Everything is NOT OK.  We are in the middle of World War 3, and I don’t need a politician to formally announce that on a corporate controlled media station in order to acknowledge that this is the case.   This is a financial war, a technology war, an information war, a psychological war, a spiritual war, and a war on doing.

Perhaps the hardest part of this war, is that it has not yet been officially declared, therefore average people don’t have the ability to cope. If you think about it, during WWI and WW2 there was a common knowledge that generally stated “We are in war and things are different now, so we have to work differently.” For many, this gave people strength to ban together, to endure, to find a way through their hardships. It provided some reasoning for some of the atrocities that were occurring. We don’t have this in our secret WW3, and as a result, we have lost some basic coping mechanisms.

This war is different. It is un-declared, it is hidden from plain sight. And the average person is brainwashed into thinking that everyone else is ok and that their personal hardship was just bad luck.
Betrayal is the number one reason why certain people cannot see the truth of what is happening for what it really is.  For  a person to realize they have been so deeply lied to, that the people they looked up to as leaders friends or family where so diabolically evil, and that all they ever trusted to be real in their life was a fake, this requires that they accept the deepest betrayal and face an evil they never wanted to acknowledge.

When you try to approach a friend or family member with documented evidence of crimes against humanity, and they glaze over and call you a conspiracy theorist, exhibit cognitive dissonance, or contempt prior to investigation, this is because their soul is not able to handle the betrayal that they would have to acknowledge.  Everyone will have to face this sooner or later. And the longer you wait, the harder it will hit.

Financial War
Our entire system for creating and trading value with other human beings has been hijacked. Money is printed out of thin air by a hand full of bankers; people are losing everything they have ever worked for.  Millions are thrown in jail for non-violent crimes because they have been made poor, and not one single banker has been arrested or held accountable for the horrific injustices they have carried out.  To further cover up their crimes, the bankers that are being “suicided” are the ones in the positions that have the systems knowledge of exactly how it was done.

Technology War
Thousands of patents that could provide independent alternative energy and put an end to human suffering have been suppressed by the US government.  Huge budgets fund the continued suppression of such technology. Inventors are harassed, murdered and discredited.

Information War

Almost all of main stream media is owned by a handful of corporations. Lies, false flags and meaningless distractions are spoon fed to a believing public 24/7. Information is tainted, spun and kept hidden. Deeper still are the lies from our history rewritten by the “winners”.  Our education systems redacting entire bodies of knowledge from our common learning.  The common goal is to keep every man woman and child ignorant of the true nature of the world and ever dependent on a police state government.

Psychological War
Perhaps one of the most pungent of these war tactics is the psychological war that is being carried out on our planet.  With everything computerized, marketing data is gathered and used against people on an individual basis to sway entire societies in one mental direction or another.  Snowdens documents released evidence of some of the most sinister psychological forms of torture that are being used on citizens.  These tactics create a psychological environment where it feels like  you can’t trust anyone or anything, not even yourself.  People’s minds are conditioned and then people begin to police themselves. The few who are spared from brainwashing feel like they are going crazy. More psychological drugs are being used than ever before. It almost as if everyone is “on something” and no one is in their right mind.


Spiritual War
Whether you choose to believe it or not, there is a spiritual universe that exists within our physical universe. There are beings and energies that you cannot see with the naked eye.  As to exactly who and what they are, there are many different interpretations. But one thing is for sure, there is good and evil. Right now, some pretty serious evil forces have taken a hold of our planet. Everything that occurs on the physical realm began in the spiritual realm. So the battle against evil on this planet is also taking place on a spiritual realm.

The War on Doing

The most dangerous threat to any existing power structure stems from one thing and one thing only: ACTION.  This is because Action is the most effective way to change things. It’s more effective than talk, more effective than intentions and more effective than theories.

In this war there are two sides; the Doers and the Don’ts.  Doers are people that do the work, that build the solutions, that create change. They are also the order followers and the ones that carry out evil actions.   “Don’ts” are the talkers, the  “armchair everything’s”, the ones who create the distractions.
The only thing the “Don’ts” actually DO is get in the way of the Doers.
If we were to re-focus our perspective on absolutely everything we see and hear and instead, look at every situation through a system of measurements on actual progress, we would see a whole different picture.  And we would understand that there is a war on doing.

There are people in this world that are focused on doing a job and getting it done and they are under attack every day.  Skewed information, spiritual attacks and psychological tactics are employed with one sole purpose: to STOP OR DELAY THE WORK.


How to Survive this War

Self Discipline.  To be out of control of your thoughts and actions will leave you vulnerable in this time. Find a productive and healthy form of self discipline (martial arts, a skill of some kind, or mental strengthening exercises) and take charge of your own mind in every way you can, and build your own strength. This will help tremendously.

Knowledge.  The controlling powers want you to be stupid, this makes you easier to control. Though this is well hidden, knowledge is the most coveted asset in our world. Do everything you can to acquire THE RIGHT kind of knowledge. Look things up, cross reference them. Equip yourself with knowledge. Always stay humble. Never assume that you already know everything. Investigate for yourself and analyze as much as you can. Having knowledge is empowering to you. Willful ignorance is power for them.

Prayer.  Prayer is extremely effective in helping to combat negativity and evil. Pray well and Pray often.

Use Judgement and Discernment. Each of us has been given a mind and free will for a reason. It is not just our right, but it is our responsibility to judge and discern the data that is fed to us. Use a balanced mind to filter all information.

Get active in creating something. It is in laziness and apathy that we become most susceptible to destruction.  Start a project,  get involved with something that is actually producing something positive. Keeping yourself busy will help you keep your sanity and stay away from danger.