We got married! In a private ceremony before family and friends on New Year Eve 2017, we exchanged vows in front of God and witnesses during a beautiful sunset in Marrakech Morocco.

Here is a short slideshow we made to commemorate the event.

“Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh.  What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” -Jesus


Stay tuned, we are working on announcements about the QEG and mini QEG coming out as soon as we can finish editing them!


  1. Gisele Andre

    What a beautiful day to start the NY 2018
    Congratulations to you both and wish you lots joy , love and happiness in the continuation of this execiting journey you both share. ?????❤️????❤️?????

  2. Catherine Thompson

    Beautiful couple, beautifully honoring God together as One in Him???

  3. Angela Liao

    Congratulations!! Wish you both the best of luck and ever-increasing happiness as the years go by

  4. Marti Gordy

    Congratulations sweetie!

  5. Kit Glover

    Conjubilations ??❤??

  6. Hopegirl Youtube

    Thank you so much everyone for your amazing response to our marriage announcement! We’ve been so overwhelmed with wonderful wishes and blessings from all of you!

  7. maruyama

    Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you!

  8. Nicki Love

    Congratulations and may you have an eternity of bliss!

  9. Sergio Storino

    congratulations … that this year they receive is full of gratifications and unforgettable moments … happy year 2018

  10. pianomanpr2011

    Congratulations!! ….so glad to see you both take the final step in becoming one flesh before the eyes of God. May you enjoy a wonderful life together!

  11. Richard Ellison

    You two were meant to be together. Congratulations.

  12. fuvzen

    How absolutely wonderful! You two make a great looking couple. May your lives be blessed with health, abundance, spirituality and love. Congrats you two and thank you for all you do to improve all of society!

  13. MajiMarji


  14. Dave Dennis

    Congratulations to you both! May God bless your union and prosper your future togther! Happy New Year’s and continue on with sharing the truth in your work. Thank You for what you do. DD from CA

  15. GoldenLightChannel

    Congratulations! So happy for you both!! All the best for a healthy and prosperous life together ?✨? and Happy New Year! ?✨?

  16. Jason S

    Congratulations you lovelies you.

  17. mjack19

    congratulations! Happy New Year and Respect and Freedom and Peace, MJ

  18. Sandalphon9

    Congratulations!!  Blessings!!!!!!   <3

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