I’m excited to share some updates and my plans for fresh new content on the HopeGirl Blog! It’s been a rather intense couple of years for all of us hasn’t it? The censorship on all of the big Tech platforms made it difficult for me to find the motivation to post more regular content because everything was getting deleted and censored… ESPECIALLY If you dare to mention anything truthful about the covid agenda or the deadly “vaccines” (that aren’t really a vaccine!) .

So while the rest of the world has been caught up in the Covid hype, I’ve spent my time building our little homestead here in Morocco and doing deep research into the technology that’s being deployed with the vaccines. With each new finding it gets more and more diabolical, so to keep myself balanced I spend as much time as I can in my garden. We just planted our 78 double dug garden beds for spring, we got a new dog to add to our family of fur babies, and I hope that this is the year we can realize our dream of raising chickens. 

Our little homegrown EMF protection products business has exploded ever since graphene oxide was found in the jabs and people became aware of how they are using EMF to activate the nanotechnology that is injected into people’s bodies. What went from a small business run by just our little family of three, has grown exponentially and we now had to hire a full team of people to help us make our products just to keep up with the demand. I’ve spent much of my time filling orders and hiring and training new people. And what an amazing team we now have! I’m working on a new behind the scenes video to share which I hope will be ready soon. 

We are still running our clean energy Academy, and still working on our open-sourced free energy project. The project has changed dramatically in the last couple of years, all of our information about the project continues to be shared on a members-only platform. We provide regular updates the latest development for anyone who’s interested in following. Again this is due to the horrendous targeting and trolling that we have had to endure for years now. The only way to work in peace on this project is to do so in a private members only platform.  


For fresh new content on the HopeGirl Blog, I plan on sharing a lot of information that’s been put out by other Brave truth tellers who are working hard to expose the COVID agenda. What has been done to our world in the last two years is so heartbreaking it brings new light to the name I chose to give our organization “Fix the World”.  I didn’t thing they could break the world any further than they had, but COVID sure showed me I was wrong! It got a lot worse, and we saw just how many people were so easily brainwashed.  One good thing that has come out of all of this is that a brave new team, a “rag tag group of rebels” has emerged in light of all the propaganda. A team of brave souls who are telling the truth to anyone who has ears to hear and eyes to see.  For us here we are happy to be a part of this new team and we are doing our best to help people to heal and to help spread the word and tell the truth in times of Epic censorship.


Speaking of censorship I’m feeling much more confident now releasing my content on the alternative platforms which are doing a pretty good job in replacing big Tech. I myself hardly ever use YouTube or Facebook or Instagram anymore. Instead I find myself spending most of my time on Bitchute, Gab, and other Free Speech platforms. I’m happy to see that there are a lot more people on those platforms now that feel the same way that I do. 


Now that we’ve got some help running things around here, I hope to have time to create new videos and new blog posts about a variety of topics, plus much more new content that I can FREELY SHARE UNCENSORED on a our Bitchute Channel, Our Brighteon Channel, On gab, and on our new TelegramChannels. I hope you will join me there!

Thank you so much to all my subscribers for being with me all these years looking forward to a brighter 2023 filled with truth and Hope.