In this Real Speaks Special Report we discuss the latest around Q Anon, and analyze the phenomenon in comparison to other recent psychological operations that have been conducted on the internet in recent years. So many stories are floating around the internet lately. Which ones are real? Which ones are Fake News?

We discuss such headlines as:

Hillary & McCain Under House Arrest? Hopefully! – GROIN

Benjamin Fulford: U.S. troops deploy worldwide with 10,000 sealed Indictments…

Nevada Indictment unsealed? List of who it is claimed are charged …

Has Tony Podesta Been Arrested?, page 1 – Above Top Secret

I UV | George Soros Suffers ‘Massive Heart Attack’ On Christmas Eve …

And then touch on recent psy-ops over the years such as:

Iraqi Dinar, Freeman on the Land, Flat Earth, Cryptocurrency, Galactic Alliance Channeled Messages, Nibiru Annunaki Zecharia Sitchin and Free Money Cults.

We then cover the cycles of a Psy-op and discuss how the recent Q-Anon feels like the latest social mind bending product of the NSA.

Watch the Video Here:



  1. Chris Ley

    Thank you for addressing this. Confronting globalist alt-media disinfo is vital to sort everything out.

    I notice that your Read Speaks is pretty much just audio, with a 480p graphic format. Does this mean there’s a Real Speaks podcast somewhere [more convenient to subscribe to], and if so do you have a link?

  2. hopegirl

    We used to have a podcast but decided to do away with this as it was double the work for us and costs money. However you can download it from youtube and convert it into an mp3 if you’d like. We will keep doing more shows covering news and more. Just wanted to keep them youtube video centered mostly as its a lot less work on the production end for us.

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