is in your right or left arm, lower or higher and to the
    – Use a CMS Magnetics 405lbs magnet on top where your chip is located.
    – You will need to do this for sometime to notice any effects.

    I understand about the V2K and MK Ultra, it is wrong,
    same as NSA Remote Neural Monitoring.

  39. howsithngin

    You could be attacked just by being related to someone who did something to draw their attention…just by being an interesting person.

  40. Susan Ristovski

    I’m not in the military but live near a relativel new AF Base..Why was I selected? its truly confusing and humiliating to watch men in my neighborhood engage, talking overtly about sexual acts, demoralizing me by trying to have sex with me (Rape) physically harming me (choking) whilst telling me to clean up my mess…But I don’t know what mess I created other than letting a man choke me and continue to degrade me for months during the trauma community seems to know but I can never be certain…Men spit in front of my home and I was about to move…but even though unemployed now after over 20 yrs of working, I decided to stay…Please help me know how to fight an entire community..My family doesn’t seem to get it..Noone seems to..however it feels like these people KNOW what I do behind closed doors…The mimic my body language…they use phrases I use…its scary…Ive helped women to get out of abusive relationships so I wonder if this is why I was flagged…so in turn I am now being abused…and I have even seen the police LAUGHING when I came in to file sexual assault charges….literally laughing as I sit in an office I’m TERRIFIED to enter…How do these people think they get paid? If they did this to women like me constantly thered be no funding..Ive considered moving to Canada, but I don’t know anyone. I wonder if this is the goal? I truly don’t know. All I do now is reply to thse videos and pray to get my life back together without the uneducated who believe they are not emotionally killing me, to start a man who WONT choke me while having sex with me (rape) and live a quiet life…Does it get better through ignoring it or addressing it? I fear more reprisal….but I don’t want to be raped any further…its crazy what the police allow… absolutely CRAZY (not a diagnosis but SICK and demented might be better wording)

  41. Nizin Lopez

    Message for TI Mr Tivon Rivers: Hey, I see you’re a painter. Check out my Artwork: NIZINLOPEZ.DEVIANTART.COM.

  42. Nizin Lopez

    Gang Stalking is real, I, Nizin R. Lopez,  I’ve been a targeted individuals since early 2011 until now, the Gang-Stalking syndicate (the police) destroyed me emotionally and psychologically, they destroyed my life. The U.S. Gov is behind Gang-Stalking, no question about it.

  43. Mike Lubinskas

    Ive been targeted for 2 yrs. Now it started when i lived in an apartment complex. Bad things started happening in my life and i was unaware that a group of people had been fucking my life up. I thought i could hear my neighbors talking about ne and i thought my fiance was cheating but it was these perps destroying my life. I thought i could hear what people were saying from a good distance but it was v2k . looking back i can remember the different times i was tricked before i realized it was v2k. I lost everything because i believed what they said and i did lot of dumb shit and ended up in jail. I moved from apartment to a house then it started 24/7 non stop v2k harassment. I started telling people and no one believed me and made my life worse. I got my family back got job back but i dont tell anyone what is happening and im been tortured 24/7 and need help. I haven’t tried going to f.b.i. or anything because i want to make the right moves moving forwatd so im not told im crazy and lose my family or something. Anyone know how i should get help please let me know. I live in Sacramento,Ca and i have seen on news this happening to another person in Sacramento. Who kept calling police and telling them he was being attacked with electronic harassment. I need some help.

  44. imrko

    Faraday cage. We all need one to end this.

  45. Josh Lockie

    It’s not run by humans, its alien technology. I’ll give you a hint, look into black goo.

  46. TheMrAlexrj

    Do the voices came from v2k or from people near you? And the voices in your apartment can it be a neighbor? If it’s a neighbor it should pass the ceiling, or they are using a device to make the sound louder.

  47. Anne Flemming

    Hi I’m Dorothy, I’m a target from Georgia US. I just pray and let God take care of them. I want to tell my story my experiences of the gang stalking. I will try this cleaning. I need help finding out what program I am in and who put me in it. I thank you for the information you provide to us.

  48. Chris Vanworth

    Word for word brother I went through the electronic harassment, and gang stalking in Houston Tx…I encountered F.B.I agents, was followed every step anywhere I went, My apartment was rigged, had people living around me….on several occasions I was paralyzed and strangled near to death while laying in bed. They tried to drive me crazy….the whole following you and giving odd signals like a left turn signal flash and then a right turn, and then another vehicle starts tailing you….or heres one…The homeless guy who was screaming all kinds of unintelligible things looking next to himself as if shouting at someone, and as I pull to the stop light, he looks down into my car window and says, you know, you see and hear them too….looking me dead in my eyes…I was already trying to rationalize and cope with the voices and the people constantly tailing me and speaking little phrases to catch my attention…and I mean everywhere…I eventually had a little talk with myself and concluded…this was some kind of technology, and whoever is doing this is purposefully trying to drive me crazy, and when I verbalized my thoughts…they began to communicate with me directly…there was a whole shift in the game, and they openly taunted me and would tell me, yeah, go ahead and tell people you hear voices in your head and I would say…I’m not that dumb…they would laugh and say what are you going to do about it? They revealed to me a whole network of homeless, and drug addicts that they were targeting on the streets of Houston, not sure if they intended to do that or if I was putting the pieces together myself. The consistent thing they used on me…like your mail truck comment in the video is that each and every single vehicle they used had one of those yellow support our troops ribbon magnets on it…either on the rear of a cars trunk or on the side of the trucks bed by the fuel door…and on every vehicle the ribbons were turned sideways instead of upright…also each license plate on vehicles they used had 2 same numbers and 2 same letters in it….at some point I engaged in counter surveillance out on the roads with these weirdos following me…they used old men and women…some even had kids with them, they used young people…you name it…they had someone to play the role….I started memorizing truck and car colors, models, and license plates, and quickly learned that they would swap license plates from vehicle to vehicle….so I would see the red truck that was following me 2 hours later using the license plate that was just on a small blue car I ditched that morning , that kind of shit….swear it on my life! They even were kind enough to tell me I was the smartest mark they had encountered, because instead of going nuts, I launched my own investigation, and they were impressed at how I was able to figure out I was being targeted, and how I reacted compared to the others…like one woman they were pinging to the point of insanity….broke down and ran into an HPD department and accused the jailers of implanting her, and talking in her head…of course she was called schitzo and carted of to the happy pill house of drool for crazy people….I knew I was literally in a battle of wit at some point…and a battle for my life…A battle I had to fight alone because talking meant…I’m crazy to the outside world…period…and the best way to outwit them turned out to be….ignore them….completely and totally refuse to acknowledge them….you give them nothing… reaction…nothing to laugh about, nothing to latch onto and use against you…I know your not bullshitting, because I experienced word for word what you have…the difference between us is your military background made you a target…and my lack of credibility being a drug user at the time, and a street criminal made me a good target…I know they were trying to destroy me…I know they really wanted me to have a mental breakdown, but I dont know why….and my best educated guess is, that it ties in with all the false flag ops, and alleged mass shooters and bombings and stuff of the like going on now….almost like they wanted me to go out…get on some psych meds and then set me up as a nut job who finally went off the deep end and pulled some tragic shit….I know in my heart it’s tied together…I see that sandy hook shit, and that theater shooting, and I feel the connection in my gut through and through…also that guy on a military base here in Tx….started shooting at soldiers on a base and killing people….supposedly, but it’s got all the earmarks of that shit too…They are trying to make Manchurian candidates and en cite violence so we will willingly give up freedom for security…to further tighten control and further an agenda…thats what I speculate, but I dont claim thats what I believe whole heartedly, because the truth is I dont know….why else would they be doing this to people?

  49. dria bella

    this was a great video and thanks for sharing your story!!! but spirituality shouldn’t be the last thing on the list but the very first!!! go get baptized and give your life to JESUS…spiritual warfare is the only way to survive this war….and believe me they not attacking you because you left the army or cause some ex…this is what they make you think!!! no in fact its been spiritual all along!!! see these are the last days, and maybe have been for a while but trust me a lot of people who are under attack end up with their handlers!!! mentally unstable people used to harass you internally from within your circle….and this is only by the influence of demonic forces…not kin trails….the best trickery starts in your mind!!! and they don’t want you to fight this spiritually as the bible tells us to…remember we not fighting against flesh and blood but principalities in high realms…..your only weapon is truth, faith, salvation and righteousness and peace, spirt Ephesians 6: 10-18….this is your shield and protections!!!

  50. gen mainion

    i just emailed my state senater i’m tired of this shit after 5 yrs. ya know we complain a lot but as individuals we can’t get help we need to some how get someone a lawyer, state senates and congress

  51. Matt Logan

    i hear their stupid ass voices to. they do the same thing to me it took me a wile to figure it out but i know they can manipulate voice tones to match to anyone they can also make it appear anywere like an open empty feild or outside you look around no ones there

  52. Vazir

    Watch:’s Awakening: Seven myths forged by Establishment to fool you. Are people sleeping innocent citizens to be “awakened” or cruel monsters?

  53. Steven Bey

    They had Taken my EEG when I was ten. The Doctor that ordered it was Dr Kawol, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

  54. VIP Apparel Shop

    If you guys wanna stop the electronic harassment you gotta put aluminum foil on your windows to stop the beams from hitting you. ive been targetted for over three years and since ive put up the foil up i feel way better. let me know if this worked for you. bless up

  55. gretta fahey

    Currently nano technology is unknowingly being ingested and inhaled by human beings and is then accumulating inside their bodies. This internal technology is being covertly used to both physically and psychologically torture said individuals inside their own homes and this is happening throughout every country in Europe and farther afield. I am profoundly aware of this because I was once a nano-weapons test subject for many years in the very distant past. The following scenario is what you may expect to experience in your future if you do not dismantle all cell phone towers. A small sample of your DNA will be taken at the time of your birth or any time you donate blood or if ever you have a DNA test. Then at some time in the future your unique brain signature will be taken by a small brain signature reader held near the back of your head for a period of approximately five minutes, unbeknownst to you. You will be made to inhale nano-technology via chemtrail aerosol spraying. This nano-technology will pass through the blood brain barrier and go into your brain. You are then locked on permanently to a super-computer via a brain computer interface using a stream of microwave energy which currently eminates from cell phone towers, but later may be made to come from other sources.
    Over the next number of years your brain is mapped by a team of neuro scientists and technologists who operate mostly above the law but with the tacit approval of the law in all cases. From that point on said super-computer can be made to carry out a situational analysis of any and all aspects of your life at any time by any or all brain entrainment technologists who work under the cover of anonymity. You are then known to be captured.
    From the neuro scientists point of view, the bodily response of the targeted individual, their metabolic processes, their reactions and behaviour, their life and death are all potential phenomena to be studied by a large variety of scientists and university students from all walks of life, who are willing to be extremely incivil to the targeted individual via voice harassment technology because they believe that their extreme cruelty can never be exposed to anyone but their scientific colleagues.
    Said super-computer then collects all of your thoughts in real time as you think them. It also collects data on all of your verbal output and every stream of incoming data including everything you hear and everything you smell and everything you taste and everything you see. It also collects data on how often you sit down or stand up or lay in bed. It collects data on how often you laugh. Because of this capability test subjects are often provoked to laugh artificially many times throughout each day in order to give the illusion that this human data analysis control system is easier to endure than it actually is for the unwilling human data analysis test subject.
    This super computer enabled human data analysis control system also has the capability to analyse all of your moods and it will highlight each and every time you feel a sense of suicide ideation. If you are speaking to somebody who controls this super computer enabled data analysis control system they can tell from their data analysis readouts if you are currently experiencing hostile feelings towards them and they will discontinue the conversation immediately. This has happened to me via a thought control analysis platform. You can also be sent a stream of video images directly into your mind which will invariably be accompanied by voices and sensations. The capability to send pain signals to you can be incorporated into this technology if you refuse to obey said voices.
    Humanity now has metallic nano-particles throughout their bodies, which we have both inhaled from chemtrail aerosol spraying, and injested through eating processed foods. These nano-particles are being used along with directed energy weapons to manipulate our bodies in ways that were previously unachievable by scientific means at any time in the past
    The super computer enabled human control system will also develop muscular control over various human body systems over the course of many years. Targeted individuals of this cruel system begin to feel both their facial muscles moving and their facial expressions changing totally against their will from time to time. The cover story that is currently being used to cover up this phenomenon is demonic possession. Targeted individuals may also feel their intestines cramping against their will and various other body parts move against their will. Targeted individuals can be made to press on the accelerator of their vehicles totally against their will and they can be made to mow down pedesterians. The cover story of the onset of motor neurone syndrome could be a useful decoy in order to hide this neuro weapons capability. These actions are being erroniously presented by the main stream media as the deliberate act of crazy individuals, because main-stream media staff are not informed as to what is really occurring.
    All of this super computer enabled human data analysis control system can also be locked onto small children for experimental reasons. Their parents would later be informed that they are suffering from a mental illness in order to cover up the true facts. It is commonly believed by those in the know that many individuals throughout the world have committed suicide because of being harassed by this body and mind invasive technology which is believed to be widespread at this current time. However, the whole situation is being covered by erroneous mental health diagnoses and also a false belief in demonic possession, extraterresterials, religious apparations, near death experiences, and a host of other cover stories.
    All we need to do to stop this cruel mind and body invasion is to dismantle all cell phone towers. I have already written, and it bears repeating, that there are no space based weapons. Air and space can not co-exist side by side. This feat has never been achieved in any laboratory setting ever. There can be no space other than air. Therefore there can be no satellites or any other type of space based weapon. Lies are being manufactured to fit whatever purpose is necessary by the Dark Luciferians who pull the strings behind the scenes of our lives.
    The hoax of the existence of satellites was created to make the unelected cabal of would-be dictators seem invincible and to make the rest of humanity feel disempowered.
    The unelected cabal who have a controlling influence on the affairs of NASA gain financially from the satellite hoax. NASA charges the tax payers up to one billion dollars per fake satellite.
    There is no need for satellites. We could not improve on the system we had in place before satellites were first invented. The technology to support the internet, and so called satellite television was available for free since before 1943, as developed by Nichola Tesla. The would-be controllers wish us to pay exorbitant fees for technologies which are cheap and simple. The would-be controllers monotized free technology because of the satellite lie.
    NASA claim there are satellites, twenty two thousand miles high, in geo-stationary velocities. All materials known to man would melt and evaporate if exposed to temperatures and radio active conditions in the thermosphere.
    You can watch the International Space Station live forever, and you will never see one single lightening bolt. Special effects are inserted at a much later date.
    While people believe in the satellite lie, they can be enslaved inside an electronic surveillance and control grid, because they will fail to realize that to escape this electronic prison is only a matter of dismantling all cell phone towers, and stopping all chemtrail spraying.
    A major whistle blower called Bryan Kofron who recently used an alias called Justin Carter has recently come forward with intelligence about the surveillance network and total individual control technology which is in operation throughout Ireland and the wider world, unbeknownst to the majority of the human race. In the enclosed link Bryan Kofron is being interviewed by Derrick Robinson.
    The technology induced internal voices are being transmitted to the craniums of individuals who are being targeted by  directed energy weapons by both neuro weapons research teams and security analysis teams who normally work in co-operation with each other.

  56. Дон Харис

    Been not necessarily gang-stalked but had mind reading technology used against me. The police are in on it. The city hall type legislators of the state of Florida are in on it. It’s annoying. 24/7. I think they’re targeting truthers, anti-establishment types. It’s like the movie Minority Report or the Truman Show. The scene in MN where Cruise is flipping through what the victim thought about. I’m not violent. I don’t do drugs. They’re just a**holes. I have a feeling that it’s never going to end. Jumping ship from the USA is probably a good option so it doesn’t seem as annoying. Then again, I’ve seen cases of it happening in other countries such as South Africa. It’s MKULTRA technology. Type into yandex or google “Neo-Nazi group arrested UK.” It’s getting really technocratic when arrests are being made based on your mere thoughts instead of just going by actual crimes being committed.

  57. Willow Clay

    I ignore them.

  58. Willow Clay

    They do this crap to tis. They are narcissistic a.. rags!

  59. Willow Clay

    It was a set up.

  60. Willow Clay

    There was am incident where I was driving and some lunatic was screaming at me about something so I rolled up my window. He was put there to harrass me so I actually made him look crazy.

  61. Nesia Grubbs

    Agenda 21 I feel someone is doing something like that too.



  63. Greg Skomaroske

    I suspect that they may have chipped me on two different Occasions. At the dentist and also when i was illegally drugged by the FBI and local Police and Flambeau Hospital in Park Falls Wisconsin.
    I was told that i had a brain tumor when i was 15 years old. I lived in Phillips Wisconsin at that time. I went to the Marshfield Clinic and the Park Falls Flambeau Hospital who told me this. I had a surgery that also removed my pituitary gland [un-necessarily] in April 1986. I was then left completely untreated for high uric acid and low testosterone for the next 21 years while i was also never told about the positive tests results that indicated there was a problem with high Uric acid [which is gout that chews on a persons bones] and the low Testosterone [which weakens bones].

    I am now completely disabled physically since i was 21 years old in 1991 because i was being left untreated and now have severe nerve pain and bone erosion pain from these illegal medical experiments that my medical records indicate were done on me ever since i was 15.

    I am now 47 and have been charged with 5 completely false and fraudulent felonies over the years with 3 of them being in Jan 2011. Just prior to that in July of 2010 i woke up one morning to hear a voice in my small cabin where just me and my GF were both sleeping. I clearly heard someone telling me to “let the girl go”….my GF of 14 years is who they were referring to. The local police and State of Wisconsin dept of Justice were trying to break us up for a variety of reasons after i realized that they were also doing illegal medical experiments and Human Rights Abuses to my Gf. I knew this voice was not my own thoughts as i loved my Gf very much and would never break her heart by leaving her. At this same time i now suspect that she was also having V@K done on her because of the things she said to me that were worrysome thoughts and irrational and not like her to think all on her own!!

    It took me over 2 years to figure out what that was i heard and i have concluded without any doubt in my mind at all that this was the local police and FBI doing Voice to skull on me at the same time they started calling me delusional and addicted to my pain meds [[that i needed for the severe pain i had due to the illegal medical experiments they also allowed the doctors to do on me without accountability.

    At this same time i also noticed and recorded with a digital recording device interviews from CNA’s who worked at the Aspirus nursing home, how this nursing home in Phillips Wisconsin [where my GF worked for 3 years] was exposing elderly, disabled and poor people to MRSa bacteria in a very intentional manner that they then went on to lie about and prevent me from filing a law suit that was not heard in a fair manner by the equal Rights Division. I had 5 computers shut down within 3 months with passwords being put on them without anyone being able to do that. This was the 3 months before moving up on a Trial with the Equal Rights Division against the nursing home. I reported to the FBI in Milwaukee just after trial that we were intentionally exposed to MRSa but they did nothing about it. They told me to report it to the local police who i already knew were involved with the severe harassment and the concealment of the illegal medical experiments plus they were breaking in to my home and doing all kinds of creeping things like putting mosquitoes in my home by the 1000’s on two different nights with one night separating the two nights and where we didn’t have any mosquitoes in my home on the night when we stayed home. The FBI told me to still report it to the local police in Phillips which i did that same day Nov 11th 2010. By Jan 23rd 2011 i was illegally drugged 4 different times by the local Park Falls Flambeau Hospital and by a man named Dick Hiekemper who is believed to be a FBI agent. He use to be Sheriff of Phillips. They ended up putting me in protective custody and suffocating me all while they also refused to give me pain medications that i was previous taken for 6 years at about 200 mgs a day of morphine and oxycodone. They went on to have a total of 7 different police officers from Phillips and Wausau all punch me in the head while i was drugged and in hand cuffs and shackled. They also ended up stealing my home/cabin at that time and successfully separated me from my Gf of 14 years by telling her and my mother that i was delusional. I have never had mental health problems my entire life and have never to this day taken their poisonous phcys meds.

    I can reassure you that the V2K does work and is being used for illegal purposes to silence people. I have reported all of this up to and including the highest offices in both Wisconsin and Washington where they are now silencing me under what i believe to be the fake terror watch list and fraudulently put together Patriot Act.

    Anything that any of you can do to shut these people down would be much appreciated. A coup de tat happened on 911 and that means there has been a hostile take over of our Government that wasn’t so legit even before that. They have not been for a mighty long time if ever.

    If anyone can possibly help me to hold these people accountable, i would much appreciate it. I need more people who will pay attention to my situation and possibly help me file a complaint with the Federal Court who i also know to be corrupted but there is ways to force them to follow the law if i get that far. What they are doing is also linked to genocide and depopulation. All so called professionals seem to be in on it and are stating that they can’t go against the doctors and police. Even the clergy are involved here in Wisconsin and i have contacted at least 50 news agencies and 50 different clergy members. Some of whom clearly were working against me. and helping these people.

    Greg Alan Skomaroske is my real name and i can be found on Face book or you can call me direct at my number…920-312-8704. Leave a message if i don’ answer and i will call you back. No attorney would get involved as there is a provision under the Patriot Act that tells them that it is illegal to allow anyone to receive expert advice and assistance.

  64. jimmy Smith

    Reach out to me, we can work together and overcome these sick operations. I have some ideas. Leave your email. I need your help.

  65. Zadie Rosenthal

    That Second Secret Team of Crooked Criminals : Dr. Ruff, Psychiatrist at Lake County Juvenile Centers in Crown Point,Indiana writes up many under the Jim Crow mental illness COVER UP MURDERING PROGRAMS, Dunns Number 10-381-9629. Dr. Denis Citrin, medical Oncology who is receiving KICK BACKS from Pharmaceutical Industry company $5,408.00 to write up prescription for RFID chip unconscented and unknowingly, Dunns Number #879512619.Mid Americans Psychologist and Counseling Services in Merrillville and Gary, Indiana- help to seal the deal, Dunns Number #008883196. And there are many others from State to State who are involved in this Killing PROGRAMS against many Civilians from State to State.

  66. targetguy777

    I see a blue dot through my eyes many times. The only blue beam I have seen is the wifi signal that is with most modem devices.

  67. Gina Risner

    Thank you Tivon for your Testimony,I am a TI from Kansas City Missouri…God be with you and Naima my friend. Peaceplayer

  68. Nurse RatchEtte

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

  69. Nurse RatchEtte

    wifi Is also damaging our cells,, brains and lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. No Name

    They do read your thoughts through FMRI (look up 60 minutes on this)

    They stalk you using this technology.

  71. Diana Dunwoodie

    Very interesting! Thanks and best wishes!

  72. Hunk Golden

    May Jehovah GOD bless the people who are targeted. My husband has been kidnapped by american government by these luciferians. I am targeted too and i constantly have to hold my alignment and vibration on high frequencies within me. controlling my own thought process for protection. constant prayer. FREE WAIKIKI JR…. GROW WAIKIKI is the name that will free Hawaii from these aliens in the Kingdom of GOD…. Jesus is coming…. amen.

  73. Craig Alling

    You have a web site one can order your orgonite?

  74. thegreenman

    wish they hadn’t cut what he was going to say out

  75. Heart N Soul

    Thank you both for sharing such a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources. Please continue the good work God has called you to. I believe we are chosen by a higher calling to shine light on this darkness. “In all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:37-39

  76. Emmanuel

    This evil technology was developed by Ashkenazi Khazars who adopted Talmudic Babylonian Judaism, and later called themselves “Jews”. They comprise of 90% of all who call themselves “Jews” in the world today even though there is not an iota of blood relationship to the real Palestinian original Jews. They regularly employ this evil MW program on those who they perceive will get in the way of their money, and their NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA.
    I was warned as a Family Practice Chief Resident in training by a Talmudic Ashkenazi Khazar Owner of the hospital where i was training, that he would destroy my medical license. He did it 3 yrs after I left his tutelage. Unfortunately, I did not know it would also include my life, and being microwaved.
    I know his people deviced, own, and have the means , and resources to covertly run this evil program.
    The Mossad in conjuction with all intelligence world agencies are united in this program as part of the NWO. They want to establish one world govt, financial system, and a political centralized govt to be headquartered in Jerusalem. The Anti Christ ruler, who will be their Meshiak (Messiah) will be a “Jewish” man. This is the Rothschilds, Balfor, Jabotinsky, Ben gurion, and lately, Bibs Netanyahu grand plan. We will all eventually be wired into the matrix according to their luciferian plan.

  77. Emmanuel

    The Microwaves ranges employed have myriad of hybrid effects on every cell of the body. They can elicit strong penile, or clitoral erections in people. They have used that to wake me up, and to keep me awake until I shielded my penis. Sometimes they burn the head of the penis (glans) to make it look like it’s severely inflammed like balanitis. They try to induce inflammation all over the body by cooking someone from inside out. That is why you were breaking out in sweat Tivon. Your body was trying to cool itself off via sweating. When you loose a lot of fluid, or moisture coupled with adrenal overdrive thus flooding your system with adrenaline, it could lead to palpitaions, PVCs, or tachycardia, in some situations. Replenish lost fluids immediately, and lessen the heating effects using cooling materials, shields, etc.They have also used it in sports so many times to change the outcome of contests. Remember in one World Cup final between France and Brazil, the Brazilians stayed in the tunnel until literally right before the whistle blew to start the game. Needless to say, the Brazilians looked sluggish throughout the game, and eventually lost to France, who was the underdog according to all betting lines for the match. Lol. I knew exactly V what Brazil was afraid of while they stayed in the tunnel during the warm ups. They all probably slept like crap the night before.

  78. J Sampson

    I’m going through the same thing for the past 7 years what a nightmare.

  79. jennifer mclaughlin

    Targeted individual wins electronic harassment case , Kathleen Watterson July 9th 2014 was the first time (that we know of ) that electronic harassment was successfully argued and proven in a court of law.

  80. ThisGuy

    The way it is done is everyone’s brains on earth are controlled in an unrecognizable manner by a supercomputer. The objective is to pre-occupy you so you dont have children and you die. Dont forget to remember what matters most and make sure you survive before you become overwhelmed with getting information out.

  81. Gangstalker Wars

    I worked as a security specialist in Seattle, Wa and I resigned over the illegal v2k experimentation on employees that my company was involved in. For more info, check out my website: gangstalkerwars .com

  82. Entity Shadow

    Way to go brother! Let’s expose the culprits. Spread the word .

  83. Chris Cornerstone

    Who is funding? glad you asked. DOD has missing TRILLIONS with a T. Drug operations fund black ops, human trafficking, extortion, you name it. GET THIS, they take out life insurance policies on targets, multiple policies and you don’t even know it. They celebrate and collect upon termination of the TI. (plenty of funding)

  84. Ednigma Napiyero

    I am a Targeted Individual in the Philippines since 1990. I am Remegio Balane an Electriciam. Don’t lose hope fellow TI, there is hope as we live to stop this illegal mind intrusion around the world. Stop Psychotronic Mental Torture.

  85. Fredo Sanches

    if your sleep deprived..just take caffeine pills and vitamins

  86. WS M

    Insects only attack the lamps that shine!Thank you for the info.Very informative.I am looking for Orgonite right now becouse I;m going through this shit too,and it’s exactlly how you say it,word by word.They isolated and almost killed me.About heavy metals detox,from what i;ve heard and read,one of the greatest thing,it;s a mineral called Zeolite powder.Please google it.Sorry for my english.Romanian T.I here.Stay strong and God Bless you all

  87. bliss blossum

    Thank you very much for your service! I am from the east coast[USA] too! I have been being herded across the USA into Mexico and back to the USA. This has been going on for seven years. I was forced to flee and I believe this also involves a shadow government:( We live in interesting times! Fight the good fight! I have been targeted since I was a small child. Never give up!!!

  88. Quana P

    can anyone help me and my daughter we are target individuals . please check on my page Quana p. to tell me what to do next I need someone to teach me how to get out

  89. B Palmer

    I would like to see an annual or even a semi-annual workshop/convention, whereby the experience targeted-individualscan share with the others, what works & what doesn’t work, and
    what is in production to help targeted-individuals.

    I would like to see the convention held in what you know to be a safe
    place for the convention. I would suggest that you give at least a 6
    Month advance notice for the semi-annual convention (to gather monies for passport, flight & hotel)
    and one year for the grand convention, lasting probably up to a week or more. If you put it together, there are enough T.I.’s
    out there, to make it profitable for the host.

  90. Sharon McKee

    Thank you for doing this video. I am very grateful for your well thought out and informative testimony. I fully agree that being grounded in Spirit is the ultimate protection and am also grateful for information that can help reduce the effects of targeting. Blessings

  91. Ani Fosler

    How can one get your book ? I tried Googling without success. Very good information. Thank you.

  92. A7 clout

    What does it really mean when they clear their throat back-to-back and don’t tell me they’re trying to start and sentence neither

  93. Christopher Butler

    Its spiritual warfare everything else is deception

  94. denim johnson

    hope no one lost there bets on me lol

  95. denim johnson

    we should all pray against this corruption if we pray we will be heard the power of jesus is greater then any man

  96. FELICITY929

    What this man says is true, same situation happened to my friend Gang stalking . This is typical in UK. Bunch of psychopaths harassing decent talented people who are doing something decent with life.

  97. Mike Hunt

    Man you just told my story. As I was leaving the military I started speaking up about 911 and the wars. I was hit with a pulse and the attacks started getting worse. I’m 100 percent disabled with PTSD. I have experienced every situation you said. They fucked with my garbage can one night and found it down the street. I’m so glad I watched this.

  98. Adriana Flores

    Please email me Why so many victims and nobody does anything to stop it, we are all hurt and under sleeping deprivation, fatigue all caused by this technology that these evil people are using to hurt our health. Please help me, I am under this for more than two years. Here in the Bay Area there is a lot Brazilians illegals and some that got the documents illegal and now has a green card and even the citizenship are also participating on the harassment. They are all involved with this organization that help them to harass us constantly. We should not lose ours jobs because we are victims of this evil harassment that are violating our human rights. It is about time for the new President Donald Trump take action and help us to investigate and charge these criminals psychopath. Please I really want to meet you both to share my store ASAP.

  99. Adriana Flores

    I am listening to a group of Brazilians one man and two women, they got me here in the Bay Area, San Francisco. I am 100% sure that this Brazilian organization is the one doing victims all over the United States and around Europe as well. I would like to tell my case too you with details, how it started, what happened to me, also you can help me find out what is installed inside the house I am living. I believe the Brazilian mafia Goiania put their hands on some technology maybe from the Brazilian army or from the United States military. I am going through the same inhuman electronic waves, voice to skull, electronic harassment. I had been to a hospital doing to this electronic harassment. The Brazilian are trying to brainwashing me saying that what they are doing to me is just spiritual, To better explain it Brazilian evil Black Magic ( Brazilian Macumba)

  100. Jairo Sanchez

    This shit is real, they target people who get talked about a lot but lack concrete friends. They do this to de-value your way of life. Commonly making you commit crimes. Demoralizing the community and gain access to information for future victims of value.

  101. Real Speaks

    I just love how Youtube puts “Gangstalking Debunked” as the recommended video after this one…nah, theres no agenda… none at all!

  102. Carol McKenzie

    Well done Tivon. I am so heartened to hear your testimony. You have helped me greatly and I want to let you know that I was also a victim of electronic harassment. I was then under surveillance in my community which the Scottish Police denied. My fight back has started and I am going to put up my own testimony soon. Best wishes my friend.

  103. True Dat

    I think y’all should set up a tweet where y’all all tweet trump at the same time about this. He’ll surely see it

  104. True Dat

    There was an episode about this on a showtime series about the internet, but it made ti look bad

  105. Barb Harrison

    Get an MRI. Ignore the radiologists. Look at them closely yourself. Look for bright white light on your image. Change the contrast to more black and white and magnify it. If you hear V2K you probably have cochlear ear implants…advanced ones…on the inside. You probably also have implants in your sinus…………….become your own radiologists…………… radiologists ALL LIE or they are STUPID.

  106. marlena weber

    NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU WILL PROSPER!!! God be with you both, in Jesus name. Great video.

  107. Jo Laverne Chuklochik

    I need to know about the organite brother how do I get it can I buy it from u

  108. Love Is Better

    Thank You for speaking about this crime against humanity..and for being courageous for the following generation..sadly..during the sound attacks by may be technology messing with my mind..but It seems like theyve trained the children. To play a role in the harassment..(I doubt they know the impact it’s meant to have on a target..But I cant imagine what could be said to convince the parents and kids that it’s okay ..all I know is that and teenagers. Have all yelled anchor words..that are supposed to trigger me….in beginning of this was how you described..also the group of people would all talk simultaneously. they would look at me..I recognized that was to jumble my mind…anyways..Thanks and God bless..

  109. Jeanne Taurus

    Don’t be afraid to confront the perpetrators… give them their own medicine. Remember kill or be killed it’s war with the Gang Stalkers…Their psychopaths and power hungry….. They keep saying it’s the State of Oregon….. really? The state of Oregon kills women for telling the truth about Portland Police involvement in conspiracy, lies, harassment…. YES THEY DO…… satellites…DEW…..HARRP…..EMF……Microwave… hand held direct energy weapon…. Laser….. I get doses 24/7….Don’t forget Wifi….it’s used too… electricity lines, cable lines, water pipes, &!they can use the wire in your home. Mine Started December 6, 2014…. Portland Oregon police department…. Their Nazi’s & their the spy’s… not us.. They need to be stalked and killed. Since that’s what they do to the targets… Time for them to be the targets….. They say everyone is Crazy when in fact who’s more crazy us or some psychopaths Slow killing us.

  110. Pastor Chief General BRANCH

    I am very serious! This has got to STOP!
    IF NOT (fine/ok/good with me) THEN>
    ISAIAH 13! Here is a link to hear it straight up!
    So, to the REPTILIAN/MILITARY/Depleted Uranium War Criminal(S) Ya had better listen up, ya pile of dung!

  111. Map Oyacab

    Heyyyy I am a TI living in Abingdon!

  112. G money

    Is there a way to test for a high content of heavy metals in ones system? Thank you for the wonderful information and God bless you for your heart and courage.

  113. Emmanouil Voumvourakis

    Have you ever heard of an organization by the name Common purpose? Gang stalking sounds a lot like them.

  114. Mr Chime

    Thank you Travon well both of you for presenting this in such a way that non targets can somewhat understand. We are the generation that needs to stand against this evil. Bless you both may our creator who is love protect you both.

  115. Stephanie Bailey

    I was mobbed on the job at Louisiana State University Systems Board of Supervisors at 3810 West Lakeshroe Drive and that is when my TORTURE,TERRORIZING,COMMUNITY STALKING,ORGANIZE GANG STALKING,STREET MOBBING,STREET HARASSMENT,ABUSE,BULLYING, BEGIN. My formal supervisor at Louisiana State University Ray Lamonica Law Professor office (424) 1 East Campus Drive Baton Rouge Louisiana 70808/6434 Pikes Lane Baton Rouge Louisiana 70808 sent this force behind my family and I (FORMAL LAWYER,DA,FEDERAL JUDGE),(WORK FOR RONALD REAGAN,BILL CLINTON). After I filed with EEOC I was arrested form improper lane usage and resisting arrest as a form of retaliation by Louisiana State University Police while working on the job in the university vehicle. I was also involuntary laid off (fired) as another form of retaliation and have been BLACKLISTED from finding a job in Louisiana (Baton Rouge). Another formal supervisor who have this GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES behind my family and I is John Lombardi (FORMAL PRESIDENT) at Louisiana State University and co workers Doctor Fred Cerise (HEAD OVER HEALTH AND HOSPITALS) Doctor Carolyn Hargrave (HEAD OVER HEALTH AND HOSPITALS) but the MASTERMIND is Ray Lamonica Law Professor at Louisiana State University office (424). We are under 24/7 illegal COVERT SURVEILLANCE because my formal NARCISSIST SUPERVISORS are abusing their POLITICAL POWER AND AUTHORITY in Louisiana (Baton Rouge). Louisiana (Baton Rouge) TORTURES,TERRORIZE,COMMUNITY STALKS,ORGANIZE GANG STALKS,STREET MOBBS, STREET HARASS,ABUSE,BULLY, innocent women and children because they do not attack us when we are with the men in the family.My mothers garage was burned down,home burglarized without a force entrance,daughter had metal put in her food at work,hit with cars,car battery on fire, bottles thrown at our heads,etc. My daughter was fired and rehired within a week for ringing up a store discount coupon for a co worker. This was INTERROGATION AND INTIMIDATION because she was in a room with (retired) policemen who now work for the company. After the INTERROGATION AND INTIMIDATION she was rehired and told she was able to apply ring up the store discount for her co worker. We are TERRORIZE,TORTURE,COMMUNITY STALKED,ORGANIZE GANG STALKED,STREET MOBBED,STREET HARASSED,ABUSE,BULLY BY: FBI,LOUISIANA LAW ENFORCEMENT,BATON ROUGE POLICE,19TH JUDICIAL COURT,JUDGE,LAWYERS,GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS,POLITICIANS, MILITARY, CONTRACTORS (PRIVATE), (STREET), POST OFFICE,FED X,UPS, AMBULANCE,FIREMEN,DOCTORS,EDUCATORS, PREACHERS,NEIGHBORS,FRIENDS,FAMILY,CHILDREN,STRANGERS,HOMELESS,COMMUNITY,ETC. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT are giving out BRIBES,REWARDS,AND BLACKMAIL: (NEW) HOMES,HOMES REMODEL,EARLY RELEASE FROM PRISON,EARLY RETIREMENT, (POLITICAL) JOBS, (NEW) VEHICLES,MONEY,SHELTER,DRUGS,FREE EDUCATION,GIFT CARDS,GOVERNMENT BENEFITS,ETC. I have family members (WEAKER LINKS) who are participating in these GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES for bribes and rewards by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. I have a lot of family members who are not participating in these HATE CRIMES and now they are TARGETED INDIVIDUALS (eye witnesses) like me because they would not turn on me. I have plenty of witnesses some who are willing to speak up and some who have been threaten into silence. I had a MINOR DISAGREEMENT with a lady co worker, when did it become illegal to have a MINOR DISAGREEMENT with a co worker are supervisors when people does it all the time and becoming MOST WANTED in Louisiana (Baton Rouge) and abroad and we have never committed any crimes a day in our lives. My formal NARCISSIST SUPERVISOR Ray Lamonica and other co worker had a DISAGREEMENT with this same lady co worker so I was SURPRISED AND IN DISBELIEF when Ray Lamonica and John Lombardi had me MOBBED (HARASSED) on the job. I was really in DISBELIEF AND SHOCKED when Ray Lamonica and John Lombardi sent this GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES in the streets behind my family and I. I don’t know what Ray Lamonica, John Lombardi and the GOOD OLD BOYS IN THE SOUTH are telling the STREET PEOPLE and the PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE but they think that I am some kind of SNITCH trying to bring down their CRIMINAL EMPIRE. I don’t know what Ray Lamonica, John Lombardi, and the GOOD OLD BOYS IN THE SOUTH are telling the STREET PEOPLE AND THE PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE but they are COVERTLY trying to COVERTLY ASSASSINATE my family and I. Ray Lamonica is over FEDERAL,GOVERNMENT,STATE,LOCAL,MILITARY,STREET,PRISONS,HOSPITALS,(CONTRACTORS) and his son is over Louisiana State University Athletic Department and the children PROFESSIONAL AND UNPROFESSIONAL will COVERTLY ASSASSINATE their own parents to play sports so I know OUR LIVES DOESN’T MATTER. My mother and I did a YOU TUBE VIDEO: Stephanie Bailey GANG STALKING to explain some of the GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES we are experiencing but we have plenty more. Ray Lamonica and GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS have gave a lot of (GET OUT OF JAIL FREE PASSES) to a lot of STREET CRIMINALS. The Federal government have bought every house on my street except for two so that the family could participate in this GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT have also bough a lot of houses on surrounding streets to have control of my environment so I have a lot of NEW NEIGHBORS and the OLD NEIGHBORS got GOOD DEALS also.

  116. Raimundo Gant

    this program does target vulnerable people, i was depressed when it started happening to me

  117. Raimundo Gant

    thank you for this awesome interview, this is happening to a lot of people right now


    thank-You for sharing. unfortunately, I heard your message too late, I didn’t know what hit me. I did call two churches for help (and emailed others beforehand) but no one helped me. I am glad you recovered and I pray that you live a happy, long, and Christ-centered life with those you love.

  119. Chris

    Thanks for providing your testimony Tivon. I owned an IT consulting/staffing company in 2005 when my voice to skull started. It began as non-stop mirrored conversations (a Rumsfeld “Working Group” torture technique) and moved to full body mind and body takeovers in 2013. They can literally speak through you, move your limbs around, read/intercept your thoughts, and communicate telepathically.
    I created a YouTube testimony which I hope you watch. It’s long but includes a lot of slides and explains the progressive nature of the torture which started as voice to skull but moved to full blown Manchurian Candidate takeovers. I just wanted to share because I’ve been through hell and have all the respect and love in the world for other victims. If you’re ever feeling low, binge listen to my testimony and you’ll know you’re not alone.

    Click “show more” in the video description for a breakdown of the individual video segments. The testimony begins 50 minutes in; the first part is an introduction to voice to skull. I was tortured through the entire filming of this but edited out most of the interruptions and umms. If you go to 1:53:17 – 1:53:27 you can hear a torturer speak through me when I say the word catecholamines the second time (the torturer just decided to read part of my script during another take). Listen to the slight change in my voice and notice I look right in the camera when it happens… (I’m only mentioning this part because you’re a real victim and can appreciate it). You’re very lucky to have a gf who believes and supports you. She’s a real superstar. Take Care!

  120. JUSTIN

    I’m a targeted individual from St.Louis, Missouri.. Stay strong

  121. ThePoisoned Goth

    Oh my god I think this company is now being exposed on the net now is it based in Bedford very near Chicksands?

  122. ThePoisoned Goth

    I am a TI in the UK so I know what he is going through the noise campaigns are rife over here

  123. Dj Bassboussa Jojo

    I have seen the females doing drugs and breaking in homes picking locks, having sex..and in real time moving so it’s not put in my head by hypnosis…..some things seen can’t be unseen lol yuck

  124. Dj Bassboussa Jojo

    Ignoring them doesn’t help. They increase the actions they call tasks to a more volatile level. Only difference is, others have let themselves be known in virtually via my mind and it’s not blurred like retina vision but clear like I’m right there or watching CCTV. Ohh, and it’s also syncing mindset and silhouettes…

  125. Dj Bassboussa Jojo

    Not always using chipping. They’ve told me mostly been tagging me…my stuff…even car..

  126. Rebecca Thomas

    everything you are talking about today is what we are dealing with .what keeps me strong is my daily bible reading prayers to Jehovah this will end I know I’m not crazy, these are terrorist and Jehovah through Christ will get rid of them if they don’t repent of their bad ways and I’m not !going to kill myself from a weak class of people at this late time period people today really are allowing me to witness their true colors fake NO MATTER WHAT ! THEY TRY TO DO TO US YOU WILL NOT !BRAKE ME ,WHATEVER YOU DO TO ME WILL NOT KEEP ME FROM PREACHING ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF JEHOVAH !! I DO NOT ! FEAR YOU ! I FEAR JEHOVAH, JEHOVAH LOVES IT WHEN SOME PEOPLE THINK HES WEAK OR NOT REAL MATER OF FACT IM AS SANE AS THE ONES WHO CAN SEE THE END IS NEAR LIKE NOAH TAKE EVERYTHING I WILL STILL BE HAPPY AND NOT AFRAID TO DIE LIKE YOU WOULD BE WHEN ARMAGEDDON STRIKES AND I SAY IT AGAIN YOU WILL NEVER BRAKE ME !!

  127. Rebecca Thomas

    The stalkers will not allow us to find a place to live everywhere we looked they be watching and making it hard to find something our landlord is in it so

  128. Rebecca Thomas


  129. Rebecca Thomas

    They doing that to my son and I because we are speaking out if they gone kill us we gone die telling others

  130. Rebecca Thomas

    everywhere we move or go the city does street work road work ,working on poles, close off the streets

  131. Rebecca Thomas

    they are taking away the jobs and offering people to work for them stalking other family, friends, a white cop in Altavista va put us in this program he was a neighbor he has meetings at his house they killed an old black man that use to live next door he told us his landlord was always coming in his house staying all day he ended up dead

  132. Rebecca Thomas

    you hit it on the head community watch so we are blacklisted in our community can find a place to live because they move people in the area all around you at night no one helps you , loud people fighting in front of your house ,we had the ambulance, fire dept, mail trucks, following you bums around you hate full people law enforcement be around these people hanging around them they stalk you too mostly in unmarked vehicles they flood your jobs follow you to bathroom ,hospital are in it because one nurse came out and ask me was I being followed I was shocked how would she know not knowing I said yes do you know 2 police officers was in the next room listening I stopped talking our mail truck driver sneaking around on my porch before he put mail in my box I caught him

  133. Rebecca Thomas

    My family and my grandchildren are being targeted we are being electronic harassment, microwave, gased all in my home drones ,planes following us these people opening our mail tampering our package, prank calls, neighborhood harassment people running their vehicles for long periods allowing lots of white smoke dust in the air around our home tuning their lawnmowers daily, banging swarms of traffic around our home when we go outside shopping, place of worship they keep you from working destroys our vehicle

  134. Lily McMillan

    WOW! I’m SHOCKED!! This is by far the most interesting, informative, well spoken and finely turned video on TI’s that I’ve seen !!THANKYOU for all your hard work.

  135. Mhorag Christie

    Go to Health Stores and ask for Padma 28 to remove heavy metals from body.There is also another more powerful toxin remover but I forget so just ask at the store.

  136. ChapelHill TI

    I’m a TI. My V2K started January 25 of this year. I was renting from family in Chapel Hill, NC. Male landlord, Lucas Stalcup, was in military. Female landlord, Alane Murdock Stalcup, went to Stanford for neuroscience. Then both went to Duke for medical school. I’m getting hit really bad in Raleigh, NC by many criminals in my neighborhood. Including guy next door with Psychological Warfare sticker on car and criminals. Gangstalked heavily. Freemasons and cults. Any advice? Don’t have much money. They also hit my dog with DEW and he might be on RNM as well

  137. LDJ 1991

    They tried to convince me that my neighbours were involved in my targeting it was their voices i heard via v2k, but one day i saw them outside and the v2k said ” why is she looking at us?” An the neighbours lips didnt move. After that i knew for sure it wasnt them they are innocent, an they stopped pretending to be them and switched to voices id never heard before. I used to also hear footsteps like someone upstairs was walking back and forth for hours at a time. Its funny it also happened to me when i first moved into a new apartment block. Its pure evil, it shouldnt exist. Sometimes youll find certain people like support workers or doctors that KNOW this is going on but seem too afraid to speak up about it. Dont they understand if we all speak up they wont need to be afraid they cant stop us this psycho crap wont exist anymore.

  138. J. Fawks

    Good info…Thank you.

  139. csaaphill

    i my case it is a neighbor, at least one of the criminals is, the others may not be. But I had this old ugly thing Stand outside last Oct and say into her cell phone Grandfather I heard it in my ear. I have her ugliness recorded too on a voice recorder to compare her evil baby talking heathen voice to for evidence to get her into prison.
    I am gathering evidence against these criminals. I have a voice recorder on me at all times to record their crap it stops them a bit from blurting out stuff that only I can hear. Evil Scumbags. Some chick last year at the store said baby raper in her phone I heard her say it in my ear like the other bitch. I yelled f you to her and think I scared her a bit. I tell them Gangstalkers get killed and end up in the lake of fire when I hear them say crap. Video link
    Video link
    Video link
    v2k evidence that it is neighbors these are evil little kids you hear in some of these adults too but kids!

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