Is money the root of all evil? Somewhere along the line a lot of us got confused about money and the value it is supposed to represent.   But to be fair, who wouldn’t be confused?  The  Federal Reserve keeps printing money out of thin air while, and the central banks are creating a completely out of control system that skews the real value of anything and makes it impossible to an average person to afford to live.  The wealth disparity gap is getting bigger and bigger, and people in desperation are trying to cope.

Some of these coping mechanisms include ideals of changing over to a cashless society, fighting the banks to try to take our value back, or big political moves like some countries creating their own new currency.   A lot of this is very emotional, after all money has the ability to bring out the most intense emotions in people!  So what can the average person do in times like these?
For me it was time to get back to some basics.  I cut out all the confusion, and all theories, and a lot of the emotion and tried to focus on what works. What I came up with are a few simple definitions that have helped me re-establish what value is and how I can offer it to others.


First I had to answer the question: What is Money?
Money is nothing more than the measure of value I create for other people. People give money in exchange for a value that they receive.  So what do people find valuable? I’ve noticed that people associate value with things they want or need. People generally want more money, more time, more holidays, more fun, more sleep, less pain, less sickness, to be fit, to be attractive, to be loved and so on.  I focus on an attitude of service to others, and in order  for me to create and provide value, I should try to provide solutions to people based on what they want and need.


My Next Question: What is business?
A business is simply a connector of people and solutions. The purpose of a business is delivering value to people.  With this said, a target market is a group of people with a common set of problems. A business serves a niche market by providing solutions to that set of problems. So with this said I Intend to do three things to create value:

1. Decide what group of people I was  going to help.
2. Decide and create the solutions that they needed.
3. Set up a business to connect that target market with my solutions.

My last Question: What is Marketing?
Marketing is simply communicating your solution to the people that have the problem your solution can solve.  I noticed that once I simplified this in this way, a lot of the confusion out there came to light. A lot of people have no ideas what value means anymore. And perhaps that’s why so many of us are suffering.

Do I have Value Just Because I Exist?

Sure you do. Everyone is important and everyone matters. But this doesn’t mean that you’re so valuable that SOMEONE ELSE should pay for your existence and you don’t need to provide a service or contribution to create, maintain and increase your value to others around you.  This is where the concepts of natural law comes in, the primary directives of which can be summarized into two words: DON’T STEAL.

Every human being has needs. We need food, we need shelter, we need water, we need energy, etc.  We have to create value in order to have the means to fulfill our own needs. The way to create value is to serve others and provide a solution to fulfill their needs.  So really, value can be viewed as an energetic trade system of humans fulfilling each other’s needs.

When you don’t take care of yourself and your needs, someone else will have to take care of you.  Able bodied adults that are not creating something that is valuable to others and just expecting to exist while someone else takes care of their needs, are essentially stealing from someone else.

So while I do believe that I have value just because I exist, I wanted to make sure I continued to create value by serving other people and helping them with their needs.

I also realized that you have to be careful, as there are a couple of things that you can do to quickly de-value your work.

If you think “its all about me”, you are devaluing  your work.

Service to self will de-value yourself to others.  Basically, if you’re not doing something that is important to other people, no-one really cares about how “great” you are.  So I try to focus on a body of work, on accomplishing something that can help other people


If you give everything away for free you are devaluing your work.

This might be perhaps one of the biggest problems I have seen amongst people I know who are trying to make a difference and do good in this world.  They all work very hard, the spend 16 hour days slaving over  a computer and devote hundreds of hours to create mountains of content that they think is valuable and then give it ALL away for free.   Then they have big problems and limitations in their lives because they can’t provide for their own basic needs.

Let me just say that Free content is a great way to offer value to other people. And I do a lot of things for free.

I do a FREE Podcast, post FREE Blog updates here, create FREE videos, AND give my time for FREE by responding to comments. Then, there’s a lot of some of my other project work like the QEG where 99% of what I do is create FREE Manuals on how to build a Free Energy Machine. Some (including myself), would say that I give away TOO much for free.

Why do I do this? Because I too like many others have the notion that I can help change the world by doing so. And I seriously believe it. So free is not all bad. I place a high value in Free. But sometimes Free is not Enough. And it’s really hard to change the world if your broke.

This last concept is a phenomenon that needs to be looked into further. Not only does giving everything away for free devalue your work, but it is also attracts big problems and is the result of a psychological program that is hurting a lot of people. Stay tuned for my upcoming post:

“Fear of Success, Living in Lack, and How We’ve Been Brainwashed to Resist Money”

where I will go more in depth about this and try to provide some solutions on how we can change this toxic thinking so that we can create value for others and provide for ourselves and our dreams.